Why Is Licorice Pizza Rated R?

Why is “Licorice Pizza” rated R? The MPAA rating has been assigned for “language, sexual material and some drug use.”
Licorice Pizza Age Rating is R for language, sexual material, and some drug use.

Does Licorice Pizza have nudity in it?

There’s some sex-related dialogue, as well as sexual gestures, kissing, some objectification of women, and a scene in which Alana shows Gary her breasts with her back to the camera.

Is Licorice Pizza rated R?

Rated R (for language, sexual material, and some drug use).

What is Licorice Pizza supposed to be about?

While their ever-evolving relationship provides the framework for the film, “Licorice Pizza” is really about this young woman’s journey of self-discovery: trying out different jobs and clothes, different priorities and personalities, and seeing what fits.

What certificate is Licorice Pizza?

Licorice Pizza is given a 15 age rating in the UK for strong language, sex references. Maverick director Paul Thomas Anderson chose a couple of upcoming stars for his latest movie which is a coming of age love story set in 1973 which has been given a 15 age rating.

Why is Licorice Pizza not in theaters?

Originally set to be released on around 2,000 screens, according to Indiewire, the studio shifted gears and reduced the expansion to some 800 venues, leaving theaters across the country looking for a last-minute replacement.

How old is Gary in Licorice Pizza?

Gary Valentine. Gary, a 15-year old entrepreneur, and actor, was smitten by Alana the moment he saw her. He goes back to his home and tells his younger brother that he had met the girl with whom he would eventually get married.

Who is the 12 guy in Licorice Pizza?

Young love takes centre stage in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Licorice Pizza, and it’s led by enigmatic song and dance man Gary Valentine – for better or for worse.

Is Licorice Pizza PG 13?

Rated R for language, sexual material and some drug use.

Is Licorice Pizza based on true story?

Set in the early 1970s, the Licorice Pizza true story elements are also based on the real Hollywood-set memories of director Paul Thomas Anderson and his friend Gary Goetzman.

Why is liquorice pizza called that?

“Licorice Pizza” is Named After a Record Store

Although Licorice Pizza had locations in and around the Valley, including Encino and Canoga Park, the store itself doesn’t appear in the film.

What age is R rating?

G: General Audiences – all ages admitted. PG: Parental Guidance Suggested – some material may not be suitable for children. PG-13: Parents Strongly Cautioned – some material may be inappropriate for children under 13. R: Restricted – under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian.

Licorice Pizza [2021] [R] – 4.3.9

  1. What is the reason for the R rating for ″Licorice Pizza″?
  2. There has been a rating issued by the MPAA for ″language, sexual content, and some drug usage.″ An arrest of a juvenile accused of murder is depicted, as are a few falls and mishaps with no injuries portrayed, as well as several disputes and some shoving, as well as more than 40 F-words and other strong language, according to the Kids-In-Mind.com review.
  3. For more information on sexual material, violence, and harsh language, please see our parents’ advisory below.
  4. A young lady (Alana Haim) and a teenage boy (Cooper Hoffman) meet and form a connection that takes them on a journey across their 1970s California town, stopping at various points along the way.

With Sean Penn, Tom Waits, Bradley Cooper, John Michael Higgins, Maya Rudolph, John C.Reilly, Ryan Heffington, Benny Safdie, and Harriet Sansom Harris, amongst other actors and actresses Paul Thomas Anderson is in charge of the direction.

Licorice Pizza SEX/NUDITY 4

The film opens with a young woman and a teen boy arguing about her not being willing to show him her breasts, but that she would show everyone for an acting job; the young woman goes to the boy’s house and unzips her dress, exposing her breasts to him (we see her back), he requests to touch them, and she slaps him in the face before leaving.– In the middle of the street, an attractive young woman kisses a man and puts her leg around his waist before fleeing as he calls after her.Against a parking lot wall, a young guy and a young lady share a passionate kiss.

  1. Unidentified adolescent boys and girls sleep in a waterbed together, get up, and leave the room; a young lady observes them, goes outside the building and peers in via a window (we hear kissing noises), and appears to be disturbed by what she sees.
  2. While lying on a waterbed together (both of them dressed), he puts his hand closer to hers and places it over her covered breast (both of them are naked) (he does not touch her and she is asleep).
  3. A young woman and a young guy are walking hand in hand, and an adolescent boy appears to be jealous of their relationship.
  • A embrace between a young woman and an adolescent guy.
  • A young woman embraces an adolescent guy from behind and puts her head on his back; the youngster then walks away from her.
  • A young woman being flirted with by an older man, and she doesn’t seem to mind.

A guy walks by two ladies dressed in tennis clothes (their naked legs are visible up to their upper thighs), then turns around and pursues them, questioning them about their tennis abilities with provocative overtones, while he does so.A young woman and an adolescent guy sprint toward one other on a sidewalk, hug, and then tumble to the ground in the process (we hear a thud and they moan but do not see injuries).As they stroll, a man wraps his arm across the shoulders of a young woman.A young guy and a young lady lean over a table and come close to kissing one other (they are interrupted by a phone call).

A young woman embraces a man in order to soothe him.► During a truck driving lesson, a young lady is approached by a man who leans over her suggestively and says, ″You smell nice.″ A young lady inquires of another young women about whether an adolescent boy has approached her for sex, with the implication that he does so on a regular basis.A young lady shouts at a young man and asks him what his genitals look like, after which she inquires as to whether or not he has been circumcised by her.An over-the-phone sales pitch for a waterbed is interrupted by a teenage guy who encourages her to ″be more seductive.″ The young woman responds with provocative remarks and offers to go to the man’s residence to set up the bed and demonstrate how it works.During an audition, a young woman claims to be from Intercourse, Pennsylvania, and she is correct.

  • A guy talks about how much he enjoys sex and how he receives it on a regular basis, saying, ″It’s going to kill me one day.″ During a newspaper interview, a guy is asked about his dating habits, and he deflects the question by claiming that he is too busy to date at the time.
  • A teen boy approaches a young woman and invites her to accompany him to supper.
  • A young man engages in sexual flirtation with a young woman.
  • A teen male engages in sexual flirtation with a young woman.

During a family vacation, a teenager informs his younger brother that he has met the girl who will become his wife.An interview for an acting job takes place in which a woman asks a young woman if she would be willing to work topless, and the young woman responds affirmatively.A teenage boy tests out a waterbed in a showroom, where a young woman leans over him seductively; a man tells him that the bed will impress his lady friend.The Tail of the Cock is the name of a restaurant in London.

