Where Can I Buy Tombstone Roadhouse Loaded Double Down Deluxe Pizza?

The Tombstone Roadhouse line of pizzas are described on Tombstone’s site as, “Fully loaded with cheese and meat. An authentic tavern style pizza. Roadhouse pizzas have 50% more cheese compared to our original pizzas!”

Who bought out Tombstone pizza?

Tombstone (pizza)

An undercooked sausage and pepperoni Tombstone pizza
Product type Pizza
Owner Nestlé
Country United States
Introduced 1962

Are Tombstone frozen pizzas good?

Scoring fifth in our test was the classic Tombstone pizza. This pizza looked a little more substantial than our lower-ranked slices, and it had the perfect sauce-to-crust ratio. But the thick crust was almost too thick. Testers compared it to chunky cardboard.

Are Tombstone pizzas still made?

Yeah, that’s right, you can get a bowling alley frozen pizza. (And it’s tasty.) Wisconsin is a frozen pizza kingdom. Leading national selling brands like DiGiorno, Tombstone and Jack’s are all made here.

What size pizza is a tombstone?


What happened Tombstone pizza?

Boasting sales that exceeded $100 million in 1984, the brand was snatched up by Kraft in 1986. In 1995, Tombstone was joined by DiGiorno, which formed the cornerstone of Kraft’s frozen pizza empire (via CNBC).

How much did Tombstone pizza sell for?

In 2010, Kraft Foods sold its U.S. and Canada frozen pizza business, which includes both DiGiorno and Tombstone, to Nestle for $3.7 billion in cash.

What is the top selling frozen pizza?

Based on sales, Digiorno is the most well known frozen pizza on the market. In 2018, Digiorno was the top selling frozen pizza brand with nearly 232 million U.S. dollars in sales.

Is there a recall on DiGiorno pizza?

The products are 26-ounce cartons containing “DiGiorno Pepperoni Crispy Pan Crust” with lot code 1181510721 and “Best Buy” date of MAR2022. Products subject to recall bear establishment number “EST. 1682A” inside the USDA inspection mark. They were produced June 30, 2021.

Why is DiGiorno pizza so good?

But DiGiorno hits all the most important notes you need for a pizza. It’s doughy, and therefore more filling, and it also has a superior cheese blend in a large enough quantity that you get a big melty slice every time. Plus all that extra cheese that baked onto the edges of the crust was just heavenly.

Where is DiGiorno pizza from?

DiGiorno and Delissio are a co-owned brand of frozen pizzas sold in the United States and Canada, respectively, and are currently subsidiaries of Nestlé.


Owner Nestlé
Country United States
Introduced 1991
Markets North America
Tagline ‘It’s not delivery. It’s DiGiorno/Delissio.’

Who owns Jack’s frozen pizza?

The leader in frozen pizza, the Nestlé Pizza Division is the maker of America’s most popular pizza brands, including DIGIORNO® (the #1 frozen pizza brand), CALIFORNIA PIZZA KITCHEN®, TOMBSTONE® and JACK’S®.

How big is a DiGiorno pizza?

DiGiorno Supreme 12′ Pizza.

What is the most popular size pizza?

The most popular size of pizza in the United States is 14 inches in diameter. The average pizza is usually 14 inches in diameter with eight slices. The average pizza is also normally supposed to feed a group of four (two slices per person).

How long do Tombstone pizzas take?

Place pizza directly on center oven rack (6 to 8 inches from bottom of oven). Bake pizza for 19 to 21 minutes or until cheese is melted and edges are golden brown. Ovens may vary, adjust cooking time and oven temperature as needed. Tombstone® pizza bakes up hot.

Is a tombstone double-top pizza any good?

Tombstone double-tops are far better. I’ll stick to those. So much flavor! Great pizza! We are a pizza family and this pizza holds so much flavor. It is easy to cook for a quick and easy weeknight dinner. This is a pizza I would even use to host birthday parties or Super Bowl parties with!

Review: Tombstone Roadhouse Double Down Deluxe Pizza (New)

  1. Pizza is a favorite of ours.
  2. A great deal.
  3. However, you are well aware of this.
  4. Because you are a regular reader of our posts.
  5. Right?!
  6. The Tombstone frozen pizza was our go-to choice for a very long time.

Tombstone’s Supreme pie was included in one of our very first reviews.The new Tombstone Roadhouse pizzas were on display in the store, which we discovered.They’ve only been available for a limited period of time, so we didn’t get them immediately away.Why?As a result of our inebriation, we were forced to sleep in an alley.Or anything along those lines.

  1. There are a number of reasons for our hesitation, but we’ll get to that later.
  2. And we were never accused of being on the cutting edge of anything.
  3. We are moving at the pace of a sloth.
  4. It’s all because of the alcohol.
  5. ″Fully filled with cheese and meat,″ according to the Tombstone Roadhouse website, describes the Tombstone Roadhouse range of pizzas.

A traditional tavern-style pizza prepared with care.When compared to our traditional pizzas, our Roadhouse pizzas contain 50% more cheese!″ OK.Look, we don’t want to be a pain in Tombstone’s neck.

But, you know, seriously?This is one of the reasons we were hesitant to give these pizzas a positive assessment.″Loaded to the gills with cheese and pork.″ So, does this imply that standard Tombstone pies have just half the amount of cheese and meat as the deluxe versions and aren’t as filling?″…50 percent more cheese than our original pizzas!″ says the chef.Sooper dooper, that’s a wrap!This implies, doesn’t it, that the standard Tombstone pizzas are a little bit of a dud?

This is a level of marketing that we are unfamiliar with.In addition, what the hell does the term ″Roadhouse″ mean?In terms of this pizza, or any pizza, there is no explanation for what ″Roadhouse″ implies in terms of the name of the restaurant where it is served.When we hear the phrase ″roadhouse,″ we immediately think of a Patrick Swayze movie rather than pizza.

Despite all of this, our need to eat pizza won out, and we decided to do a review on a particular pizza.Pizza is one of our favorite foods.In addition, we owe a duty to our readers.

