How Long Does Potato Salad Last?

Spongebob makes potato salad with Fish and Sandy, and it takes three days to make.

I heard of a few restaurants pickling their potatoes before making French fries, and I figured that lacto-fermented funk could go really well in potato salad. So we’re pickingle our potatoes in a brine, and letting them sit for three days straight.

We got ourselves some lacto-fermented potatoes, so we’re going to make a standard American potato salad with them. It tastes quite good, but we can make a more sophisticated potato salad with them if we want to.

After boiling the potatoes, we are finely chopping the onion, dill, sour cream, white wine vinegar, kosher salt, pepper, and chives. We are then mixing all this together and adding the boiled and cooled potatoes.

We’re going to make a garlic aioli by crushing two garlic cloves into a paste, adding two egg yolks, and mixing until well-combined. Then we’re going to drizzle in some neutral flavored oil and serve our potato salad.

Once the aioli has outgrown its mortar, we’re going to bring some more flavorful oil to the party, that is, some olive oil. We’re going to whisk constantly while very slowly adding oil until a thick emulsion forms, and then season to taste with kosher salt.

I made Yukon Gold potato salad using the fry, freeze, then re-fry method, and it turned out to be a good snack. I recommend making all the previous recipes with normal potatoes unless you’re trying to make a sponge feel bad.