Limbache Lonche | Lemon Pickle (Nimbu Achar) – Traditional Recipe

Limbache Lonche | Lemon Pickle in Marathi

How to make Oil free Lemon Pickle (Nimbu Achar) – Recipe in Marathi

Preparation Tim: 30 Minutes

Makes : 500 gm

Recipe Source: Mother-In law


1) 15 Limes

2) 150 gm of salt

3) 2 pinch of hing

4) 2 tbsp Red Chilli Powder

5) 1 tsp turmeric powder


Limbache Lonche-Traditional Oil-free way of preparing

Take a glass Jar that can hold about 1/2 kg of Pickle.

The jar should be clean and dry

Wash lime and wipe off with an cloth.

Lemon Pickle (Nimbu Achar) Recipe- Cut lemon


Cut them into 8 pieces and transfer them into the jar along with the salt, chillli powder and hing and mix well by using the dry spoon.

Cover it and keep this mixture 4 days in kitchen, mixing it thoroughly once every day with a dry spoon.

Mixture for Nimbu Achar

Keep this mixture for another 4 days, mixing once a day as before.

Oil free Limbache Lonche-Ready to use

Lime pickle is ready to use after 8 days.

It’s taste very yummy with khichadi, dal rice or curd rice.



Be careful while handling pickle  jar should be dry.


Use a dry spoon every time you remove pickle from the jar.

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