Saat Kappi Ghavan Recipe-Festival Recipes from Coastal Maharashtra

Saat Kappi Ghavan Recipe- Ganapati Festival Recipes

Preparation Time: 6-7 Hours

Cooking Time: 30 minutes

Serves for 2.


Saat Kappi ghavan Recipe-key Ingredients:

IngredientsFor Ghavan:

1) 1 cup Rice

2) Water

3) Salt

4) 1/2 cup Oil


For Stuffing:

1) 1 cup Fresh grated coconut

2) 3/4 Cup grated jaggary

3) Nutmeg Powder

4) Salt as per taste

5) 1 tsp ghee

 Saat Kappi ghavan Recipe-Method for Stuffing

Method to make  stuffing:

Mix all ingredients of stuffing in a mixing bowl.

Mix well and keep aside.

Saat Kappi ghavan Recipe-Method for Ghavan:

Method to make ghavan:

Clean and wash rice and soak in sufficient water.

Let it soak well overnight.

Next Morning, grind the rice by adding little water.

Now take a paste of rice in a bowl add enough water to make a batter of pouring consistency.

Add salt.

The consistency of batter should not be similar to amboli or dosa.

Heat  griddle tava or cast-iron skillet over a  medium flame.

Grease  it by using little oil.

Pour a ladle full of batter on the tava spread it slightly in to a circle.

After 2-3 minute spread coconut mixture on the half side of ghavan.

Fold to cover the mixture as shown below.

Now put the mixture on the tava so the batter sticks to the half ghavan

Drizzle some oil around

Again coconut jaggary mixture and flip the first part of ghavan backwards as its shown below.

Proceed till you get 7 parts of stuffing

It’s ready to eat enjoy it with adding little ghee on it.

It’s taste yummy.

You can also eat with coconut milk it will taste different.