How To Order Pizza In Train?

According to the arrangement, a passenger traveling in a train without a pantry car will be able to place an order for a pizza of his or her choosing either online or by phone, and the pizza will be delivered to his or her seat in the train while it is in transit, according to a senior IRCTC official.Check out this article on how to modify your boarding point after purchasing a train ticket online.

What is the best way to order meals while traveling by train?

  1. On your cellphones, use the IRCTC eCatering application.
  2. Your train’s PNR number should be entered here.
  3. Choose the station where you’d want to pick up your meal
  4. Look through the many options in the menu
  5. Place the products in your shopping basket
  6. Before confirming the order, make sure everything is correct.

How can I order food on a train?

Passengers may order food on the train with this new online food delivery app by simply inputting their travel data such as their PNR number, train name, seat/berth number, and they can anticipate a great and rapid meal delivery on the train using this app.This efficient system of online meal delivery on trains not only ensures delicious food at your seat, but it also results in a revitalized railway system.

How to order online food delivery in trains in India?

RailMitra provides online meal delivery in trains in more than 7000 trains across India, according to the company. Whether you’re traveling on the Rajdhani Express, Shatabdi Express, Tejas Express, or any other train, RailMitra makes it simple to order meals and have it delivered to your seat on the train.

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