How To Make A Potato Gun?

We’re gonna use Pvc pipes, adapters, glue, and two-part epoxy to make a potato gun. First we’re gonna use duct tape, second we’re gonna use Wd-40, and third we’re gonna use two-part epoxy to seal all the cracks and gaps.

To make a combustion chamber, cut your pipes to the proper length, clean up the ends, and glue the pipe and fittings together. Let the glue solidify for a few minutes to ensure a perfect bond.

We need to drill a hole in the cogniser so that we can play this barbecue. We’ll put some epoxy there to make it nice and tight, and then we’ll be ready to test our potato gun.

We don’t need much even with that plastic bag. The potato cannon recoils with a lot of force, so we need to sit down and wear safety glasses.