″Soggy Bottom Waterbeds″ is the name of a waterbed manufacturing firm.On the front page of the newspaper are advertisements for sex and sexual items, some of which include barely dressed men and women (cleavage, chests, and backs are all visible), as well as a listing for the film ″Deep Throat,″ which is featured on the back page.In this video, many tween and pre-teen boys engage in sexual acts by using their hands, mouths, and gas-can-nozzle nozzles.A young woman is smacked on the buttocks by a man as she passes past him while she is dressed (she does not react).A young woman sat next to him at a pub is the focus of a teen boy’s attention (she tells him to stop).A young lady is dressed in a bikini that displays her cleavage, naked abdomen and back, as well as her legs up to her thighs.

A young woman is dressed in a wrap-around garment that displays a lot of cleavage on the inside.T-shirts and tops worn by a young woman in various instances display her nipples because of the fabric’s transparency.In some situations, a young woman wears short skirts that expose her legs up to her mid-thighs, revealing her mid-thighs.A young lady is dressed in a low-cut garment that displays her cleavage and genitals.A young woman is dressed in a halter-top that shows her cleavage and her naked back.Image: Getty Images Unclothed images of a guy at a police station are presented (we see his bare chest, abdomen and back).

One can see tissues over the bra top of the bikini that a young woman is wearing as she collapses into her bed (indicating that the bra was stuffed with tissues).

Licorice Pizza VIOLENCE/GORE 3

A teen boy is dragged away from a teen fair by two police officers who handcuff him and take him away in a cruiser, telling him he is going to prison for murder.They speed to the station and handcuff him to a bench; a man is brought into the room to identify the boy, but he does not, and an officer unlocks his handcuffs and the boy is released.Another person who was using the petrol pump was threatened by the man who was holding the lighter in front of the pump.

  1. A guy threatens a teen boy with physical harm, as well as the child’s family, in a video posted on YouTube.
  2. In this episode, a man is taken aback when a young man at his dinner table informs him that he is an atheist after the man invites him to perform a ceremony at their Sabbath table; the young woman with whom he is dining yells at the young man (for more information, please see the Sex/Nudity category).
  3. In this scene, a woman punches and shouts at an adolescent boy for embarrassing her onstage.
  • After a young woman exposes her breasts (for additional information, please visit the Sex/Nudity category) to an adolescent boy, he asks if he may touch them, and she smacks him in the face before sashaying away and leaving.
  • A man is driving a fast automobile, and his passenger appears to be concerned.
  • Two men fight with spoons over a bar table in a crowded establishment.

With the use of a tire iron, a teenage lad pounded on the glass of a man’s automobile, breaking it.When the man starts the run, the young woman seated behind him on the motorcycle falls off the bike and onto the ground.The scene is set on a golf course with large flames burning as a man on a motorcycle revs and speeds toward the flames, jumps over them, tips the bike over and falls on the ground (he is unharmed) (she is also OK).An empty truck rolls backward down windy roads, towards a junction, and very close to a gas station where they fill the tank.

A young lady steers the vehicle as it rolls backward over winding roads (little boys in the rear of the truck grasp onto straps as they are flung around).An unidentified teen guy pushes by a young lady before starting and driving away in a car; he drives quickly and appears frightened as a young woman intervenes to prevent him from doing so.A man tosses a garbage can through a store window, smashing it, and then kicks objects around on the pavement while muttering under his breath about something else.A group of adolescent lads scream and flee from a bathroom stall as a toilet flushes water out of it.A juvenile boy and a young lady leave a hose running in the backyard of a man’s house, causing water to pour over the carpet (we do not see the result).

  • Another incident occurs when a man bumps into a pinball machine while playing and a young boy attempts to stop him until the man yells at him; the young boy picks up a young boy and takes him outside when the young boy is monopolizing a machine; and the young boy shouts at other young boys for dropping their bicycles in front of the shop’s front entrance.
  • When a young woman characterizes Krav Maga as ″military training,″ she means it is ″taught you how to stab someone in the eye out with a pen.″ At an audition, a young woman claims that her parents are no longer living.
  • During his military duty, a guy remembers flying between two bridges in Korea (it is unclear if this is a scenario from a movie or from his personal experience).
  • The film has several moments in which an adolescent boy and a young lady are shown fleeing for various reasons.

A gas crisis, oil embargoes, and lengthy lines of automobiles waiting for petrol are all reported, as does an incident involving Israelis and Palestinians.There is also a report of problems between Israelis and Palestinians.When his automobile runs out of petrol, a guy shouts and tosses a gas canister onto the ground.A guy records a television ad in which he discusses the importance of property ownership and political corruption.

We’ve heard that pinball has been forbidden in the state of California.In an argument with a teenage male, the young lady claims that if he smokes a pack of cigarettes, he would throw up; she says, ″Your breath smells,″ he responds, ″You’re ancient,″ and she replies, ″I’m cooler than you.″ Two guys disagree about their relationship taking a backseat to the dreams of one of them to become a politician.When speaking to his Japanese wife, a man adopts a Japanese accent to convey his feelings (he does not speak the language).According to a man speaking to a young woman, ″Two of my best Black friends were beheaded in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.″ In an interview, a woman tells a young woman, ″You have a really Jewish nose,″ referring to her ethnicity.After an unpleasant meal with a young man as a guest, a young woman rants at her father and her sister, who are both there.When his daughter arrives late for dinner, a father screams at her.

After an adolescent guy was arrested and transported to the police station, but later freed, a young lady shouts at him and shoves him.″You’re not meant to question a female her age,″ a young lady tells an adolescent guy who inquired about her age.″You’re not supposed to ask a girl her age,″ she continues.A adolescent male dials a young woman’s phone number and doesn’t say anything; she tells him she can hear someone breathing on the other end of the line.A young woman makes a phone call to an adolescent guy and breathes into the phone receiver while she speaks.A young woman taunts an adolescent guy who is seated across from her at a restaurant by sticking her tongue out.