It is preferable to have old news than to have no news!There are four Roadhouse pizzas to choose from: the Piled High Pepperoni, the Two Meat Matchup, the Double Down Deluxe, and the Bring On The Meat (pizza with two meats).We’re not going to describe them all to you since we’re lazy.See this page for further information.We made the decision to test the Double Down Deluxe.

  1. It’s the closest thing we can find to Supreme, and we enjoy Supreme pizzas.
  2. And why do we keep using the word Supreme in all caps?
  3. We should be receiving a journalistic prize any day now…
  4. ″Premium pepperoni, Italian sausage, red and green peppers, caramelized onions, and two layers of 100 percent genuine mozzarella cheese on a crispy thin crust,″ according to the description of the Double Down Deluxe.
  5. You see, they’re caramelized onions.
  6. Fancy.
  • We went out and got one, pulled it out of the packaging (HO HO!
  • ), and here it is for your viewing pleasure…
  • When compared to standard pizzas, this one has far more cheese……………………………………
  • Additionally, the cut is different.

The components are significantly bigger and thicker (HO HO!).We have to show you something from the back label first, before we can proceed with our discussion.While looking over the cooking instructions, we came across the ″Thoughtful Portion.″ We were intrigued.As you can see, one part equals one-fifth of the whole pizza size.HA HA HO HO HO HO HO HO!

  • We’re going to devour the entire dang pizza!
  • Real Snobs consume a large amount of food.
  • A ″fresh salad″ with our pizza, on the other hand, is definitely not included!
  • What is this in the first place?
  • The day will come when firms will begin addressing REAL men (and women!) once again.
  • Ugh!

Okay, let’s get back to business…Take note of how the crust differs from the traditional Tombstone crust.It has a very narrow border around the edges.

It’s so thin that it actually rises above the cardboard foundation in several spots.Interesting.This is a good moment to remind you that these pizzas are referred to as ″tavern style″ pizzas (at least according to the website, not according to the packaging!).

  1. This is something we don’t truly understand.
  2. The term ″tavern style″ pizza refers to the manner the pizza is sliced rather than the style of the pizza itself.
  3. Rather than being sliced into wedges, ″tavern style″ is cut into squares (resembling pie slices).
  4. It is also possible to order thin crust pizza in the ″tavern style,″ which is a Chicago specialty (yes, it exists!).
  1. Given that we’ve traveled to Chicago and consumed Chicago-style thin crust pizza, we can assure you that this pizza is in no way inspired by the city’s thin crust pizza.
  2. When we look at the photographs on the packaging, the only thing that reminds us of a ″tavern style″ pizza is that the slices have been chopped into squares.
  3. Authentic!

It’s time to wrap up the lessons.Now, let’s get back to the pizza…According to the recipe, the pizza should be baked for 24-25 minutes.It wasn’t finished by the time I was 24.We cooked it for another 5 minutes to crisp up the edges even more and attempt to brown the cheese slightly, which is how we like our cheese.We made the decision to pull the plug at 29 minutes (HO HO!).

The edges were sufficiently golden.We would like the cheese a little more well-done, but we were afraid to give it longer and burn the crust.With this much cheese, it is pretty much impossible to brown up the middle.The broiler might work, but we didn’t want to risk it on our test pizza.Again, you can see the crust is very thin just at the edges.Again, it doesn’t touch the counter evenly.

  1. That said, the bottom crust isn’t ridiculously thin.
  2. It is only on the very edges that the crust is very thin.
  3. And no, we did NOT cut it into squares to make it “tavern style!” The pictures make it look like some slices have no toppings.
  4. Deception!

There are plenty of toppings, but they are under the cheese in many parts.They load quite a damn bit of cheese on these things, and the toppings get underneath it all.“Double Down” is in the name of this pizza, but it must refer to the 2 layers of cheese.We didn’t think there were more toppings on this pizza than any other.The toppings are standard fare.

We don’t see any difference from regular Tombstone pizzas.The pepperoni is pretty good.The sausage has visible fennel, but it isn’t a very strong taste.The peppers are fine.The “caramelized” onions are kind of funny.

We don’t really sense any caramelizing at all.Some pieces looked darker before cooking.Denny doesn’t sense any difference.Herman says there might be a little less harshness to the onions, but he isn’t sure.In other words, don’t put a lot of stock into the onions being “caramelized.” The toppings are fine for a frozen pizza.Nothing remarkable, but they are certainly not bad.

  • The sauce is standard Tombstone sauce.
  • It is no different.
  • The cheese is what makes the real difference here.
  • There is a ton of it.
  • Like we said, there is enough to completely cover the toppings.

And having the thick pieces of cheese really makes up a firm cohesive covering of cheese across the pizza after it is cooked.The cheese has a good flavor.It is certainly mozzarella.No complaints here.The bottom crust is slightly thinner than regular Tombstone pizzas.The edges of the crust are significantly thinner.

Despite cooking the pizza on the rack, the bottom crust was not crispy or crunchy at all.Only the edges had crunch.The flavor of the crust is good, but in reality, it is pretty much the same as a regular Tombstone all the way around.Overall, the pizza is good.

  • But here is the bottom line… with the exception of the crust on the edges, this is basically just a slightly thinner version of a regular Tombstone pizza with a TON of extra cheese on it.
  • And that brings us to the real problem with this pizza.
  • The price.
  • These Roadhouse pizzas go for $5.98 at our local Walmart.

They are higher in the regular grocery store.Depending on your location, they are significantly higher than that.The value isn’t here, people.The significant extra cost isn’t worth it.Just buy a regular Tombstone, and pile on your own shredded mozzarella.There is no need to spend the extra coin on these pizzas.

  • Plus, these pizzas just aren’t that big.
  • Sure, there is more cheese.
  • But the overall size is pretty small when compared to other frozen pizzas in this price range.
  • We didn’t compare them to regular tombstone (what do we look like, detectives?), but we would say they are about as big around as the regular ones.
  • Or maybe even a little smaller.

There are quite a few specialty frozen pizzas at the store today that are MUCH bigger than these.For example, Wild Mike’s pizzas are significantly larger pies.And they go for $5.75 at Walmart.In comparison, these Roadhouse pizzas aren’t worth the price increase over regular Tombstones.This is what we were afraid of, and the rest of the reason we hesitated to review these.

