How Many Calories In 2 Samosa?

Samosas have 616 calories per serving, which is not the healthiest amount of calories to eat in one sitting. Deep-frying enhances fat absorption, which leads to a rise in fat levels.

How many calories in a samosas?

  • Samosas contain a lot of calories.
  • In terms of calorie count, the most popular option for the phrase ″Samosa″ is 1 ordinary samosa with Pastry packed with Potatoes and Peas (Fried), which has around 310 calories.
  • A range of Samosa kinds and serving sizes are presented in the table below, along with their calorie and nutritional information.
  • Using the filter below, you may see various nutritional data (such as carbohydrates or fats):

What are the main ingredients in a samosa?

Samosas are made up of several components, the most important of which being oil, all-purpose flour, potatoes, and peas. It is estimated that one samosa (100 g) provides around 260 calories on average.

What is samosa?

Samosas are a type of Indian food that is popular throughout the country. You should be aware of the nutritional data and average calorie count of this product before purchasing it. New Delhi, India: Originating somewhere in Central Asia or the Middle East, samosas have come a long way and are today a well-known and commonly consumed snack around the world.

How can I Make my samosa more filling?

Incorporate veggies: To make the filling more healthful, incorporate vegetables such as peas, mushrooms, and onions into the mixture along with the basic component, which is potatoes. Every Indian’s favorite snack is the samosa. When paired with a chutney of your choosing, this delectable snack can help to alleviate cravings almost immediately.

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How many calories does 2 samosas have?

The calories in two ordinary samosas of Pastry packed with Potatoes and Peas are 616 calories each (Fried).

How many calories is 1 samosa?

Approximately 252 calories are contained in one serving of typical deep-fried samosa.

How many calories are in 2 small samosas?

Samosa’s normal samosa has 308 calories in a single serving. Serving sizes that are often used.

Serving Size Calories
1 miniature samosa 28
1 oz 87
1 regular samosa 308
1 serving (100 g) 308

How many calories is 3 samosa?

The calories in three ordinary samosas of Pastry packed with Potatoes and Peas are 924 per serving (Fried).

How many calories are in 4 samosas?

There are 111 calories in 4 tiny samosa of Pastry packed with Potatoes and Peas (Fried) (Fried).

Can I eat samosa while dieting?

Samosas are not the best type of meal to take on a daily basis if you’re trying to lose weight because they’re filled with a lot of components that are rich in calories and carbohydrate content. After that, they are deep-fried in oil, which increases the amount of fat and calories in this meal.

How many calories are in a homemade samosa?

One Samosa has 91 calories in a single serving. Carbohydrates provide for 32 calories, proteins for 6 calories, and the rest calories are derived from fat, which accounts for 71 calories. Approximately 5% of the total daily calorie requirement of a 2,000 calorie normal adult diet is met by one Samosa serving.

Why samosa is not good for health?

The refined flour used in the preparation of samosas is found in the layer on which they are baked. Furthermore, refined flour has no health advantages at all. In reality, excessive intake of refined flour can result in metabolic difficulties, such as high blood sugar levels, weight gain problems, and cardiac problems, among other things.

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How many calories are in a mini samosa?

APPETIZERS Deep-fried Appetizers

Value per per mini samosa % Daily Values
Energy 48 cal 2%
Protein 0.5 g 1%
Carbohydrates 3 g 1%
Fiber 0.1 g 0%

How many calories are in one onion samosa?


Calories 224 Kcal
Protein 3 gm
Sodium 51 mg
Potassium 93 mg
Phosphorus 42 mg

How many calories are in a large samosa?

Energy: 215 calories

Protein 3.5g
Carbs 26.6g
Fat 10.4g

How many calories does aloo samosa have?

Approximately 252 calories are included in one slice of regular-triangle samosa. It is the king of Indian munchies, and this potato-filled, deep-fried triangular is one of our favorites.

How many calories does 1 gulab jamun have?

Gulab jamun has around 175 calories per serving. 140 calories come from carbs, 10 calories from proteins, and the remainder of the calories come from fat, which accounts for 25 calories. Approximately 9 percent of the entire daily calorie needs of a regular adult diet of 2,000 calories is provided by a single Gulab Jamun.

How many calories need for a day?

The recommended calorie intake is determined by a variety of factors, including age, height, weight, gender, lifestyle, and overall general health. In the United States, males should consume around 2,500 calories per day and women should consume approximately 2,000 calories per day. Eating a large breakfast may be beneficial for weight loss and maintenance efforts.

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