Why Internet Has Become Political Potato?

  1. Not since the invention of television has there been a technological advancement with the potential to influence politics more than the Internet.
  2. As more and more people in the United States come online, the possibility of communicating with millions of voters will be an allure that no politician will be able to ignore.
  3. In the year 2000, the impact of television, radio, and newspapers has not been overtaken by that of the Internet.

How do publics think technology has impacted politics?

3. The general public believes that technological advancements have both beneficial and bad effects on the political environment. People in these nations have differing opinions not just about the effects that various technologies have had on them personally, but also regarding the effects that the internet in general has had on politics in their own communities.

Do mobile phones and the Internet influence politics?

There is a nearly equal distribution of opinions about whether the internet and mobile phones have had a positive, negative, or little influence on politics.

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