The price turned us off right away.Tombstone didn’t screw up here.The pizza is good, but it just isn’t worth the extra money.This is simply a marketing technique.

  1. Introduce something new, take up extra shelf space in the freezer, and sell a bunch of pizzas.
  2. But we doubt most people will go back and get them again.
  3. We won’t.

Where Can I Buy Tombstone Roadhouse Loaded Double Down Deluxe Pizza? [Comprehensive Answer]

  1. Where can I get a tombstone roadhouse loaded double down deluxe pizza?
  2. I’m looking for a solution to this inquiry.
  3. Here on this page, we’ve compiled the most accurate and thorough information we could find to adequately address the question: Where can I get a tombstone roadhouse loaded double down deluxe pizza?
  4. At our local Walmart, these Roadhouse pizzas are available for $5.98.
  5. They are more expensive at a traditional grocery shop.
  6. Depending on where you live, they can be much higher than that figure.

People, there isn’t any value in this place.No artificial flavors are used in the preparation of Tombstone Roadhouse pizza, which is offered for $7.99 a slice in four different varieties: Bring On The Meat, Double Down Deluxe, Piled High Pepperoni, and Two Meat Matchup.Nestlé is the world’s top firm in the fields of nutrition, health, and wellness.Although the phrase ″Double Down″ appears in the title of this pizza, it must allude to the two layers of cheese on top.We didn’t believe this pizza had any more toppings than any other pizza we’d had.The toppings are typical of the genre.

  1. There is no discernible difference between this and standard Tombstone pizzas.
  2. The pepperoni is actually quite excellent.
  3. ″Premium pepperoni, Italian sausage, red and green peppers, caramelized onions, and two layers of 100 percent genuine mozzarella cheese on a crispy thin crust,″ according to the description of the Double Down Deluxe.
  4. You see, they’re caramelized onions.
  5. Fancy.
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What is the best frozen pizza 2021?

  1. The Top 8 Best Frozen Pizzas for the Year 2021 DiGiorno Pizzeria is the best overall!
  2. .
  3. The best deep dish pizza is Lou Malnati’s Chicago-style Deep Dish Pizzas, which can be found on Amazon.
  4. The Nutrisystem Pizza Party 3-Pack, available at Nutrisystem.com, is the best variety pack.
  5. .
  6. The Best Cauliflower Crust is as follows: The best little pizzas are as follows: The best pizza in New York City is: The best gluten-free personal pizza is as follows: The best time to harvest truffles is October 14, 2021.

Is tombstone the best frozen pizza?

When compared to many other frozen pizzas, Tombstone is a fantastic choice. It has a distinct flavor that I enjoy. It is not a cheap-tasting beverage, and it has a distinct flavor all its own. They don’t scrimp on the pepperoni, though, since they dice it up and put it on the pizza.

What is the best selling frozen pizza?

But which frozen pizza is the most popular among consumers? Sales figures from the United States show that DiGiorno, Red Baron, Totino’s Party Pizza, Jack’s, and Tombstone are the top five most popular frozen pizza brands in the country. Following DiGiorno, which had $231.79 million in sales, Red Baron had $130.53 million in sales, making it the most popular brand.

What state eats the most frozen pizza?

Wisconsin The Badger State is officially known as such, but perhaps it should be referred to as the Frozen Pizza State. Wisconsinites consume so much frozen pizza that the state has surpassed all other states in the United States in terms of per capita consumption of frozen pizza.

What happened DiGiorno pizza?

Earlier this year, Kraft announced that it had sold the DiGiorno and Delissio brands, as well as the remainder of its frozen pizza business, to Swiss food producer Nestlé. The transaction assisted Kraft in financing its offer for Cadbury while also essentially insuring that Nestlé would not present a competitive bid for the candy firm in the future.

Who bought out Tombstone pizza?

Marker on a tombstone (pizza) A sausage and pepperoni that are undercooked Tombstone pizza is a type of pizza that is named after a tombstone. Specification of the product Nestlé CountryUnited States PizzaOwnerNestlé CountryUnited States Introduced1962

Why did Totino’s change their pizza?

Totino’s pizzas are now rectangular rather than round, and they are packaged in a fitting plastic bag rather than wrapped in plastic wrap inside a cardboard box, in an effort to decrease unnecessary packaging, according to the company.

How much did Tombstone pizza sell for?

Kraft Foods sold its frozen pizza business in the United States and Canada to Nestle in 2010 for $3.7 billion in cash. The company included both DiGiorno and Tombstone brands.

Who buys the most frozen pizza?

North America was the largest market for frozen pizza in 2019, accounting for more than 35.0 percent of the total market. The United States and Canada are the world’s leading consumers of frozen items, owing to the longer shelf life of frozen products and the popularity of frozen pizza in these two nations.

What age group eats the most pizza?

Pizza consumption was highest among children aged 6-11 and 12-19, and it gradually declines thereafter, with just 6 and 5 percent of men and women over 60 eating pizza on any given day, respectively. There is also a discernible variation in the amount of the food consumed by different races, at least among adults, according to the data.

Why are Totino’s pizzas Square?

Simply said, squares outperform circles in terms of productivity. I really like the marketing message behind Totino’s package redesign… ″fits more in your freezer,″ ″fits better in a toaster oven,″ and other variations. Aside from that, Rob writes for the Packaging Matters blog.

Did Totino’s Party Pizzas used to be round?

The original Totino’s was, in reality, a circular establishment | Facebook.

Are Tombstone pizzas still made?

Yes, you read it correctly: you can get frozen pizza from a bowling alley. (It’s also rather delicious.) Wisconsin is known as the frozen pizza capital of the world. DiGiorno, Tombstone, and Jack’s are just a few of the nationally recognized brands that are manufactured here.

What happened Tombstone pizza?

Because of the brand’s high sales volume (more than $100 million in 1984), it was purchased by Kraft in 1986. When DiGiorno acquired Tombstone in 1995, the two companies joined together to establish the foundation of Kraft’s frozen pizza empire (via CNBC).

What was the first frozen pizza?

