What Happened To Marzetti Potato Salad Dressing?

The creamy texture of Marzetti Potato Salad Dressing makes it the ideal addition to any potato salad dish. It has eggs in it. Ingredients: Soybean Oil, Sugar, Water, Corn-Cider Vinegar, Egg Yolk, Salt, Mustard Seed, Modified Corn Starch, Bell Pepper*, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Onion*, Xanthan Gum, Natural Rosemary Extract, and Oleoresin Paprika. Blend well.

What brands does Marzetti make?

The T. Marzetti Company is known for producing a wide variety of consumer favorites, including Marzetti® salad dressings and dips, New York Bakery® frozen breads, and Sister Schubert’s® handcrafted rolls, which are all part of the company’s product line.

What do you serve with Marzetti salad dressing?

If you choose, garnish with more tomatoes cut into wedges and hard-cooked eggs. Use Marzetti® Caesar Dressing to create your own signature flavor for grilled chicken, shrimp, steak, or salmon.

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