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Licorice Pizza LANGUAGE 9

– There are about 43 F-words and their variants.6 mild obscenities (such as actor, braggart, man, little hustler, old lady), 6 mild obscenities, name-calling (such as little Robert Goulet and Albert Einstein), exclamations (such as shut up and blew it), 6 religious profanities (GD), 2 religious exclamations (such as shut up and blew it), 6 religious profanities (GD), 6 religious exclamations (such as shut up and blew it), 6 religious profanities (such

Licorice Pizza SUBSTANCE USE

One clip features two young ladies smoking marijuana cigarettes, another features a young lady saying that she is so high that she believes someone gave her something, and a third features a juvenile guy questioning whether or not he should offer their potential clients LSD (the teen tells him to stick to marijuana).An drunken young woman is served a martini by an inebriated male in a restaurant, a 15-year-old boy is shown sitting at a bar (he orders sodas), individuals bring cocktails onto a golf course, a man downs a glass of booze, and people smoke and drink in many bar scenes.In numerous scenes throughout the film, men smoke cigarettes.

  1. A man smokes during an audition, another man smokes while driving, people smoke at restaurants, one woman smokes in her dressing room, another woman smokes in her office, a teenage boy lights and smokes a cigarette and blows smoke into a young woman’s face, and a gentleman smokes a cigar in a bar.


In this episode, we talk about first love and jealousy; ambition; fate; hope; the 1973 gas crisis; disillusionment; racism; sexism; divorce; homophobia; Krav Maga; integrity; politics; and secrets.

Licorice Pizza MESSAGE

– Friendship has the potential to develop into love.Please keep in mind that, while we make every effort to prevent spoilers, it is difficult to keep all facts hidden, and some may expose critical story aspects.Several editorial changes have occurred since we began covering films in 1992, and earlier reviews may not be as thorough and accurate as more current ones.

  1. We want to examine and revise previous reviews as resources and time allow.
  2. In addition to the theatrically released versions of films, on video there are frequently Unrated versions, Special editions, Director’s Cuts, and Extended versions (which are typically clearly labeled but occasionally mislabeled) that contain additional content, which we did not examine.

Licorice Pizza (2021)

  • What is the severity? 37 66 51 26 We were unable to submit your assessment due to technical difficulties. Please try your search again later.
  • In addition to implied verbal references to the adult film business, there are also additional references to penises (circusmised jokes), vaginas, and coarse references to sex, handjobs, and female genitals.
  • During a chat between an adolescent guy and his adult female buddy, the latter expresses interest in her boobs, and the former requests that she display them to him several times. Finally, she accepts, and she removes her garment to reveal her breasts in front of the camera while her bare back is towards the camera. There’s no nudity, but it’s a little weird. He asks her whether he is allowed to touch them, and she declines.
  • A little child examines a section of a newspaper that advertises sexual flicks. Photographs of the phrases ″deepthroat″ and a porn hiring advertisement in the newspaper are shown up close.
  • An adolescent kid of 15 years old pursues an intimate connection with a 25-year-old adult lady in this coming-of-age narrative about growing up. Although there is no explicit sexual content in this film, there is hand holding, kissing, and several strong sexual innuendos.
  • A woman on the other end of the phone line makes repeated crass and forceful comments to sex in the context of wet beds vocally.
  • Alana is walking down the street when an elderly gentleman for whom she works slaps her behind.
  • The presence of sexual interaction between an underage male and an underage girl is inferred. When Alana is on the phone, she speaks in veiled terms about her vagina being moist.
  • In one particularly extended scene, Alana is seen wandering about in a bikini in broad daylight. Both her butt cheeks and cleavage are clearly visible in this picture.
  • Through the course of the film, Alana, the primary female character, dresses in crop tops and shorts that are too short. Her clothes frequently expose her naked midriff, plenty of cleavage, and her whole thighs and thighs in several of them.
  • There is a scenario in which a bunch of adolescent lads pretend that the nozzles of gas cans are penises, and the situation is rather amusing. With the nozzles in hand, they hump each other while also pretending to masturbate each other and giving them a handjob.
  • A teenage lad hires a random woman to dress in a bikini and lie on a waterbed at an exhibition.
  • On live television, a teenage boy makes a veiled remark regarding female anatomy. He refers to himself as a ″beaver.″
  • Since Alana doesn’t wear a bra throughout the whole film, her nipples are clearly visible through her blouse in several situations, beginning with the very first scene.

Violence & Gore

  • What is the severity? 52 14 5 2 We were unable to submit your assessment due to technical difficulties. Please try your search again later.
  • A guy threatens a little kid with the death of his sibling if he does not do the assignment properly.


  • Severity? 6 14 44 34 6 14 44 34 We were unable to submit your assessment due to technical difficulties. Please try your search again later.
  • There are 43 instances of the word ″fuck,″ as well as various usage of the words ″ass,″ ″shit,″ and ″damn.″
  • When Jon Peters speaks, he nearly always includes the word ″fuck″ or another expletive in his speech.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • What is the severity? 4 50 18 1 We were unable to submit your assessment due to technical difficulties. Please try your search again later.
  • Teenagers are shown using marijuana, and characters make reference to LSD. However, no one makes use of it.
  • There are several sequences in which characters consume pot, and other individuals may be seen smoking weed in the background of other scenes.
  • A lady who claims to be ″high″ is shown dancing while under the influence.
  • Almost every scene has a significant amount of cigarette and cigar smoking. A large number of minor people, as well as the bulk of the main characters, smoke cigarettes in the film. In addition, the primary character (a 15-year-old) smokes cigarettes on many occasions.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • What is the severity? 44 17 4 6 We were unable to submit your assessment due to technical difficulties. Please try your search again later.
  • Cheating, disagreement, and fear are some of the issues that are discussed.
  • In various scenes, a guy can be seen looking at the female protagonist, who eventually discovers and confronts him.


The things in the Parents Guide section below may include spoilers for crucial story moments.

Licorice Pizza (2021)

A lady requests to inspect a man’s penis whether he has been circumcised in order to determine if he is Jewish.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A scene in which someone drives a motorcycle through a blaze.
  • In this case, a guy is detained for no apparent cause, but he is quickly released.

Licorice Pizza Movie Review

Despite its seeming lack of ambition, Paul Thomas Anderson’s delightfully hazy, sunny dramedy is arguably his funniest film to date, and its relaxed and rambling style puts it above some of his more demanding works.The name Licorice Pizza is derived from a well-known record store in that era and location, and although the store itself does not appear in the film, it contains a large number of pop and rock songs that may have been purchased there.Throughout the movie, a procession of character actors flow in and out of the background, sometimes for seemingly no reason, like when a film director (Tom Waits) encourages a drunken actor (Sean Penn) to ride his motorbike over a campfire.