  1. No one knows for certain who was the first to come up with the concept of frozen pizza.
  2. Celentano Brothers was the first brand of frozen pizza to be sold on a national scale when it launched in the 1950s.
  3. Totino, on the other hand, is often regarded as the first big name in the company.
  4. Rose and Jim Totino started one of the earliest pizzerias in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1951, and it remains there today.

What is the best supermarket pizza?

  1. Pizzas from the store that are the best TELEMARK’S FINEST Buffalo Mozzarella & Tomato Pizza.
  2. ASDA Sourdough Pizza with Chicken Arrabiata and Roquito Chilli Peppers that is really special.
  3. ASDA Pizza with thin slices of ham and pineapple, cooked in a stone oven.
  4. Sainsbury’s Vegetable Pizza is a delicious vegetarian option.
  5. A Fully Loaded Fiery Chicken Pizza from Sainsbury’s Takeaway…
  6. Tex Mex Stonebake Pizza from Morrisons…

Is Tombstone pizza any good?

The traditional Tombstone pizza came in sixth place in our taste test. Although this pizza appeared to be a little more substantial in appearance than our lower-ranked slices, it had the ideal sauce to dough ratio. The thick crust, on the other hand, was nearly too thick. It was compared to a thick piece of cardboard by the testers.

What happened to Jeno’s frozen pizzas?

We apologize for the disappointment! Jeno’s Crisp ‘N Tasty pizzas have been withdrawn in their entirety. Rest assured that we will inform our colleagues that you have been missing that nostalgic feeling!

Where can i buy tombstone roadhouse loaded double down deluxe pizza? Video Answer

WHATS THE BEST FROZEN PIZZA? Digornio vs Red Baron vs Tombstone

Tombstone Roadhouse Loaded Double Down Deluxe Tombstone Roadhouse Loaded Double Down Deluxe Pizza (23.7 oz) Delivery or Pickup Near Me

Premium pepperoni, Italian sausage, red and green peppers, carmelized onions, and 100 percent genuine mozzarella cheese are baked onto a crispy thin crust and served with marinara sauce.


  1. Mozzarella cheese (part-skim milk, cheese culture, salt, enzymes), water, low-moisture part-skim mozzarella cheese Tomato Paste, Caramelized Onions with Sugar, Red and Green Bell Peppers, Enriched Wheat Flour (wheat Flour, Niacin, Reduced Iron, Thiamin Mononitrate, Riboflavin, Folic Acid), Vegetable Blend (caramelized Onions with Sugar, Red and Green Bell Peppers), Enriched Wheat Flour (wheat Flour, Niacin, Reduced Iron, Thiamin Mononitrate, Ri 2 percent or less of vegetable oil (soybean oil or corn oil), sugar, salt, spices, dried garlic, L-cysteine Hydrochloacetate, L-cysteine Hydrochloacetate (L-cysteine Hydrochloacetate), L-cysteine Hydrochloacetate (L-cysteine Hydrochloacetate), Sodium Ascorbate, Sodium Nitrite, Sodium Nitrite, Sodium


  1. Preparation Instructions: Preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Take the pizza out of the overwrap and cardboard.
  3. Placing the pizza directly on the middle oven rack position is recommended (6 to 8 inches from bottom of oven).
  4. Bake for 25 to 26 minutes, or until the cheese is melted and the borders are golden brown, depending on your oven.
  5. Ovens can vary in temperature and cooking time, so adjust the cooking time and oven temperature as needed.
  6. The Tombstone® pizza bakes up hot and crispy.

Allow the pizza to rest for 5 minutes before serving.Keep the ice cubes cold.I’m not quite ready to eat yet.

Tombstone Roadhouse Loaded Double Down Deluxe Pizza 53818 Near Me Overlook

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There’s no such thing as bad pizza, so we set out to find the best. See which frozen pizza brand took the top spot in our taste test.

  1. There’s nothing quite like the tangy, spicy freshness of a freshly baked pizza from scratch.
  2. A frozen pizza, on the other hand, is the most convenient item to cook on a busy night when you’re pressed for time.
  3. You can’t go wrong with a pizza that’s crispy, cheesy, and loaded with pepperoni.
  4. After all, you’ve heard the expression, ″There is no such thing as terrible pizza.″ Is there a difference?
  5. I enlisted the help of a small group of tasters to complete the tough task of sampling a whole pizzeria’s worth of pepperoni pizzas.
  6. While we were aware that these would fall short of our top 10 handmade types, we also recognized that a frozen pizza after a hard day (or night) may be just what you’re looking for.

As a result, we purchased seven different brands to experiment with.Which of the traditional suspects–Tombstone, Red Baron, and DiGiorno–would emerge victorious, and which of the quality alternatives, such as California Pizza Kitchen or newcomer Screamin’ Sicilian, would prove to be worth the high price?Continue reading to find out which pizza had us reaching for an extra piece.

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7. California Pizza Kitchen Signature Pepperoni

  1. Photo courtesy of Taste of Home Photo courtesy of Taste of Home Score: 2.3/10 ″The sauce has a ketchup flavor to it.″ An order of pepperoni pizza from California Pizza Kitchen came in at the absolute bottom of our list.
  2. This brand received good marks from our taste-testers, who were all admirers of the eatery, but it fell short of living up to its billing.
  3. When the pizza came out of the oven, it was immediately apparent that it was different from the others: In addition to the pepperoni, the pizza was adorned with diced tomatoes and large sprigs of fresh basil.
  4. Our taste testers unanimously agreed that this pizza appeared to be the most delicious, but when we bit into it, we were underwhelmed by the flavor.
  5. The crust was very thin, there was not enough pepperoni to suit our appetites, and the sauce was bland and ketchup-y.
  6. We were disappointed.

What about those lovely tomatoes and basil, you ask?Because they didn’t taste like they were freshly made, our tasters unanimously felt that they detracted from the overall flavor.

6. Jack’s Pepperoni Pizza

  1. Photo courtesy of Taste of Home Photo courtesy of Taste of Home Score: 2.9/10 ″It has a cheesy cardboard taste to it.″ Jack’s Pizza had a little higher rating than California Pizza Kitchen.
  2. Many of our testers recognized this frozen pizza from their childhood sleepover parties, but it didn’t taste as as good as we remembered it to be.
  3. While the acidic sauce was a standout feature, the cracker-like dough and greasy pepperoni didn’t do much to elevate the pizza’s overall rating.
  4. Our taste testers all agreed that this was the perfect frozen pizza at a low price.

