How Long To Cook Sweet Potato In Microwave?

Joe’s Masterclass is here to teach you how to cook sweet potatoes in the microwave, and he’s going to teach you a little trick that will save you a bunch of time.

To peel a sweet potato, cut off the ends, flip it over, and snip off the other side. Then, cut the sweet potato into equal sections, all the way down the sweet potato right to the end.

You want to cook your sweet potato in a microwave safe container that has a lid that seals, and you don’t need to add water. Cook it for five to seven minutes, depending on the size of your sweet potato.

Crysta is going to show you how to tell whether your sweet potatoes are cooked or not by pushing a knife through the sweet potato. If it sticks to the sweet potato or if you can’t pull the knife out without a grabbing, it needs another minute.

Once the sweet potato has cooled down, the skin will come off easily. Just let it rest for a little bit, then peel it off when it’s cool enough to touch.

Sweet potatoes peel themselves if you cut the skin down the edge, grab the skin, and pull all the way around the sweet potato to get skinless sweet potato.

You can cook a sweet potato skinless in about ten minutes, saving yourself 20 or 30 minutes.