How Do You Separate Rice From Husk?

Winnowing is a technique for separating rice from its hulls that involves placing the rice in a pan and tossing it into the air as the wind blows it. It is the heavy rice that falls back into the pan, while the light hulls are blown away.

How to separate grain and husk?

How do you remove the grain from the husk? Winnowing and handpicking are the separation methods used to separate the husk from the grains. There are several techniques for separating the constituents of a mixture from one another.

How do you separate grains by wind and air?

The separation of heavier and lighter components of a mixture is accomplished by the use of wind or blowing air. The wind picks up the husk particles and carries them away. The grain seeds are separated and piled up near the platform for winnowing, where they can be seen.

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