Why Did Arby’S Discontinue Potato Cakes?

The takeout website reports that the popular fast food establishment will no longer provide its Potato Cakes. According to the information provided on the website, Arby’s made the decision to discontinue the sale of Potato Cakes when it introduced Crinkle Fries as a permanent menu item to sit alongside its well-known Curly Fries.

Why did Arby’s get rid of potato cakes?

Arby’s has verified to The Takeout that it has stopped selling its Potato Cakes. Perhaps offering three different delectable potato-based creations was too much for one chain to handle, as this may be the reason why. We would like to thank the sharp-eyed Takeout reader who was the one who first brought this alteration to our attention.

Did Arby’s get rid of curly fries?

And although we thought this would mark the end of the chain’s iconic curly fries, it turns out that a different potato side dish called Potato Cakes will be discontinued instead. Arby’s has reportedly verified to The Takeout that they will be permanently removing Potato Cakes from their menu as we speak, according to the report.

What items have been discontinued at Arby’s?

  • These six menu items were quietly removed from Arby’s menu only recently.
  • 1 Stuffed Italian Sandwich to start.
  • It seems strange that they sliced the meat on this sandwich, given that this establishment is all about the meat.
  • 2 Pizza Slider.
  • Arby’s menu now only has five of the seven delightful tiny sliders it used to provide.
  • 3 Ham Slider.

4 portions of loaded curly fries 5 potato cakes in all.6 Capri Sun Juice.

Are potato cakes and loaded Fries going away permanently?

  • PLEASE RESASsure me that this is not going to become a permanent situation.
  • Crinkle fries will take the place of potato cakes and loaded fries, according to the announcement made to those of us who work there.
  • We are all upset about it, and we are aware that it will cause us to lose a significant amount of revenue; yet, there is little we can do about it because the decision was made at the corporate level.

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