How Many Chilli Plants Per Acre?

Plant populations of around 22200 seedlings per acre or 45 cm × 45 cm with a plant population of 19750 seedlings per acre are regarded optimal with a 60 cm x 30 cm spacing and a plant population of approximately 22200 seedlings per acre, respectively.

How many chillies can you get per acre?

Amount of Chilli Produced per Acre The production of fresh chilli per acre fluctuates between 30 and 40 quintal. From one hundred kilograms of fresh chilli, we get 25-35 kilograms of dried chilli. The average production of dried chilli varies from 7.5 to 10 quintals per acre, depending on the variety.

How many chillies do you get per plant?

The production of dried chilies from a rain-fed crop ranges from 200 to 400 kg per acre, whereas the yield from an irrigated crop ranges from 600 to 1000 kg per acre.

How many chilli plants are needed per hectare?

Larger plant kinds are planted in rows that are 60 to 75 cm apart, with larger plant types being planted 50 cm apart. In order to achieve this, between 20 000 to 50 000 plants per hectare are required, depending on the spacing and pepper variety chosen by the producer.

Are chillies profitable?

Chilli is one of the vegetable crops that might produce financial returns to the grower or Chilli farmer. However, Chilli is also one of the vegetable crops that require significant investment than any other vegetable crops.

Is pepper farming profitable?

As a result, the profit per acre is Rs. 11,25,000 in eight years, or Rs. 11,25,000 per hectare. Note: The revenue and profit from the cultivation of black pepper might vary depending on the output and variety chosen, which are also resistant to a few diseases and pests that reduce the need for plant protection. In addition, the yield rises in a few types.

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Is Sili farming profitable?

Making a Living Farmers that grow ″sili″ can make more money, according to him, because they can harvest 35 to 45 times from a single planting. Michael’s farm produced a big crop in his first year of planting and got a very respectable price for his efforts. Michael stated that they had collected not less than 800 kg per harvest from a land area of more than one hectare.

How many times chilli can be harvested?

Harvesting can be completed 75 days following the transplanting of the seedlings. The first two pickings produce green chilli, and the third and fourth pickings produce red ripe fruits. 2 – 3 t/ha of dry pods or 10 – 15 t/ha of green chiles are acceptable varieties. This pest is a fruit borer.

Insecticide Dose
Spinosad 45 % SC 3.2 ml/10 lit.
Thiodicarb 75 % WP 2.0 g/lit.

What is the spacing of chilli?

Planting will be done in the paired row system at a spacing of 90 x 60 x 45 cm, with ropes indicated at a 60 cm spacing between each plant. Pre-emergence herbicides such as Pendimethalin (1.0 kg a.i. / ha) or Fluchloralin (1.0 kg a.i. / ha) should be used on the third day after planting. Gap filling should be performed on the seventh day following transplantation.

Is chilli farming profitable in Kenya?

Farming in Kenya has taken off in the most positive way that any of us could have dreamed. One may achieve unimaginable income even if one is only involved in chilli cultivation. Chilies have a high nutritional value since they may be a good source of vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B, iron, potassium, and magnesium, among other vitamins and minerals.

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How long do chillies take to grow?

A: Chilli plants take around 80 to 120 days from the time of seeding to the time the fruit is ripe.

How long does a chilli plant live?

Chilies have a lifespan ranging from 1.5 to 15 years, depending on the species. Chilitepin, a wild plant that grows as a tiny shrub in the wild, is a perennial.

How many kg does a chilli plant produce?

The yield varies depending on the type of farming technique used. The production of dried Chillies from a rainfed crop is from 200 to 400 kg per acre, whereas the output from an irrigated crop ranges from 600 to 1000 kg per acre.

Is chili a cash crop?

Chili is a valuable cash crop in India, where it is produced for its spicy fruits, which are used both green and mature (the latter in dried form) to add pungency to a variety of dishes.

Is there a market for chillies?

Chillies are a challenging crop to sell since there is a limited market for them and merchants’ needs might be difficult to satisfy.

How do I start a chilli farm?

  • Ploughing should be done 2-3 times, with clod crushing in between each ploughing session.
  • Add 150-200 qtl of compost or Farm Yard Manure per acre and thoroughly mix it into the soil 15-20 days before sowing.
  • Create ridges and furrows with a 60cm space between them.

By combining 0.8 kg/acre of Azospirillum and 0.8 kg/acre of Phosphobacteria with 20 kg of FYM, you may get a yield of 0.8 kg/acre.

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