Tilache Ladoo | Sesame Ladoo | Tilgul

Time: 20  minutes

Total Makes : 7-8

1) 2 Cups White Sesame Seeds

2) 1 Cup Peanuts

3) 3 Cups jaggery

4) 1 tbsp cardamom powder

5) 1/2 cup dry coconut
Clean and dry roast sesame seeds in pan on medium flame until to brown.

Keep aside to cool.

Dry roast peanuts.

Once peanuts done remove all skin and mix with roasted sesame seeds.

Dry roast dry coconut for 2-3 minutes.

Grind sesame seeds, peanuts, jaggery, dry roasted coconut,  cardamom powder all together.

Remove this mixture into plate and prepares medium size ladoos with the mixture.

Sesame Ladoo are ready to serve.

You can keep in airtight jar for further use.