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Date halwa in Marathi

How to make Dates Halwa – The Recipe

Preparation Time: 20 Minutes

Serves for 2.


How to make Dates Halwa – Ingredients




1) 2 Cup dates

2) 1/2 cup ghee

3) 3 cup milk

4) 2-3 tsp Sugar

5) Cashew nuts and Almonds

6) Cardamom Powder




Remove seeds from dates.


Chop the dates.


In a pan heat ghee and fry cashew nuts and almonds and  remove it and  keep aside.



In a same pan add chopped dates and saute for few minutes.



Add hot milk to above mixture and let it cook till it becomes soft.



Continue to stir the entire mixture until it start separating out from the side of kadai and start forming a big lump.



Add sugar, fried dry fruits, cardamom powder and mix it well.




Serve it.


Dates/ Khajoor Halwa – Served



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