Mango Mastani

Mango Mastani is a famous ice-cream loaded milkshake that originated in Pune. It is said that Mango Mastani is named after the wife of peshwa Bajirao I, Mastani. The only conclusion to why this drink derived her name could be the reason that just like the queen Mastani, this Mango Mastani is also a pure bliss to the eyes. An excellent creation that is perfectly suitable to the blazing Indian summers. This Mango Mastani Recipe is a great way of using that extra ripe mangoes in your fridge or you could also use the “just about ripe” mangoes, but do not use unripe mangoes as they could be sour & their texture wouldn’t be smooth enough to match the desired milk shake consistency. This Mango Mastani Recipe is so easy and quick that even the inexperienced can make this.Though easy to make, this ice cream loaded Mango Milkshake isn’t that easy to resist!

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So let’s get started;

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes

Total Time: 5 Minutes

Serves for 3



1) 2 cup chopped mangoes

2) 1 cup full cream milk

3) 1.5 tbsp. Sugar

4) 2 scoop vanilla ice-cream

5) Nutmeg powder

6) Dry fruits Pistachio

7) Some mango cubes

8) Some tutti frutti

9) 5-6 Ice cube



Combine chopped mangoes, nutmeg powder, sugar  in a grinder.

Grind to smooth puree.

Now add full cream milk and ice cubes. Grind again till it blends well.

Pour into serving glass, add a scoop of ice-cream over it.

Garnish with cherries, mango cubes, dry fruit and tutti frutti.

Your Mango Mastani is ready to serve.