Nachni Vadya

Read traditional way of preparing Nachani vadi recipe. Explore ingredients & share your experience for maharashtrian Nachani vadi.

Nachni Vadya in marathi


nachani vadi5



15 Minutes,

Serves for 2.


1) 1/2 cup Nachni  flour (Raagi flour)

2) 1 cup wheat flour

3) 1/2 cup ghee

4) 1/2 cup thick poha

5) 1/4 cup desiccated coconut

6) 3/4 cup jeggery

7) Cardamom powder

nachani vadi1



Melt ghee in a pan.


Deep fry poha once the puffed remove it into a plate.


Crush poha and keep aside.


Dry roast desiccated coconut.

nachani vadi 2

Add nachani flour and wheat flour into ghee.


Roast over low heat till it change the colour and it will give a nice fragrant aroma.

nachani vadi3

Add 2 tbsp of water and jaggery in pan.


Heat it on a medium flame. Keep stirring.


Once jaggery melts let it boil for another few minutes.


Turn off heat add roasted flours, cardamom powder and poha chrush.


Stir it and pour this mixture into plate and spread it.

nachani vadi4

Cut into shapes.

nachni vadi 6


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