  1. As a pretentious Hollywood power guy, Bradley Cooper has a particularly humorous moment in which he appears.
  2. In the same way that Anderson’s Punch-Drunk Love and Phantom Thread revolve on their two key characters and their fluctuating relationship dynamics, the universe of Licorice Pizza does as well (even if the mood is closer to Boogie Nights or Inherent Vice).
  3. Gary reminds me a lot of Max Fischer from Wes Anderson’s Rushmore: a sophisticated, smooth-talking adult stuck in an inelegant child’s body who is capable of convincing anyone into doing anything.
  • When Alana (a real-life member of the pop group HAIM) has to drive downhill in a gasless delivery truck, it’s exhilarating to watch her do it.
  • She’s also resourceful and determined, as evidenced by the exhilarating sequence in which she coolly pilots a gasless delivery truck downhill through the city.
  • However, despite the fact that the film’s events are scattered and scarcely linked, the ultimate outcome is still emotionally impactful.

Perhaps the title of the book provides a hint as to its core subject.What is the significance of the title Licorice Pizza?What’s the harm in trying?

‘Licorice Pizza’ Review: California Dreaming and Scheming

Paul Thomas Anderson returns to the San Fernando Valley for his newest film, a shaggy 1970s comedy about a self-important adolescent and a remarkable female lead.The date of publication is November 25, 2021.The most recent update was made on January 13, 2022.

  1. Pizza with Licorice Paul Thomas Anderson is in charge of the direction.
  2. Comedy, drama, and romance are all genres.
  3. The time is R2h 13m.


It takes place in a dreamy 1973 world of bared midriffs and swinging hair, failures and pretenders, in Paul Thomas Anderson’s shaggy, fitfully wonderful caper ″Licorice Pizza.″ It takes place in Encino, a Los Angeles suburb in the shadow of Hollywood that has been the setting for films such as ″It’s a Wonderful Life″ and ″Boogie Nights,″ Anderson’s breakthrough feature about an aspiring pornographic star’s ascent to popularity.When it comes to ″Licorice Pizza,″ which is a coming-of-age romance in which no one grows up, there is DNA from both old and new Hollywood.Gary Valentine (Cooper Hoffman, son of Philip Seymour Hoffman), another typical striver, is the film’s implausible young hero.

  1. Gary is a 15-year-old kid entertainer who has reached the pinnacle of teenage awkwardness and is aging out of his professional specialty.
  2. He is still performing, but he has begun to branch out into other areas.
  3. Despite this, even when he embarks on questionable new projects, his confidence in himself stays firm, allowing him to maintain a bright grin and a smooth demeanor.
  • When it comes to Americans, deranged optimism and self-importance come as standard fare, and if Gary’s self-assurance weren’t so tragically overstated — and if Anderson hadn’t been in such a foul mood — he would be a figure of tragedy rather than comedy.
  • Anderson always maintains a sense of distance from his characters, allowing you to see their unadorned imperfections, which may be both inconsequential and defining in their development.
  • He loves them with the passion that any director would have for them.

However, his fondness for Gary is unique, as extravagant as that of a spoilt child, and his enthusiasm for the character is a piece of the warm nostalgic glow that he injects into ″Licorice Pizza,″ blunting its edges and diminishing the overall effect of the picture as a result.The discrepancy between what you see in Gary and what he sees in himself makes Gary a difficult figure to grasp, but it also makes him more intriguing.Gary makes errors and bluffs his way through life, finding success and failure along the way, all propelled by a sense of self-importance that, like one of the earthquake fault lines running beneath the city, threatens to send the entire thing tumbling down at any moment.Even if Gary outstays his welcome, this volatility is a good fit for the show’s freewheeling, episodic format.

High-school lads are preening in a washroom as long lines of kids snake out of the building as the film starts on picture day.An amusingly portentous cherry bomb bursts in a toilet, and Gary is soon smitten with Alana (Alana Haim, the rock singer), who is working as an assistant for a weirdo who is photographing the kids.The photographer gives her a swat on the behind.Gary, on the other hand, is more of a romantic.A lightning moment occurs when Alana knocks him unconscious and he quickly falls in love with her, a moment that Anderson commemorates with a prodigious tracking shot that energises both the camera and the story’s emotions.

  • Gary has met the woman he intends to marry, even if she is unaware of this fact at the time.
  • Anderson maintains a wonderful flow with the camera and the characters as they go on tiny and huge excursions of various intrigue.
  • Gary’s entrepreneurial hustle, which takes him all across the nabe and occasionally beyond, is the catalyst for the majority of these opportunities.
  • A viciously humorous stand-in for Lucille Ball (Christine Ebersole) threatens to castrate him in a play where he upstages her.

He wanders into pubs and restaurants, stores and audition rooms, and shouts out a melody (not really, but the rage is real).He engages in a jousting match with his adversary (Skyler Gisondo), a little smoothie who slips into his cups like Dean Martin, which is as sleazy and stupid as it sounds.As well, Gary is busted, launches a few enterprises, flees from the authorities, and eventually ends up in Alana’s arms, which remain open as consistently as a late-night cafe.


Alana, the star of ″Licorice Pizza,″ is one of the show’s most seductive characters.A magnificent invention, as down-to-earth and genuine as a buddy who grew up in the Valley and as magical as a Hollywood dream girl, she is a delight to see.Gary’s school is seen in long shot as Alana first enters through the doors, and Anderson makes sure to portray her dissatisfied and drooping, her hair and skirts softly in rhythm with the music.

  1. Despite the fact that this is Haim’s debut film, she has the confidence and presence of a seasoned actor.
  2. Their humanizing lack of vanity, as well as her wide variety of expressions — she can empty and fill her face with the ease of a water tap — are critical, partly because she is a treat to watch and partly because Hoffman is an incredibly limited foil.
  3. Alana decides to go on a date with Gary for reasons that are only known to her.
  • This marks the beginning of a relationship that makes no sense, but one that Anderson thoroughly loves.
  • She is perhaps ten years older than Gary, if not more.
  • In spite of his young age and height, he possesses a swagger and a belly protruding over his belt that suggest the potential used car salesman he may one day be.
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However, he is still a child.″Do you think it’s strange,″ Alana inquires of her sister, who is smoking a joint, ″that I spend so much time with Gary and his friends?″ Alana’s sister agrees.Alana believes it is strange (and she is correct), but her beliefs have no influence on the tale, and she is constantly bent to fit Gary’s and Anderson’s demands, which do not involve psychological reality in any form.Anderson had a number of questions for Haim, including the following: He makes certain that her nipples are on full display beneath her blouse and parades her about in a bikini while everyone else is dressed.

