Kokam Sharbat

Read traditional way of preparing Kokam Sharbat Recipe. Explore ingredients & share your experience for maharashtrian Kokam Sharbat Recipe .

15 Minutes,
Serves for 4.

kakam sarbat1


1) 10-12 Kokam
2) 4 Glass of cold water
3) 2 tsp salt
4) 1/2 roasted cumin powder
5) 1 tsp lemon juice
6) 5-6 tsp sugar
7) Few Ice Cubes


Soak kokam in 1/2 glass of hot water for 45 minutes.

Grind the soaked kokam in a mixer along with water and make a smooth paste and keep aside.

Roast Cumin and make a powder with black salt, sugar and salt.

In a mixing bowl add above powder mixture kokam paste and 4 glass of cold water.

Pour the sharbat in the glass by adding ice cubes and serve.

kokam sarbat

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