What Is The Price Of Paneer?


Pack size Pack type Price
1-kg Pouch Rs.340.00
200-gm Pouch Rs.85.00
500-gm Pouch Rs.180.00

What is the market size of paneer in 2020?

Global paneer market will reach a volume of 1.9 million tons in 2020, according to the research. Currently, the fusion of inter-regional tastes and cuisines, the penetration of paneer in western fast-foods, the expanding population, and shifting dietary patterns are some of the primary drivers fueling worldwide demand for this commodity, according to the World Food Report.

Which region is the largest market for paneer in the world?

Currently, according to the survey, Asia is the largest market for paneer in the world. This study examines the paneer market in each of the regions, including both historical (2015-2020) and forecast (2021-2026) trends for each area.

What is the texture of paneer?

Paneer is a fresh cheese that is used in a broad range of Indian cuisines. It is created by boiling milk and then curdling it with acid to produce the cheese. It has a mild and milky flavor, is white in color, and has a soft, spongy, and squeaky texture that is ideal for squeaking. This texture aids in the absorption of the tastes of sauces and marinades on the grill.

What is the nutritional value of paneer?

Paneer has a high nutritional value. Paneer is a fantastic source of protein, especially for vegetarians who do not obtain their protein from meat sources or dairy items. It also contains significant amounts of selenium and potassium. Potassium is beneficial in preventing memory loss, and selenium is beneficial in the treatment of infertility. Calcium may be found in paneer as well.

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What is the cost of 100 gram paneer?

Packaging: Packet, Rs 40 per 100 grams | ID: 20080445712. Frozen Paneer Cubes, Modern 100 gm, Packaging: Packet, Rs 40 per 100 grams | ID: 20080445712.

What is the cost of 250 gram paneer?

Siddhanath Dairy | ID: 19787207755 sells Milk Dongrai Malai Paneer 250 gm for Rs 85 each package.

What is the price of 500 gram of paneer?

Ample nutrition Paneer 500 Gm, Quantity Per Pack: 1, Rs 150 /packet | ID: 20168416748. Ample nutrition Paneer 500 Gm, Quantity Per Pack: 1, Rs 150 /packet.

What is the price of 200 gram paneer?

The Amul Malai Fresh Paneer (200 g) is an excellent choice.

MRP: Rs 88
Price: Rs 85
You Save: 3%
(Inclusive of all taxes)

What is the price of 50 gram paneer?

Utkarsha Gruh Udyog | ID: 18406342648 sells 50 g Paneer Masala in a packet for Rs 35 per packet (Utkarsha Gruh Udyog | ID: 18406342648).

What is the price of Sudha paneer?

Sudha Fresh Paneer 200gm, Packaging Type: Vacuum Pack, Rs 68.00/packet | ID: 22258027262. Sudha Fresh Paneer 200gm, Packaging Type: Vacuum Pack, Rs 68.00/packet | ID: 22258027262.

How many calories are there in 250g paneer?

See, 250 grams of low-fat paneer contains 180 calories, 7 grams of carbohydrates, 30 grams of protein, and 3 grams of fat, in addition to calcium, vitamin B12, selenium, phosphorus, and folate (and other nutrients). Having said that, paneer is not always the best option for every situation.

How much protein is there in 100 grams of paneer?

One entire egg has around 7 grams of protein, but 100 grams of paneer contains approximately 14 grams of protein. To put this in context, one big egg weighs around 50 grams, therefore 100 grams of egg would contain 14 grams of protein. Thus, it may come as a surprise that both paneer and eggs have almost the same amount of protein.

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Which paneer is best?

  1. Amul is one of the best paneer brands in India.
  2. Mother Dairy is a dairy farm in the United States.
  3. Paras
  4. Aashirvad
  5. Gowardhan
  6. Nandini
  7. Id-Fresh
  8. Verka

What is the expiry of paneer?

When kept refrigerated, paneer has a relatively short shelf life, and its freshness begins to fade after two to three days. Researchers have proposed a variety of preservation approaches for extending the shelf life of food, including chemical additives, packaging, thermal processing, and low-temperature storage.

How much fat is in 100g paneer?

Specifications of the product

Nutritional Information*
Amount per 100g
Energy, kcal 296
Total FAT, g 22
Saturated FAT, g 14

What is the price of 300 gram paneer?

Straight from the heartland of North India, this product is priced at Rs. 135.00 (incl.

How many grams of paneer are there in 1 Litre milk?

As a result, 1 litre of cow’s milk yields 200 grams of paneer, but the same amount of buffalo milk yields 225-250 grams.

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