These scenes are in keeping with some of the more irritating clichés that he incorporates, much as a studio hack may have done back in the day while having a witless chuckle in his voice.It includes an overly flattering secretary who is a mincing cliché, as well as a white restaurant owner who speaks in terrible English and is from Japan.Anderson employs these clichés without commenting on their usage, which is a remark on the use of stereotypes in general, and with just enough timing and care to make it evident that he is having a good time playing with modern perceptions.These scenes are cheap and stupid, and they add nothing to a film that throws a great deal at the audience in an alternating scattershot and lasered effect: the OPEC oil crisis, water beds, the silhouette of palm trees against a night sky, and the kind of stars who no longer shine brightly are just a few examples.When it comes to living in a company town like Los Angeles, Anderson does an excellent job of capturing what it’s like to be in the business, appear to be in the business, or want to be in the business, and how everyone, whether it’s Gary or the faded and midlevel stars idling in the neighborhood joint, is clinging to Hollywood and its promise.

  • There, Sean Penn bursts in the door as an old-school studio heiress, as Tom Waits and his cohorts smile on the sidelines.
  • The entire time, Alana remains enraged and enraged, continuously lighting up Gary and the picture with a brightness comparable to Fourth of July fireworks, even as the tale sags and veers and collects and loses pace here and there.
  • There are times when Alana isn’t sure what to do with herself other than chase after her, and it’s a particular disappointment that, while Anderson makes her an object of love and passion, he neglects to explore her sexual desire in any depth.
  • Alana may be missing, but she is not dead, just the opposite in fact.

She is a lady who is conscious of her own attractiveness as well as of the rest of the world.However, she is as virginal and safe as a teen-comedy heroine when it comes to her libidinous life.She doesn’t even ask Gary to please her, as if he wouldn’t know what to do in such situation.Alana is deserving of better, for God’s sake!

Even the Hollywood producer based on the real-life Jon Peters (played by the amazing Bradley Cooper) is well aware of it (well, maybe not Gary…).A kilo of cocaine (presumably) up his nose, Peters comes after Gary begins a water bed company, resplendently fuzzed with a white shirt framing his chest hair and a white shirt framing his chest hair.The business is a lengthy and not particularly interesting one, but Peters, who is currently seeing Barbra Streisand, is desperate for a bed, and he wants it soon.This sets off a spectacular action in which Alana, who is, of course, assisting Gary with the running of the show, takes the wheel of a massive moving truck.Alana is a natural, a genius, Streisand, Andretti, a California goddess, and as she brakes, slows, and accelerates, she provides you with a picture of perfection and ″Licorice Pizza″ with the driver it needs to be successful.Pizza with Licorice The film is rated R for its use of stereotypes, profanity, and teen high jinks.

The film has a running duration of 2 hours 13 minutes.It’s playing in cinemas.

‘Licorice Pizza’ review: Philip Seymour Hoffman’s son stars in 2021’s best movie

Review of the film The film has a running duration of 133 minutes.The film is rated R.(language, sexual material and some drug use).

  1. The film will be released on November 26th.
  2. It was always going to be an emotional event to witness Cooper Hoffman, the late Philip Seymour Hoffman’s son, make his acting debut in his father’s film.
  3. His father, an Academy Award-winning genius, passed away in 2014.
  • What we couldn’t have predicted was that Cooper’s debut performance (he’s so new that his IMDB profile doesn’t even have a photo yet) would be one of the greatest of the year in ″Licorice Pizza,″ which is undoubtedly the best film of the year in Paul Thomas Anderson’s excellent direction.
  • This adorable youngster should be nominated for an Academy Award, but we’re too preoccupied with the big names right now.
  • Let’s get this straightened up.

″Licorice Pizza″ is a film that you will remember for a long time after the credits have rolled.An entirely original and continually surprise coming-of-age story that is both gently emotional and knock-down, drag-out hilarious.The writing is flawless in every way.The cinematography is vibrant and full of detail.

The film is a highlight reel of outstanding performances.I wanted to rewind and watch it again as soon as the credits rolled after it ended.When it comes to Hoffman, the director of ″Boogie Nights,″ who is deathly opposed to producing poor pictures, has found the right combination of role and performer.In ″Risky Business″ and ″Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,″ he provides a youthful performance on par with Tom Cruise’s or Matthew Broderick’s, but — and I appreciate the gravity of this statement — he goes far deeper than either of those actors did as teenagers.Gary Valentine, a 15-year-old Cyrano de Bergerac/Harold Hill/Doogie Howser hybrid living in 1973 California, is played by Hoffman.

  • A sweet old soul, he performs in minor cinema parts and utilizes the money he earns to fund bizarre side ventures.
  • For example, he owns a public relations agency for local eateries and plans to start a water bed store.
  • Gary frequents the Tail ‘o the Cock, an Old Hollywood-style cafe that can still be found in Palm Springs, where he sits at the bar and chit-chats with the maitre ‘d while nursing a Coke like it’s pure gin on most evenings.
  • Once again, the smooth-talker is only 15 years old.

Gary meets Alana (Alana Haim), a yearbook headshot photographer, one day at school and strikes up a conversation with her, eventually obtaining her phone number.It is here that one of the most remarkable and intricate on-screen romances in recent memory begins.On paper, the age disparity between the two people causes you to raise your brows.But it is our conflicted sentiments about the gap, along with the performers’ wonderful chemistry, that makes the film so compelling and subtly effective.

The second significant concern on everyone’s mind is whether or not Haim can act.She is well-known for being a member of the pop music group Haim (both of her sisters and parents are in the movie, too).Answer: Oh, absolutely, she certainly can.Alana is experiencing what millennials are referring to as a ″quarter-life crisis.″ She is reaching her thirties, has no career or romantic prospects, and continues to live with her mother and father.Haim takes a character’s gloomy existence and transforms it into something charming, relatable, and human in the process.This Anderson does exactly what another Anderson (Wes) failed to do earlier this year in ″The French Dispatch″: he gets it right.

