Who Makes Circle K Potato Chips?

Circle K and Shearer’s Foods Inc. are two of the brands we carry. Shearer’s Foods Inc., the company that owns the brand

What makes Circle K’s products unique?

The convenience shop offered all of the standard items found in such establishments, such as freshly prepared meals, steaming coffee, cigarettes, and alcoholic drinks. Among these were a profusion of one-of-a-kind private-label snacks and sweets, each of which stood out due to the distinctive packaging used by Circle K.

Does Circle K still have chip dip?

Lawson’s Original Chip Dip has been around for seventy-five years, and even though the recipe hasn’t changed, you can only get it at Circle K locations in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Lawrenceburg, Indiana, and Northern Kentucky. The car washes at Circle K are delighted to provide rain-x® Complete Surface Protectant and Blue Coral Triple Color Foam to its customers.

Where does Circle K rank in 2018 C-Store rankings?

CSP’s most recent update to its ranking of convenience store chains (based on the number of retail locations), the Top 202, places Circle K, a division of Alimentation Couche-Tard located in Laval, Quebec, at position number two. Take a peek at some of the snacks and candies that Circle K sells under its own private label.

What is the Circle K app?

If you have the Circle K app, you will have easy access to savings, promotions that can be shared and checked in for, and occasionally even free goods. FRESH FOOD, FAST. We are the place to go for delicious snacks and meals that can be eaten on the go.

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