How To Get Chicken Master Title In Pubg?

Obtaining the Chicken Master title requires a number of objectives.

  1. Use the Assault Rifle to take out the final opponent and win the match
  2. Use the SMG to take out the final opponent and win the match
  3. Utilize your Sniper Rifle to take out the final opponent and win the match
  4. To win the match, use the Shotgun to take out the last adversary.
  5. Use the LMG to take out the final opponent and win the match

How do I get a chicken master tag in Pubg?

How can I quickly obtain the title of Pubg Mobile Chicken Master?

  1. Solo missions must be completed in order to progress. The pair and squad modes are not included in this calculation.
  2. Your tier should be either on the platinum level or higher.
  3. Concentrate on your final remaining adversary. Your objective is to eliminate the remaining opponent on the battlefield in order to claim the chicken meal.

How do you get a easy title in Pubg?

5 of the Easiest PUBG Mobile Titles to Acquire!

  1. Perseverance. Perseverance is one of the more straightforward titles to obtain on PUBG Mobile.
  2. Ace of the season. In PUBG Mobile, the Season Ace title may be achieved by increasing your rank until you reach Ace rank, which is the second-highest level.
  3. Weapons Expert.
  4. Master of Weapons.
  5. Sharpshooter.
  6. Well-Liked

How do you get Pubg title weapon master?

How can I obtain the title of Pubg Mobile Weapon Master?

  1. Vehicles can be used to eliminate an adversary.
  2. Throwables can be used to take out an opponent.
  3. Sniper rifles are used to take out an opponent.
  4. Assault rifles are used to take out an opponent.
  5. Make quick work of an adversary with the shotgun
  6. Kill an adversary with an SMG
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What is the hardest title in Pubg?

1. A One-of-a-Kind Destiny Unique Destiny is considered to be the most difficult and rarest title to obtain in PUBG Mobile. Due to the fact that you must accumulate more than 6000 accomplishment points, there is no immediate method to get this title.

How do I become a chicken expert?

PUBG Mobile Guide: How to Obtain the Chicken Expert Title Easily After Cross-Server Matching in PUBG Mobile

  1. In order to win a match, you must use an Assault Rifle to strike the ultimate blow.
  2. In order to administer the ultimate blow and win a match, SMG should be used.
  3. Sniper Rifles can be used to deliver the decisive blow and win a contest.
  4. Shotguns should be used to inflict the last Blow and win a match.

How do you get the Terminator title in PUBG?

In order to get the terminator title, you must rank among the top 100 players in your respective region. The title also needs a tier rank of at least platinum V and a gaming level of at least thirty to be eligible for the prize. And the rule of holding title is that if you achieve the appropriate rank in PUBGM, you will be awarded with the terminator in the game (Top 100).

How do I get Ace title in PUBG?

There is no requirement to play 5 matches to earn the Ace title; you will get the Ace title at the end of the season and when a new season begins if you have reached Ace status. However, if you wish to obtain the Ace Parachute, you must compete in 5 matches in order to do so.

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How do I get Deadeye PUBG?

In PUBG Mobile, these are the quickest and most straightforward methods of obtaining the ″Deadeye″ title.

  1. Kill three foes within a 50-meter radius of one another without a single bullet going missing
  2. All opponents must be killed with a headshot
  3. Solo mode is only available for Platinum rank players

Is VSS a sniper?

Designed to eliminate manpower wearing body armor and travelling in soft vehicles when quiet and flameless firing is necessary, the 9mm VSS special silenced sniper rifle is capable of destroying large groups of people.Designed for covert carry, the VSS is a quick-knockdown rifle with a short magazine.The weapon is capable of firing 9x39mm SP-5 subsonic sniper ammunition or 9x39mm SP-6 sniper cartridges.

Is Mini 14 a sniper?

The Mini-14 is a lightweight and small semi-automatic marksman rifle that fires 5.56mm ammunition.In both the muzzle and magazine slots, the weapon makes use of sniper rifle attachments, and it may be equipped with any sort of optical sight.This weapon’s damage values are lower than those of other DMRs, but its muzzle velocity and bullet drop are quite high, making up for this shortcoming.

What is the easiest way to get a weapon master title?

Conditions that must be met in order to obtain the Weapon Master title in PUBG include the following:-

  1. Kill the adversary with an AR Gun
  2. Kill the adversary with an SMG gun
  3. Sniper Gun is used to take out the opponent.
  4. Kill the adversary with a shotgun
  5. Throwables (grenades) are used to take out the opponent.
  6. Enemy vehicles (cars, buggies, or jeeps) must be used to kill them.
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Which server is toughest in PUBG Mobile?

The Indo-Asian server is the most difficult to play on in PUBG MOBILE since it has the majority of the professional players that are currently competing.

How do you get a title perfectionist?

#4 Is a stickler for details The criteria for this title is that you have purchased an Elite Royale Pass for each of the previous six seasons. In other words, it may take up to 6 Seasons to obtain this Mythic ranking.

Which is the best achievement in Pubg?


Achievement Name Achievement Group Reward
Sharpshooter Glorious Moments Title: Deadeye
Commando Glorious Moments Title: Glass Cannon
Chicken Expert Glorious Moments Title: Chicken Master
Well-Liked Glorious Moments Title: Well-Liked

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