Shevayancha Sheera | Vermicelli Sheera | God Sheera

Shevayancha Sheera | Vermicelli Sheera | God Sheera


Read traditional way of preparing Shevayancha Sheera. Explore ingredients & share your experience for maharashtrian Shevayancha Sheera Recipe .




20 Minutes

Serves for 2




1) 2 cup Shevaya

2) 1 cup milk and 1 cup water

3) 4 tsp ghee

4) 2 cups sugar

5) 8-10 cashew nuts

6) Cardamom powder




Heat ghee in a pan add shevayas and fry till it turned into brown.


Heat milk and water together add to shevayas and bring to boil.


Saute till all water absorbed and shevayas are cooked.


Once shevayas cooked add sugar and cashew nuts to shevayas.


When mixture dries add cardamom powder and mix well.

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