Vat Purnima Special | Vat Purnima Recipes

Vat Purnima is a traditional festival celebrated in the India. This is a festival observed by the married women for a prosperous living of their husband. According to the legend, the only grief of Asvapati, the king of Madra was that he had no child. After performing penance, he was granted a wish of a daughter, whom he named as Savitri. Savitri met Satyavan, the son of a Blind King, whom she considered as the right man for her. When she went to inform her father about the same, she overheard Narad Muni telling her father about Satyavan’s short lifespan. Despite knowing this Savitri refused to let go of Satyavan and married him. An year after their marriage, Satyavan laid under a Banyan Tree with his head on Savitri’s lap waiting for his death. When the lord of Death, Yama arrived, Savitri refused to let go of her husband. Seeing Savitri’s immense love and devotion, Yama granted her 3 wishes where she asked for the eyesight of her father-in-law, 100 children for her father and 100 children for herself and Satyavan. This is the occasion celebrated on the day of Vat Purnima, where women throughout the country, like Savitri pray to god, for the long life of their husbands.

On this auspicious day, married women perform Vrat Purnima Pooja by tying a ritual thread around the trunk of the Peepal(Banyan) Tree. While performing the pooja, women dress up in bridal attire and also observe a fast throughout the day.

Although the married women of the family observe fasts, the men and children enjoy delicacies especially prepared for the celebration of Vat Purnima.

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