5. Tombstone Original Pepperoni Pizza

  1. Photo courtesy of Taste of Home Photo courtesy of Taste of Home Score: 3.8/10 ″This isn’t something really noteworthy.″ The traditional Tombstone pizza came in sixth place in our taste test.
  2. Although this pizza appeared to be a little more substantial in appearance than our lower-ranked slices, it had the ideal sauce to dough ratio.
  3. The thick crust, on the other hand, was nearly too thick.
  4. It was compared to a thick piece of cardboard by the testers.
  5. Furthermore, the pepperoni, which had an unique caraway taste, left us yearning for even more heat to accompany it.

4. Red Baron Classic Crust Pepperoni Pizza

  1. Photo courtesy of Taste of Home Photo courtesy of Taste of Home Score: 5.1/10 ″This is a regular frozen pizza,″ says the author.
  2. Red Baron’s original thin crust pizza came in third, just just edging out Screamin’ Sicilian for the honor of being the best in the country.
  3. Our reviewers generally agreed that this was precisely what they expected from a frozen pizza, however it didn’t always imply that the pie was their personal favorite.
  4. A plain crust (albeit it crisped up beautifully in the oven) and an unexceptional, underseasoned crimson sauce were the only flaws in what was otherwise a tasty dish.
  5. The pie’s saving grace was its flavorful and spicy pepperoni–we just wished there had been more of it on the plate.

3. Screamin’ Sicilian Holy Pepperoni Pizza

  1. Photo courtesy of Taste of Home Photo courtesy of Taste of Home Score: 5.3/10 The flavor is similar to that of bowling alley pizza, which is excellent…
  2. if you’re bowling.″ The pepperoni-loaded pizza from Screamin’ Sicilian came in squarely in the middle of the pack.
  3. The box had a zingy tomato sauce, thick-cut pepperoni, and authentic Wisconsin cheeses, among other things.
  4. You knew it had to be excellent, didn’t you?
  5. Our taste testers were immediately drawn to the robust tomato sauce, which was lightly seasoned with a mild Italian spice blend.
  6. Moreover, when it came to the pepperoni, we were quite satisfied.

Unlike any other pizza we’d tasted, this one had a plethora of toppings, and we were all impressed with how crisp the chopped pepperoni pieces become when baked.But what about the cheese, which is this brand’s third claim to celebrity status?That’s where this pizza fell short of expectations.While we considered the cheese to be bland, we did notice that there was an excess of it, which made the pizza a little oily.

2. DiGiorno Original Rising Crust Pepperoni Pizza

  1. Photo courtesy of Taste of Home Photo courtesy of Taste of Home Score: 5.7/10 ″For a pizza with a thick crust, it’s not very dense.″ DiGiorno Original takes second place in the poll.
  2. This delivery-style pizza was our only option with a rising crust, and it far outperformed the majority of the other brands we tried.
  3. The thick, chewy crust was immediately noted by the group of taste-testers that were there.
  4. Despite the fact that the crust appeared to be doughy and thick, we were pleasantly surprised by how light it actually was.
  5. The only issue was that the crust had a slight sweetness to it, which was not well welcomed by the group.
  6. When it comes to the toppings, we thought the cheese, sauce, and pepperoni were all delicious, but we didn’t think there was enough of them to balance out the thicker dough.

The addition of a side of marinara for dipping would have made this pizza just perfect!

1. Whole Foods 365 Everyday Value Thin Crust Pepperoni Pizza

  1. Photo courtesy of Taste of Home Photo courtesy of Taste of Home Score: 6.1/10 ″I’d be the face of this pizza,″ says the author.
  2. Our favorite pizza is Whole Foods 365 Everyday Value pizza, which ranks first on our list.
  3. When this store-brand pie was shown to our panel of tasters, they were taken aback.
  4. How could something so generic be so delicious?
  5. (At the very least, they’ve topped a handful of our previous taste tests!
  6. See which dill pickle and salsa brands were the most popular among our testers.) What made this pizza stand out from the rest?

It has the proper amount of seasoning.The sauce was made by blending oregano, garlic, and basil together.It was said by one of our tasters that ″there’s a lot more going on here than pepperoni.″ However, it was the enticing crust of this pizza that propelled it to the top of the rankings.With a crispy crust that was golden in color and somewhat thicker than a typical thin crust, the pizza crust tasted as if it had been drizzled with garlic butter.This brought a new depth to a pizza that was already bursting with flavor.There were no leftovers when it came to this particular one.

  1. To summarize, here are our rankings, starting with our faves and working our way down: Whole Foods 365 Everyday Value, DiGiorno, Screamin’ Sicilian, Red Baron, Tombstone, Jack’s, and California Pizza Kitchen (in alphabetical order).

Make Your Frozen Pizza Even Better

Using these great frozen pizza enhancements, you can take your frozen pizza to a whole new level.

The Takeaways

Pizzas are unpredictable

  1. Everyone in the room was taken aback when we learned the outcome of the blind taste test.
  2. Is there a premium brand at the bottom of the list?
  3. Is it possible to have a store brand at the top?
  4. What if you had classic, affordable, and choice brands all jumbled together in the middle?
  5. There was no relationship between taste and either price or brand familiarity in this study.
  6. While this makes for an uncertain pizza-buying experience, it also serves as a reminder that we are here to help!

It’s all about the ratio

  1. One element of judging criterion grew increasingly important as the number of pizzas entered the competition: the ratio of dough to sauce to cheese to toppings.
  2. For our taste testers, the too-thin crust on our lowest-scoring pizzas was a major deterrent to eating them.
  3. What kind of cracker could possibly sustain all of the other ingredients?
  4. And when it came to DiGiorno, our runner-up, the lack of cheese and sauce was the deciding factor in its elimination from the top spot.