The supporting cast includes Sean Penn, Bradley Cooper (who is unhinged and hysterical as Barbra Streisand’s ex-husband Jon Peters), John C.Reilly, Maya Rudolph, and Harriet Harris (whose line ″you’re a fighter!″ will have you howling).The cast list, on the other hand, is not a gimmick, and no one is getting paid.They build epics out of two-minute cameos, in contrast to the A-list actors who appeared in ″Dispatch″ and each uttered one repetitive line and then called an Uber.The work of the filmmaker is very pleasing to the sight.He frequently returns to the 1970s in his films, which is fortunate because he is one of the few directors working now who can depict that intriguing decade in the nasty, evil, and decadent manner that it deserves.

However, Anderson should be commended for taking a chance on a rookie to play his wonderfully crafted leading character.It has finally paid off.

Licorice Pizza (2021)

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Licorice Pizza

Paul Thomas Anderson is the director.United Artists Releasing is in charge of distribution.Are you concerned about your child?

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  2. To learn more about the Licorice Pizza Parents Guide movie, please read the entire article, which will provide you with information about the movie’s age classification.
  3. The following is included in the article.
  • What is the movie’s appropriateness for children?
  • When it will be released, as well as what the true meaning of the age rating is, are both unknown.
  • Licorice Pizza: A Parent’s Guide to the Recipe


Paul Thomas Anderson wrote the screenplay and directed the film Licorice Pizza, which is an American drama film. Paul Thomas Anderson, Sara Murphy, JoAnne Sellar, and Daniel Lupi collaborated on the production. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Bron Creative, and Ghoulardi Film Company are among the production firms involved. United Artists Releasing is in charge of distribution.

Official Image of Movie 

Licorice Pizza is the title of the film. Paul Thomas Anderson is in charge of the direction. Rating based on age – R Genre – Drama, Comedy Aspect Ratio – Scope and Sequence (2.35:1) The film will be released on November 26, 2021. (United States) Untitled is another name for this work. Paul Thomas Anderson’s full name is Paul Thomas Anderson. The project’s official language is English.

Tips for Parents Guides | Licorice Pizza Age Rating

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The runtime of the Movie

The movie, Licorice Pizza, has a running duration of 2 hours and 13 minutes.

Licorice Pizza Movie Age Rating & Content Info

Please keep in mind that we have not seen this film. Data from government and industry-sponsored film classification authorities in various geographical locations was used to compile the information shown below, which is a summary of what was learned. Language, sexual content, and some drug usage are included in the R-rating for Licorice Pizza.

Synopsis of the Movie Licorice Pizza  

Licorice Pizza tells the story of Alana Kane and Gary Valentine as they grow up, wander around the streets of the San Fernando Valley, and eventually fall in love there in 1973. The film, which was written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, follows a couple as they navigate the hazardous waters of former love.

The movie Licorice Pizza includes:-

  • Profanity
  • sexual references
  • mild nudity
  • mild use of alcoholic beverages
  • crude sexual gestures
  • nothing alarming
  • marijuana usage
  • drug use
  • strong language
  • smoking cannabis
  • Licorice Pizza Parents Guide For their Kids.

What’s the Meaning of the R Age Rating?

Children under the age of 17 must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian, according to the R rating system. Having a R rating indicates that the film includes adult content such as sexually explicit material, coarse language, graphic violence, drug abuse, and nudity.

Release date of Licorice Pizza movie

Licorice Pizza is a movie that will be released on November 26, 2021. (USA).

Official picture & the trailer

Who is in the cast of Licorice Pizza?

  • Mr. Jack
  • Mr. Jack’s wife, Lucille Doolittle
  • Mr. Jack’s father, Mr. Jack
  • Mr. Jack’s son, Mr. Jack
  • Mr. Jack’s father, Mr. Jack
  • Mr. Jack’s father, Mr. Jack
  • Mr. Jack’s father, Mr. Jack
  • Mr. Jack’s father, Mr. Jack
  • Mr. Jack’s father, Mr. Jack
  • Mr. Jack’s father, Mr. Jack
  • Mr. Jack’s father,

These age ratings are intended to give direction to customers, particularly parents, in determining whether a film is appropriate for their children or not.and Age ratings are systems that are used to guarantee that entertainment content, such as video games, but also films, television shows, and television series, is clearly labeled with a minimum age recommendation depending on the content that is included inside them.You may also assist us and other parents by leaving a comment in our Comment section.

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‘Licorice Pizza’: Paul Thomas Anderson’s 1970s ensemble film never stops entertaining

From ″Boogie Nights″ to ″Magnolia,″ and on to ″There Will Be Blood″ and ″Phantom Thread,″ writer-director Paul Thomas Anderson has created some of the most immersive and masterful works of the last quarter-century, solidifying his position as one of the great filmmakers of his generation.″Magnolia″ is one of the most immersive and masterful works of the last quarter-century.We can’t wait to see ″Licorice Pizza″ again because we know we’re going to appreciate it even more the second time around.

  1. The 1970s period-piece comedy/drama ″Licorice Pizza″ never fails to delight us and never fails to hit the right note.
  2. Is it obvious that I enjoyed this film?
  3. Because it is a revisionist piece of entertainment history, ″Licorice Pizza″ evokes images of ″Once Upon A Time in Hollywood,″ in that it includes both real-life individuals and wholly imaginary ones.
  • Nonetheless, the most obvious influences are films by directors Hal Ashby (″Shampoo″) and Robert Altman (″Short Cuts,″ ″The Player″), as Anderson once again demonstrates his uncanny ability to weave multiple ongoing storylines into a cohesive, exhilarating, and astonishingly authentic big-picture story.
  • Anderson has a unique ability to bring out the best in everyone he works with, whether they are seasoned veterans or bright and sparkling newbies to the company.
  • ″Licorice Pizza″ opens on Yearbook Photo Day at a local high school in the sun-drenched San Fernando Valley of the Nixon era, complete with bell bottoms and sideburns and mini-skirts and long hair and waterbeds and pinball machines, and with needle drops such as ″Peace Frog″ by the Doors, ″If You Could Read My Mind″ by Gordon Lightfoot, ″Let Me Roll It″ by Paul McCartney and Wings, and ″Lisa The film introduces us to Gary Valentine (Cooper Hoffman, son of frequent Anderson collaborator Philip Seymour Hoffman), a 15-year-old with strawberry-coiffed hair and a pimply face who is trying to hustle a date with the photographer’s assistant, Alana Kane (musician Alana Haim).
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Yes, this would almost certainly never be a plot point in a major motion picture if the genders were reversed, but in Anderson’s hands, the potential romance never Despite Alana’s dismissive attitude toward Gary’s advances, reminding him that he is still a child, she is intrigued by this hyperactive teenager and his talk of pursuing a career as an actor, with a handful of films, television shows, and commercials already on his resume, not to mention his grand plans for a variety of money-making ventures.During one of the many masterfully depicted set pieces in ″Licorice Pizza,″ Alana joins Gary on a trip to New York to see a live cast reunion of the screwball comedy ″Under One Roof″ — a parallel-universe sequel to Lucille Ball’s 1968 comedy ″Yours, Mine, and Ours″ — as Gary’s chaperone.This film is based on the experiences and tales of Anderson’s old friend, the actor and producer Gary Goetzman, which are partially based on Anderson’s own experiences and stories.It’s a really bizarre piece of entertainment life from the early 1970s that’s worth seeing.

