How To Pronounce Chicken?

Break the word ″chicken″ down into sounds: + – speak it out loud and emphasize the sounds until you are able to deliver them on cue consistently. Make a recording of yourself saying ‘chicken’ in full sentences, then watch and listen to yourself. You’ll be able to identify and correct your faults rather quickly. Look for pronunciation courses on YouTube to learn how to say ‘chicken.’

What is a correct pronunciation?

The manner in which a word or a language is uttered is referred to as pronunciation. In some cases, this may refer to widely accepted sequences of sounds used in pronouncing a certain word or language in a specific dialect (‘proper pronunciation’), while in other cases, it may simply refer to the manner in which a particular individual says a word or language.

What is the 1st word in the dictionary?

Aardvark | aard-värk Noun. aardvark | aard-värk Noun.

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