It’s not the real deal

  1. Despite the fact that we discovered some new favorite brands for hectic evenings, we all agreed that none of these pies came up to our aspirations for the ultimate pizza.
  2. Whatever way you look at it, a frozen pizza is still a frozen pizza–it will never have the flavor of a delivery pizza.
  3. And it surely won’t taste as nice as one of these 33 deliciously handmade alternatives.
  4. To make your frozen pizza even more delicious, add some of the best frozen meatballs you can buy in supermarkets to the toppings.

Great cheese and big appetites make Wisconsin a frozen pizza leader

  1. It should be noted that Pan-A-Live Pizza in Rosholt started delivering a rising-crust frozen pizza in 1987, which has been updated to reflect this.
  2. It’s late February, and in a matter of hours, another snowstorm will engulf Green Bay and the surrounding area.
  3. But that hasn’t stopped customers from queuing up to buy a case or six of Hansen’s frozen pizzas, which are available for purchase online.
  4. It used to be that getting a Hansen’s pizza didn’t require a Herculean effort.
  5. It was possible to find them at one of the many sub shops that dot the Green Bay countryside.
  6. Those days are over, and Hansen’s pizzas are now only accessible at a single location or through fundraising events.

While you’re waiting in line, a variety of ’80s music will be playing, and if you’re paying attention, you may notice a customer exiting the warehouse, trailed by an employee carrying a cart laden with five or six boxes of frozen pizzas.If you believe that the danger of being stranded in a snowstorm for a Hansen’s pie doesn’t demonstrate that Wisconsin has a strong desire for frozen pizza, you haven’t spent much time in the frozen foods area of your local grocery store recently.In addition to national brands such as DiGiorno, Tombstone, and Jack’s, there are doors upon doors of local and regional favorites such as Home Run Pizza in Appleton and Village Pub in Oshkosh, as well as notable Wisconsin brands such as Palermo’s and Portesi.Even King Pin Pizza, which got its start in Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley, can be found here.Yes, you read it correctly: you can get frozen pizza from a bowling alley.(It’s also rather delicious.) Wisconsin is known as the frozen pizza capital of the world.

  1. DiGiorno, Tombstone, and Jack’s are just a few of the nationally recognized brands that are manufactured here.
  2. Wisconsinites, on the other hand, have a voracious hunger for frozen ‘za.
  3. Wisconsin, according to Chris Zelch, head of product development for Nestle’s frozen pizzas division, is the state with the highest per capita consumption of pizza in the United States.
  4. His working hypothesis for why we have a fondness for frozen pizza may be traced back to Norwegian immigrants who settled in the state of Wisconsin.
  5. According to Zelch, Norway is the only country in which people consume more frozen pizza per capita than they do in the United States.

When it comes to pizza consumption at the local level, Nick Fallucca, Palermo’s chief product and innovation officer, claims that Green Bay residents outperform Chicago residents on a per capita basis.In addition, frozen pizza sales are booming across the country.Fried pizza sales increased by 4.5 percent last year, according to Alison Bodor, president and chief executive officer of the American Frozen Food Institute.

DiGiorno’s sales in 2017 surpassed $1 billion for the first time.

It started with a bad taste in their mouths

  1. According to Fallucca, his grandfather was approached by a local store in 1979 and requested to test a frozen pizza made using French bread.
  2. Fallucca’s grandfather took a bite and declared, ″This isn’t good.″ That was precisely the point the store was attempting to make as part of a campaign to convince Palermo’s, a Milwaukee bakery turned pizzeria, to switch from fresh to frozen pizzas as part of an expansion plan.
  3. Consequently, the Fallucca family converted an old bakery into a production plant in order to begin producing frozen pizza and pizza bread under the Palermo’s label.
  4. During the 1980s, they were mostly a regional operation, but sales exploded when Palermo’s launched its first rising crust in 1989, according to Fallucca.
  5. In 1987, George Nellesen, the founder of Pan-A-Live Pizza (Rosholt), invented and began marketing a frozen pizza with a ″live crust″ crust.
  6. In 1995, DiGiorno’s rising crust made its way into grocery store freezers.

Palermo’s continued to develop, adding new facilities in 2006 and 2011, as well as extending its product options in the process.Pizzeria-style pizzas and flatbreads have been developed, as has an ultra-thin crust and an Italian hearth baked dough.In a similar vein, Tombstone grew to national prominence as a result of consumers’ dissatisfaction with the flavor of frozen pizza.After a broken leg (which he sustained while dancing to the ″Peppermint Twist″) kept Joe ″Pep″ Simek from working, he and his brother Ron decided to open a tavern across from a cemetery in Medford.While they were recuperating, they considered adding pizza to the bar’s menu.Joe experimented with five different frozen pizzas.

  1. He didn’t care for any of them at all.
  2. As a result, Joe, Ron, and their wives, Frances and Joan, developed their own pizza recipe.
  3. They came up with a spicy sauce that was popular with bar patrons, who were given free samples in exchange for their feedback.
  4. According to a Wausau Daily Herald article, Frances and Joan began preparing five-gallon quantities of sauce on a ″apartment size burner″ in a back room of the bar in order to supplement their income.
  5. When activities were relocated to a new site in 1973, 165 women worked on nine assembly lines at the new facility.

By 1978, batches of sauce weighed 860 pounds, which amounted to around 13 tons per day.Meanwhile, Tombstone’s fame had spread well beyond the limits of Wisconsin.It is not just for its sauce that Tombstone is famous, but also for its ″What do you want on your Tombstone?″ television advertising campaign.

In ads, a man who is about to be executed by firing squad or hanged responds with pepperoni and cheese.While looking for these advertisements on YouTube, I came upon an older campaign that I had completely forgotten about.The one with the sentence ″We’re the little town, homegrown, made the way you’d cook your own pizza″ that was delivered with a joyful piano rhythm was my favorite of the bunch.In between commercial photographs, there are plenty of images of small town life and lovely children to enjoy.Tombstone, on the other hand, is no longer a small-town brand.It went on to become the most popular frozen pizza brand in the country, and it was eventually purchased by Kraft.

