How To Use Rice Cooker As Steamer?

It is possible to utilize a rice cooker as a steamer in two different methods. The first method is to just steam the meal on its own or using a stand-alone steamer, and the second method is to cook the rice alongside the other ingredients.

How do you use a steaming tray on a rice cooker?

Some rice cookers come with a separate steaming plate that may be used to steam a side dish while you’re cooking your main dish or to steam dishes on its own while you’re cooking the rice. Nothing more complicated than placing the steaming tray on top of the cooker and walking away for a few minutes.

Is a rice cooker/steamer worth it?

Anyone who consumes large quantities of rice would appreciate the convenience of a rice cooker/steamer. Cooking rice the traditional manner in a pot is significantly more demanding, and you must spend a significant amount of time stirring to ensure that the pot does not become scorched. The use of a rice cooker makes life so much easier.

How to use a rice cooker?

  1. Despite the fact that there are minor changes between different brands and types of rice cookers, they all follow the same general instructions.
  2. Remove the steamer tray from the inner basket of the cooker and place it somewhere safe to keep it warm.
  3. Measure half of the amount of rice you intend to use for the dinner in the inside basket.
  4. When making rice, for example, if you need 4 cups, you would use 2 cups of uncooked rice.

Can You steam vegetables in a rice cooker?

Not all rice cookers have a steam function, but many do, and this helpful feature allows you to utilize this practical gadget for a variety of other tasks outside rice cooking. Using a rice cooker to steam veggies will reduce the amount of clutter on your counters and result in vegetables that are extremely soft and tasty.

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