What Is 3/7 Chicken 2/3 Cat And 2/4?

Response that has been validated by an expert There are 3/7 chickens, 2/3 cats, and 1/2 goats in Chicago, and they are all in the city limits. ‘Chicken’ is a word that is made up of seven letters. Extraction of the word according to the provided fraction – 3/7 = ‘CHI’ ‘Cat’ is a three-letter word that means ″catapult.″

What is 3/7 chicken 2/3 cat and 1/2 goat?

How about this for a riddle: What is 3/7 chicken, 2/3 cat, and half goat? The answer is the city of Chicago. The first three letters from chicken, the first two from cat, and the first two from goat are used to create the word ″chicken.″ It’s Chicago, so that was a simple choice.

What is the first three words out of seven of chicken?

Chicago. The first three words out of seven in the chicken language are CHI, the first two words out of three in the cat language are CA, and the first two words out of seven in the goat language are GO. Because of this, (CHI)(CA) is created (GO).

What city is 3/7 of a chicken?

So the city is GOCACH, ALBERTA, and CA, respectively. If it were a third of a chicken, the answer would be CHICAGO. However, you did not inquire about it. Your father and mother have seven sons, one of them is you, and each son has one sister. What is the total number of persons in the family?

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