Ghadichi Poli | Layered Roti – Maharashtrian Chapati Recipe

Ghadichya Polya in Marathi


1) 2 Cups Wheat Flour

2) 4 Tbsp Oil

3) Salt

4) Water for Knead the flour

How to Make Ghadichi Poli – Layered Chapati

(Roti) Recipe Method


In a mixing bowl add wheat flour, salt and oil mix well.

Add water and knead dough

Keep aside for 10 minutes.

Ghadichi Poli-Kneaded Dough

Divide the dough into equal size balls.

Take one ball. Dust it with dry flour.

Roll it into small circle. Apply little oil and sprinkle little flour.

Ghadichi Poli-made equal size balls

Again fold and make a triangle.

Dust it with flour and roll into a circle.

While rolling roll from both sides.

Layered chapati rolled from the folded triangle

Ghadichi Poli-Roasting on Tawa

once it done, Place it on the heated tawa.

Use cotton cloth to roast the poli.

Press from all the sides of poli.

Turn it and roast the other side until the brown spot appears.

Once both the sides are cooked remove from tawa and apply little oil.

Serve hot with any subji.

Ghadichi Poli-served hot with veggies