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In 2010, Nestle acquired Kraft’s frozen pizza operation, which was formerly known as Kraft Frozen Pizza.By 2000, Pep Simek, whose non-compete agreement had expired, had re-established Pep’s Pizza in Medford and was once again selling frozen pizzas from the company.Pep Simek is cited as stating the following in a 2002 Steve Hannah column: ″We’re going to stick with the original recipe this time.They (Kraft) completely rewrote the original to hell and back.″

Taking Pep’s recipe regional, maybe national, again

  1. Hansen Foods has a long and illustrious history that began with a dairy farm in 1912 and expanded to encompass stores across Green Bay that offered milk, ice cream, sandwiches, and pizzas.
  2. When the pizza business took off, current co-owner Mike Fechter recalls, the firm began offering a fundraising component, which involved assembling pizzas at local schools.
  3. The pizza side of the business separated from the sub and dairy businesses to become Hansen Foods, which concentrates on fundraising pizza activities and has expanded its private label operations to include private label pizzas as well.
  4. Afterwards, Pep Simek began collaborating with Hansen Foods on the development of his new Pep’s Pizza.
  5. Ultimately, the objective was to manufacture Pep’s new frozen pizzas and increase sales across Wisconsin and outside the state.
  6. When Fechter and his business partner, John Frey, purchased Hansen’s in 2013, they saw a potential for development, particularly on the private label side of the business and in the Pep’s brand of pizzas.

It was about that time that the company had 13 full-time employees and that the pizza line was open roughly three days a week.The Pep’s brand of frozen pizza was very much the same as any other.According to Fechter, the company currently employs 45 full-time staff, and the pizza lines operate in two shifts, six days a week in order to keep up with demand.On any given day, Hansen’s original pizza, any of the 14 to 20 private label pizzas (which are transported as far away as Florida and Colorado), and Pep’s Drafthaus are among the pizzas being prepared.When Pep’s passed away in 2013, Fechter and Frey were given the first right of refusal to take over the company’s brand.After doing a market analysis of the frozen pizza sector, they decided to pile on the toppings and launch Pep’s Drafthaus.

  1. ″It’s gone off like wildfire,″ Fechter said of the movement.
  2. ″I’ve had hundreds of pages of emails from consumers who have stated that after they’ve tried our pizza, they would never order from anybody else again.
  3. Everybody must discover their own niche in the market.
  4. Our specialty is the higher-end side of the market area, where we specialize in heavily topped pizzas.″ Hansen’s isn’t the only establishment in this field.

Go indulgent, go healthy(ish) with pizza or go home these days

  1. DiGiorno may have been the first frozen pizza brand to directly challenge chain pizzerias like Domino’s Pizza or Pizza Hut on quality, with commercials hammering home its tagline: ″not It’s delivery.
  2. It’s DiGiorno on the line.″ Over the years, DiGiorno has expanded its menu beyond rising crust pizzas to include everything from crusts stuffed with cheese to crusts stuffed with cheese and bacon.
  3. A new line of ″overtopped craft pizza″ from Palermo, called Screamin’ Sicilian, was introduced in 2013.
  4. A 25-ounce slice of pizza is delivered by Supremus Maximus, one of the Screamin’ options.
  5. Pies that top 2-pounds of cheesy, meaty, saucy goodness are available at Pep’s Drafthaus as well as other locations.
  6. Toppings that are piled on top of one another cost more money.

Many of the premium pizzas are priced at or near, if not more than, $10 per piece.With chains such as Little Caesars offering $5 pizzas that are already baked, these indulgent frozen pizzas aren’t in a price war with their competitors.According to Fechter, they are targeting craft beer drinkers who prefer quality over quantity when it comes to beer.Furthermore, frozen pizzas continue to be more convenient.For their part, frozen pizza companies such as Palazzo’s can better meet the changing tastes of consumers as well as the growing demand for healthier pizza options, according to the company.″They want their same great-tasting pizza, but better for you,″ Fallucca said.

  1. ″Does better imply reduced calories, completely natural, specific minerals and vitamins?″ Whole pizzas are around 1,000 calories, making the Primo Thin a good option for those watching their weight.
  2. Looking for a short ingredient list sans rBGH and hormones in the meats, there’s the Urban Pie line.
  3. ″You have to innovate on both sides,″ said Fallucca.
  4. ″Giving the consumers what they want from both ends of the spectrum.″

Making the most of your frozen pizza

  1. No matter if you’re purchasing a low-cost pizza or a decadent belly buster, Fallucca emphasizes the need of following the heating directions on the package.
  2. ″It sounds hilarious, but people don’t find it amusing,″ Fallucca remarked.
  3. ″Because every oven is different, check your pizza after 10 minutes.″ Fechter concurs with this statement.
  4. Drafthaus pizzas should be baked for at least 20 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  5. Baking it at 450 degrees Fahrenheit will cause the exterior to burn before the inside has completely heated through.
  6. And what are the most popular toppings in the ovens of the United States?

Pepperoni, plain cheese, and the ultimate or deluxe types were among the items on the list, which included Fallucca, Fechter, and Zelch products.However, Fallucca did note out that, according to his observations, Wisconsinites seem to prefer sausage over their counterparts in other regions of the country.″We have a small pizza on the premises,″ Fallucca explained.″At our pizzeria, the sausage mushroom onion pizza is one of the most popular.″ More: Ace Champion’s formula for success is a fusion of tastes from both New Orleans and Wisconsin.More: The Black Otter Supper Club sells 13.5 tons of prime rib every year, according to their website.Make a reservation for a haircut by calling ahead.

Wisconsin is the ″pizza capital of the world″

  1. The emergence of frozen pizza businesses to regional and national popularity has contributed to Wisconsin’s position as the frozen pizza capital of the world.
  2. According to Zelch, there are a number of other reasons why Wisconsin is the ideal area to produce pizza.
  3. The mozzarella cheese used in DiGiorno, Jack’s, and Tombstone pizzas, in particular, is sourced from Wisconsin.
  4. Palermo’s receives superior-quality ingredients from cheese and meat farmers, according to Fallucca, who also acknowledges the state’s ″ton of food manufacturing″ know-how, a cluster of food producers stretching from northern Illinois to Green Bay, and ″a terrific labor force.″ ″Now that we look back, we couldn’t have chosen a finer location,″ Fallucca remarked.
  5. ″It’s like a pizza Mecca in Wisconsin,″ says the author.
  6. According to Fechter, being located in a dairy state has several advantages.

