How To Thicken Potato Soup?

In the summer, soups are light and clear, but when the temperature starts to cool down, we crave soups that are hot, thick, and ever-so-hearty. Coconut milk makes for a satisfying dairy-free option, and flour and cornstarch both work well.

One of the best ways to thicken up your soup involves vegetables. You can use pureed veggies or leftover mashed potatoes, or even frozen hash browns.

We bet you never thought of using hash browns to thicken your soup. As the hash browns are getting warmed up in the soup, they’ll start to break down into a tasty, non-clumpy starch one that will quickly thicken up soups, chowder, and even stew and chili.

A beurre manié is a French soup thickener that you can make by mixing butter and flour together and then rolling the mixture into small balls. Add one ball at a time to your soup and cook until thickened.