Tilachi Vadi | Sesame Chikki Recipe | Sankrant Special Recipes


1) 2 cups Polished sesame seeds

2) 2 cups Chikkies jaggery

3) 1 cup crushed Peanuts

4) 1 tsp ghee

5) 1 tbsp grated dry coconut

6) Cardamom Powder

How to Make Tilachi Vadi?


Roast sesame seeds in kadai on low flame.

Roast till it slightly brown.

Remove and transfer it to plat.

Once it cool crush them and add crushed peanuts to it.

Pour ghee in a heated pan and add jaggery, no need to add water.

Jaggery will start melting.

Boil till it change colour and turned to little thick.

Sesame Vadi Recipe – Roasted Sesame and Liquified Jaggery

Remove it from flame and add crushed sesame, peanuts, coconut and cardamom powder.

Immediately pour the mixture on the greased plate and roll it and flatten it.

Tilachi Vadi – Allowed to Cool in greasy Plate

Cut it in square.

When it get cool store it in airtight container.

Tilachi Vadi – Stored in Air-tight container and enjoyed when wanted.