″Cheese and pizza are inextricably linked.In fact, it’s known as the ″Pizza Capital of the World.″

Is there still room for more frozen pizzas in Wisconsin? You betcha

  1. When driving along Wisconsin Avenue in Appleton, it is possible to drive right by Home Run Pizza if you are not searching for it.
  2. The pizza is nestled away towards the back of the building.
  3. When Randy and Pati Reinke started preparing pizzas for church fundraisers 15 years ago, they had no idea that they would one day open a restaurant of their own.
  4. (To be clear, this is not the frozen pizza from Home Run Inn, which has a location in Chicago.) ″People were contacting our house in between fundraisers, asking for those pizzas,″ Randy said.
  5. ″Because I enjoy a good challenge, we started creating frozen pizzas.″ Randy came from a career in engineering for companies such as Wausau Papers and Pacon Corporation.
  6. He also operated a machinery company, where he designed and produced converting equipment for the textile industry.

With his strong technical background, he says it was ″a nightmare″ to secure approval from the Department of Agriculture for the pizza-making facility they built in their house.It was only a question of handing out samples to neighbors until the pizza sauce and toppings were perfected.After perfecting the formula, the next step was to relocate to a 3,000-square-foot facility.After that, customers began requesting a sit-down restaurant.As a result, they made the decision to relocate to Wisconsin Avenue.″Word of mouth was the foundation of this entire enterprise.″ Home Run pizzas may now be found at Meijer and Woodmans stores around the country.

  1. Randy estimates that Woodmans processes around 30 cases every week.
  2. Home Run pizzas are also available at around 100 bars.
  3. Fundraisers continue to be a significant element of the company.
  4. A single line separates the restaurant kitchen from the area where charity pizzas are produced.
  5. Randy estimates that they can complete 600 pizzas in around three and a half hours.

Randy, on the other hand, is constantly looking for bottlenecks where he can enhance efficiency, as well as ways to improve the pizzas they make for him.In some instances, it is necessary to squeeze mushrooms in order to extract additional water.It’s important to me that my pizza doesn’t get soggy.

In other circumstances, it involves constructing pizza storage racks out of PVC tubing and wood for use in the freezer.″People purchase items based on their visual attractiveness; we place them on this rack and then package them.″ If you put them in a box as soon as possible, they will flatten before they freeze.″ Randy claims that there is sufficient demand for the facility that he should consider expanding it and opening the restaurant for lunch.He has found a distributor who is interested in distributing his pizzas throughout the state.Begin with a little budget.Making the rounds at various establishments.After that, we’ll extend throughout the state.

In Wisconsin, there is a pattern to frozen pizza success that has been shown time and time again.This is a trend that is likely to continue.

Amazon.com: TOMBSTONE PIZZA ORIGINAL PEPPPERONI 21.6 OZ – 12″ PACK OF 2: Grocery & Gourmet Food

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The Untold Truth Of Tombstone Pizza

  1. Tombstone People may extol the virtues of angel food cake if they are asked to describe a piece of paradise, waxing poetic about the feather-light sweetness that graces the tongue.
  2. Tombstone pizza, on the other hand, is a brand that David Valento was so committed to that he even authored a spoof of the Bible called The Book of Tombstone to commemorate it.
  3. When The New York Egoist featured the art in 2015, Valento was working as an intern for the advertising agency DDB, but it was evident that his true calling was as a pizza follower.
  4. Essentially, Valento’s Tombstone is a pie in the sky, a pizza deity that transforms water into sauce and punishes sinners with plagues of peppercorns and garlic, as well as less-delicious afflictions like acne, among other things.
  5. It picks a Moses-like hero by the name of Mough to rescue his people from the evil ruler Crust and set them free.
  6. Rather of stone tablets, Tombstone dispenses commandments in the form of Tombstone pizza packages.

The following are some of the sky pie’s pronouncements: ″In addition, ″You shall not abuse the term Tombstone, unless it is to produce a kicka** Western film starring Kurt Russell, Val Kilmer, Sam Elliot, Bill Paxton, and Jason Priestly,″ the rules state.″Sweet Cheese-us, you’ve done something original.Obviously, not everyone has the same level of enthusiasm as Valento.Even if you don’t believe Tombstone can walk on water – or rather, on ice, because it’s a frozen pizza brand — the company has amassed a large following.This is the grate-est cheese story that has ever been told.

The Nesquik and the dead

  1. Despite having a name that seems like something out of a classic Western, Tombstone was actually founded in the Midwest.
  2. According to the Appleton Post-Crescent, the narrative begins in a pub in Medford, Wisconsin named the Tombstone Tap, which was located just across the street from a cemetery.
  3. Owner Joe ″Pep″ Simek was involved in a serious dance mishap, in which he managed to break his leg while executing the ″Peppermint Twist.″ Ironically, it turned out to be a fortuitous break in the end.
  4. Simek wanted to experiment with serving frozen pizzas at his pub, but while recuperating from a broken leg, he learned that he couldn’t stand any of the available selections.
  5. As a result, he, his brother Ron, and their wives Joan and Frances came up with a spicy pizza sauce that was well received by consumers.
  6. In 1962, they started a pizza business, which resulted in the creation of Tombstone pizzas.

According to the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, they used to make pizzas in the Tombstone Tap’s 6-foot-by-6-foot kitchen in the early days of the establishment.On five-gallon batches, Frances and Joan created the sauce, and according to the Tombstone website, the Simek brothers put the pizzas in dry ice and delivered them in a 1959 Cadillac sedan.When the Simeks started out, they had a food truck, and by 1973, they had a workforce of 165 women and nine production lines.Because of the brand’s high sales volume (more than $100 million in 1984), it was purchased by Kraft in 1986.When DiGiorno acquired Tombstone in 1995, the two companies joined together to establish the foundation of Kraft’s frozen pizza empire (via CNBC).Nestle, the world’s largest chocolate company, acquired both brands in 2010.

Crafting cheesy ads

  1. Shutterstock The Tombstone brand of frozen pizza may be one of the few o