Enjoy this Garba Season with these flavorous Navratri Dishes

As we all know Navratri is the festival which is enjoyed by Hindu community for whole nine days. During this period they tend to worship Goddess Durga and avoid eating food like grains, meat, and onion. The basic premise is that the food should be healthy and light. A person who fasts can take different farali Navratri. These dishes are best as they tend to give more energy to the body. Some of the common Navratri dishes include Sabu dana kheer along with khichdi and yogurt. This tends to give more energy to the body during this period. One can also consume drinks like lassi which keeps your body cool and hydrated. Devotees bring home Meru Prusth Shree Yantra – a divine symbol of the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi herself during this season of Navratri.

During nights of navratri, people perform garba which is a kind of dance done during this festival only. Most of the people enjoy this dance as it is done with groups in circles. The traditional attire of this dance is Ghaghara Choli along with matching accessories. Each day of Navratri represents a different color. This year, the fourth day is dedicated to the color Red, so devotees would be seen representing this color in their attire. The traditional dance of Garba is enjoyed by one whether it’s the kids, the young or the elderly.

Ritual – Worship Maa Kushmanda

Date-October 04,

Day- Tuesday

Color to be worn – Red