Gary and Alana wander in and out of one other’s lives over an undefined amount of time, with Gary still yearning for romance and Alana considering Gary to be her platonic best friend — until she ultimately contemplates a true relationship with this eccentric, one-of-a-kind individual.Anderson provides a slew of fantastically entertaining subplots, ranging from a dinner at Alana’s house (with Haim’s real-life siblings and parents playing Alana’s family) to the nascent political campaign of real-life Los Angeles politician Joel Wachs (Benny Safdie) to Bradley Cooper’s Oscar-nominated extended cameo as the hairdresser-turned-producer Jon Peters, who is portrayed here as a man The profusion of dramatic richness continues with Sean Penn’s appearance as a spiritual cousin to the character played by Leonardo DiCaprio in ″Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,″ which also features a side dish of William Holden as well.The macho actor does a death-defying motorbike stunt on the Van Nuys Golf Course in front of a throng that has gathered outside a restaurant where he had just finished eating.) Another subplot in ″Licorice Pizza,″ performed by John Michael Higgins, has sparked a great deal of controversy even before the film’s general release, since it concerns a bigoted restaurateur who has a string of Japanese spouses and talks with an exaggerated, obnoxious Asian accent.It was at the press screening for ″Licorice Pizza″ that I laughed AT this guy rather than WITH him, since he was such an outrageously caricature.

  • However, I can absolutely appreciate and respect people who believe the character is exploitative and plays into racial stereotypes, but I thought it was a realistic representation of a naïve moron as seen through the lens of the era (1970s).
  • In addition to having first-rate production values and a gloriously memory-drenched 35mm cinematography, ″Licorice Pizza″ is a visual feast brimming with razor-sharp dialogue, hilarious comedic vignettes, brilliant performances from Cooper Hoffman and Alana Haim, as well as the veteran, star-studded supporting cast, and a genuine sense of human warmth.
  • This is one of the greatest films of the year 2021, in my opinion.

Licorice Pizza movie review & film summary (2022)

A vision of the 1970s San Fernando Valley, captured in ″Licorice Pizza″ by Paul Thomas Anderson is so dreamlike and full of promise that it appears as if it could not possibly have been in the real world at all.As the day changes to night, it’s a location where anything may happen, thanks to its extended magic-hour walk-and-talks and its feeling of adventure around every corner and down every block.Despite this, there is an undeniable undertone of danger lurking underneath the surface of this joyous, whimsical daydream.

  1. It’s in the music, composed by Anderson’s longtime collaborator, the amazing Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood, and it serves to put you on the verge of losing your mind.
  2. It’s shining brightly in the searchlights outside the grand opening of a pinball parlor on Ventura Boulevard, appealing to the heavens at all hours.
  3. Furthermore, it’s in the big, bombastic moments where Bradley Cooper and Sean Penn, both of whom go all-in on their supporting roles, steal the show.
  • As the day fades into night, anything may happen—but are you prepared to deal with it?
  • Anderson has a strong connection to this location because it is where he grew up and where he still resides now.
  • With its sprawling suburbs and uninspiring strip shops, the Valley holds a special place in his heart and is tangible to those who know him.

In addition, this is the location of my childhood—I grew up in Woodland Hills, which is just a few miles down the 101 Freeway from where the events in ″Licorice Pizza″ take place, and I have vivid memories of the Southern California record shop chain that serves as the film’s title.(I used to frequent the one on Topanga Canyon Boulevard in Canoga Park, which was across the street from Topanga Plaza when I was a youngster.) He’s already taken us on a tour of this region in a few of the great, early films that helped put him on the map (″Boogie Nights″ and ″Magnolia″), but in ″Licorice Pizza,″ he takes a more delicate approach to the subject matter.Anderson has harnessed all of the exciting, muscular tactics that have become his directing hallmarks, as well as his love of high drama that he has developed as a writer, and put them to creating a narrative that is pleasantly surprising.It’s also completely unpredictable from one scene to the next, thanks to Anderson’s brilliant transitions from outrageous humor to poignant romance, with a handful of actual action sequences tossed in for good measure.

It meanders in the greatest possible way: you’re never sure where it’s going, but you can’t wait to find out where it’s going to end up, and when it’s finished, you’ll wish it hadn’t come to an end so quickly.Despite the fact that the credits were about to roll, I had no inclination to get up from my seat and leave the theater because I had become so enchanted by the film’s warm, nostalgic enchantment.Moreover, Anderson has provided us with the most magnificent mentors in the form of Alana Haim and Cooper Hoffman, who are both making their feature film debuts.″Licorice Pizza″ will undoubtedly elevate them to superstardom, and with good reason.In addition to being the son of the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, Hoffman has a long and successful association with Anderson, which has resulted in some of Anderson’s most defining work, ranging from the sorrowful (″Boogie Nights″) to the horrific (″The Master″).

  • Hoffman is a totally different person from his father in terms of appearance and temperament (he exudes an infectious, childlike optimism), yet he possesses the same captivating film presence as his father.
  • Haim, on the other hand, is a straight-up movie star.
  • She possesses that ″something″: a brilliant, captivating aura that makes it hard to take your gaze away from her at all times.
  • She’s the youngest of the three sisters who make up the indie rock band HAIM—they’ve had a long and profitable association with Anderson, who has directed numerous of their music videos—and she’s got perfect comic timing as well as a knack for making brilliant decisions.

