Padwal Bhaji

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Padwal Bhaji in Marathi


20 Minutes

Serves for 2.


1)1/4 kg  Padwal

2) ½ cup chana dal

3) 2 medium size onion

4) Turmeric powder

5) 2 tsp Malvani Masala

6) 5-6 Curry leaves

7) Ginger Garlic Paste

8) 2 tsp oil

9) Coriander Leaves

10) Grated fresh coconut

11) Salt as per taste



Wash padwal.

Cut end of both sides.

Cut in between and remove soft portion and cut it into a small pieces.

In a pan add oil, Curry leaves, ginger garlic paste and chopped onion.

Stir it till onion turned into golden brown.

Add soaked chana dal, turmeric powder and masala and

Stir it for few seconds.

Add little water and let it cook for another minutes.

Add chopped padwal, little water and salt and keep lid and let it cook.

Do not add more water.

Once it done add coriander leaves and grated fresh coconut.


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