Tandalache Papad | Rice Papad Recipe – Maharashtrian Recipes

Rice Papad in Marathi:

Tandalache Papad | Rice Papad Recipe 

Cooking Time: 30 Minutes



1)   1 Kg Rice

2)   ½ Cup Sesame seeds

3)   Water

4)   Ginger Garlic paste

5)   Green chili paste

6)   Salt


Tandalache Papad | Rice Papad Recipe Step-by-Step,




Washed & Soaked rice


Clean and wash rice and soak for 3 days.


Keep on changing water every morning.


After 3 days grind rice into a mixer and make a fine paste of it.


Put all mixture into heavy bottom pan on a high flame and keep on stirring if require add little water.


Now add sesame seeds, ginger garlic paste and salt.

Rice Papad Recipe-on flame

After few minutes the mixture will become thick now keep a lid and let it cook for another 10 minutes.


The mixture will change the colour now remove it from flame.


Make a balls of mixture and keep one ball and keep it on plastic sheet and roll it into a circle.

Make a papad by using roll and pin or papad machin as shown below.


Rice Papad Papad Recipe on Papad Machine


Rice Papad Recipe-rolled to circle shapes

Keep this papad in sunlight for 3-4 day.

Fry and serve with dal rice or khichadi.

Crispy Tandalache Papad | Rice Papad fried-served.


Tandalache Papad | Rice Papad




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