Together, she and Hoffman have a quick chemistry that’s reminiscent of classic screwball comedies, yet they also appear to be completely at ease in this ’70s milieu.The inclusion of Haim’s sisters, Danielle and Este, who play Alana’s sisters, contributes to the genuineness of the production.And their real-life parents appear as their characters’ parents, which culminates in a hilarious shabbat meal scene on a Friday night.We haven’t even gotten started on the storyline, but that isn’t really the goal of this discussion.

The film ″Licorice Pizza″ is a romantic comedy in which Alana played by Haim and Gary played by Hoffman are seen running around the Valley, starting various businesses, flirting, pretending that they don’t care about each other, and potentially falling for other people to avoid falling for each other.One thing: she’s 25 and he’s 15, and they happen to meet cute at his high school, where she’s assisting the photographers on picture day when they first meet.Why this amorphous relationship works is because a) it is incredibly chaste, b) she is somewhat stunted at the beginning of the film, and c) Anderson correctly demonstrates early on that Gary possesses confidence and intellect well above his years.All of the grownups Gary comes into contact with take him seriously and treat him as an equal, in a manner that is reminiscent of Max Fischer’s character in ″Rushmore.″ One of the reasons for his maturity is his long-standing role as an actor in children’s films (and the character of Gary is based on Tom Hanks’ longstanding producing partner Gary Goetzman, who was also an actor in his childhood).As a result, when he meets Alana and is immediately taken with her, he exudes such self-assurance and greets her in such a straightforward manner that she can’t help but be lured into his world.The film is structured around their ever-changing relationship, but ″Licorice Pizza″ is truly about this young woman’s voyage of self-discovery, as she tries on various occupations and attire, as well as different priorities and personalities, to find what works for her.

(Award-winning ″Phantom Thread″ costume designer Mark Bridges creates a look for her that is completely different for each circumstance.) From Dirk Diggler to Reynolds Woodcock, Anderson has primarily focused his attention on male characters throughout his career; therefore, to see him direct the vast majority of his immense artistic instincts toward a female character is only part of what makes ″Licorice Pizza″ such a welcome breath of fresh air.Alana’s optimism is unwavering, but the reality of living as a young woman in Los Angeles—or, for that matter, anywhere in the world—continues to raise its head.Perhaps it’s an invasive talk with an agent while she’s thinking about pursuing a career as an actor.Alternatively, it might be a midnight motorcycle trip with a considerably older movie star (Penn, as a William Holden figure, gets to be unusually charming).When Cooper plays Jon Peters, a real-life hairdresser turned producer who once dated Barbra Streisand, he comes across as much more obvious source of danger.Cooper absolutely tears it up in just a couple of scenes, and does so in an entertaining and ferocious way that is both funny and ferocious at the same time.

In this crowded ensemble, there are many performers who stand out for their performances.(Christine Ebersole, Skyler Gisondo, Benny Safdie, Joseph Cross, and Tom Waits are among the many actors that stand out for their performances.) Peters’ presence in this location is critical to the whole narrative of Hollywood’s dominance in this time and place.When I saw Gary, I was reminded of so many of the kids I grew up with: they had agents and headshots, they got to leave school early to go to auditions, and they had parents who would schlep them all over town in order to chase their dreams of becoming celebrities.Instead, Gary just takes that initiative and channels it into a variety of undertakings, with Alana finding herself thrown in to accompany him on his journey.″Boogie Nights″ opens with a lengthy tracking shot of Gary entering the Hollywood Palladium to start his waterbed firm (something Goetzman really accomplished), which is reminiscent of the beginning of ″Phantom Thread″ as well as the finale of ″Boogie Nights.″ Once again, Anderson, who is also directing the film and serving as cinematographer (this time with Michael Bauman), fills these and so many other moments with a blend of wonder and sorrow.And, as is typically the case with him, he gets a lot of details about the setting and time period accurate.

  1. A baby-blue rotary phone hanging on the kitchen wall or a sign for the rock radio station KMET perched above a gas station are examples of accurate details that never devolve into cheesy caricature.
  2. Gary does indeed reside in Sherman Oaks, but rather than in one of the more exclusive areas south of the boulevard, he lives in a humble, mid-century ranch-style home.
  3. And the gas scarcity that afflicted this time period adds even another element of stress to the characters’ already high levels of anxiety as they attempt to make their place in the world.
  4. Anderson does not beat us over the head with geopolitical reasons, but instead shows Gary jogging in slow motion past lengthy lines of automobiles at the gas stations, with David Bowie’s ″Life on Mars?″ playing in the background as a dramatic choice of music.
  5. Nonetheless, at the end of the film, an achingly romantic tone has returned, as has the feeling that, despite the fact that we may not have arrived anywhere in our wanderings, we have just witnessed the best film of the year.
  6. On sale in certain locations beginning November 26th and nationwide beginning December 25th.
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Licorice Pizza (2022)

The film is rated R for profanity, sexual content, and a little amount of drug usage. 133 minutes are allotted. 10 minutes have passed. 28 minutes have passed. Approximately 17 hours and 28 minutes ago

For Licorice Pizza’s Christmas Release, Some Theaters Left Out in the Cold

  • Pizza with Licorice In a time when art-house cinema theaters were already faltering due to the epidemic, the broad release of Paul Thomas Anderson’s critically acclaimed Licorice Pizza on December 25 was hailed as a gift from the heavens.
  • When the picture premiered in just four theaters in late November, it achieved the best per-screen average of the year (at $83,852) and proceeded to demonstrate staying power in its subsequent weeks of limited distribution.
  • The picture was taken from hundreds of locations last Tuesday, just as cinemas were getting ready to promote their Christmas openings.
  • At least one exhibitor exclaimed, ″bah, humbug!″ United Artists Releasing was the company that yanked the film.
  • According to Indiewire, the film was originally scheduled to be released on over 2,000 screens, but the company changed its mind and cut the distribution to approximately 800 cinemas, leaving theaters throughout the country scrambling to find a last-minute substitute.
  • This was quite essential to us,″ says Rachel Morgan, Creative Director of the Sidewalk Film Center + Cinema in downtown Birmi