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Khaparpoli in Marathi:


Preparation Time: 36 hours

Cooking Time:  20 Minutes

Serves for 2




1) 2 cup rice

2) 2 tbsp Urad dal

3) 2 tsp Methi (Fenugrrek)

4) 1 cup poha

5) 1 cup grated fresh coconut

6) 3/4 cup jaggery

7) Cardamom powder

8) Oil for greasing

9) Salt for taste

How to make Khaparpoli – Stepwise Image



For the khaparpoli soak rice for  overnight.


Next day morning add urad dal and methi seeds to rice and soak this for another 7-8 hours


In the evening grind this mixture along with the soak poha and 1/2 cup grated fresh coconut and make batter for khaparpoli.



This batter should be thick but not pour able consistency, a little thinner  than amboli batter.



Mix the batter well.Cover the container with a lid and keep this mixture at the warm place.


It should be left undisturbed for at least 6 hours.


After the fermentation the batter will rises.


Heat the seasoned tava.


Grace with oil by using coconut kishi.


Immediately pour a ladle full of the batter.



Do not spread.


You will notice small holes on the poured batter


Cover with a lid and cook on a slow flame for few minutes.



Do not flip over.


When the top looks cooked remove from flame.


Take grated fresh coconut add little water and juice in juice machine or you can also use mixture grander and sieve it.


Now add jaggery and salt for taste mix it well.


Add cardamom powder.



Soak khaparpoli in this sweetened jaggery and coconut milk for 10 minutes before serving.


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