How To Cut A Potato For French Fries?


  1. Position the potato so that it is lying on its side, and using a big chef’s knife, cut a tiny slice off the edge of the potato so that it may serve as a flat platform
  2. To produce french fries of the desired thickness, invert the potato so that the sliced side is facing down and cut it into very thin slices.
  3. To make french fries, stack a couple of the slices and then cut them in the other manner

Why do you Soak potatoes in water before frying?

  1. According to Mr.
  2. Nasr, the soaking is the key to achieving the desired crisp quality in the fries.
  3. It removes the starch, which results in the cells being more stiff and less prone to adhere to one another.

The chefs put them through two rounds of frying: first, in peanut oil heated to 325 degrees, they are blanched until somewhat mushy, and then, in oil heated to 375 degrees, they are browned and crisped.

How long should I Soak potatoes for fries?

Let them sit in the liquid for two to three hours. (Another option is to place them in the refrigerator for the night so that they may soak.) When you are ready to cook the fries, pour out any remaining water from the potatoes and spread them out on two baking sheets that have been coated with paper towels. To dry them, pat them down with paper towels.

Should you soak cut potatoes in water before frying?

Fry potatoes that have been freshly sliced. The extra potato starch may be removed from cut fries by soaking them in cold water overnight after they have been peeled, rinsed, and cut. This helps ensure that the fries are as crisp as possible and prevents them from sticking together.

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How do you cut potatoes perfectly?

  1. To get the correct thickness, simply slice the potato on a regular basis.
  2. When you chop the potato, you need to be careful to hold it steady so that it doesn’t roll.
  3. Simply cut the potato in half along its length, then make a second incision in each of the halves to create quarters.

Before beginning to slice the potato, you should always begin by cutting out a flat portion to use as a base for the slices.

Should you boil potatoes before frying?

  1. If you want the potatoes to be cooked through but still soft on the inside, it is preferable to parboil them first and then pan fried them.
  2. In my experience, if you do not boil the potatoes first, you will end up with potatoes that are crunchy on the outside but undercooked on the inside.
  3. It is recommended to first boil the potatoes, unless they are chopped extremely thinly (which results in a texture similar to that of potato chips).

Why are my French fries soggy?

When French fries are cooked incorrectly, they become limp, oily, or soggy, and they typically brown too much. All of these issues are caused by the inappropriate management of starch and sugar when they are being heated to high temperatures.

Why should you double fry french fries?

  1. The first theory proposes that the first fry to hatch get the exterior of the egg to build a watertight barrier.
  2. This will ensure that they retain their moisture even after the second round of frying.
  3. Alternately, there is a second theory that states, ″The first fry cooks them through to the center; if you omitted that stage, your fries would brown on the surface, but they would still be raw in the centre.″
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What is the best way to make french fries from scratch?

The Step-by-Step Guide to Making Homemade French Fries

  1. Cut the potatoes into slices that are a half inch thick
  2. Soak them in water that has been kept in the refrigerator for at least an hour or overnight.
  3. They should then be washed twice in cold water and dried well with pats
  4. Bring oil to a temperature of 300 degrees
  5. Turn up the temperature to 400 degrees
  6. Place them on some paper towels, and then quickly sprinkle some salt on them

What is the best oil to fry french fries?

When preparing french fries, refined peanut oil is the type of oil that yields the greatest results. You might instead use oil made from canola or safflower instead. Additionally, restaurants consistently utilize outdated oil to fry their potatoes, which is one of the reasons why the fries come out so crunchy.

What to soak potatoes in before frying?

In a bowl of water, soak the potatoes for the night. Spend the night rehydrating the potatoes in sugar water (10g of sugar per 100g of water) Before you fried the potatoes, give them a quick rinse. Nothing further should be done.

How do you remove starch from potatoes for French fries?

A way that helps the cells shut up and allows for a crispier fry when blanched is to chill the water or add ice to it before blanching the food. Leaching the starches is best accomplished using water that is warm or at room temperature. However, some operators or manufacturers actually blanch (or boil) the potatoes in water to eliminate any extra starches.

How do you soften potatoes for home fries?

Because of the starch, the exterior may probably burn or become brown before the interior is completely cooked. Make sure the potatoes have a good soak or are boiled beforehand. The potatoes will become easier to cook in the skillet if you boil them beforehand since the boiling process will soften them.

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How do you chop russet potatoes?

  1. To begin, put the potato in a bowl of water with cold running water and scrub it until it is completely clean.
  2. The skin can then be removed with a vegetable peeler or a paring knife, according on your preference.
  3. Position the potato so that it is lying on its side on the cutting board.

Using one hand to firmly hold the potato, use the other hand to wield a sharp knife and cut it into two lengthwise slices.

How do you cut up russet potatoes?

  1. Cut the potato in half lengthwise, and then slice it to the appropriate thickness.
  2. Put the slices on a stack, and then cut them in half lengthwise to form sticks.
  3. To make potato cubes, first cut the potatoes into sticks, and then make cuts that are perpendicular to each other all the way across.

To avoid the potatoes becoming a brownish hue while they are waiting to be cooked, place the sliced potatoes in a bowl of cold water.

What is the best knife to cut a potato?

The majority of the jobs you perform in the kitchen, such as slicing fruits, vegetables, and meats, should be accomplished with a chef’s knife. Because of its length and weight, a chef’s knife is well suited for cutting tough vegetables such as carrots, onions, and potatoes, as well as for slicing roasts and other substantial pieces of meat.

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