How To Fold A Domino’S Pizza Box In Half?

How do you fold a pizza box in half leftovers? Apparently, you just need to put your pizza slices on a plate with a mug of water and whiz in the microwave for 30 seconds, making sure the water doesn’t spill. This stops it from going soggy and means it will come out hot and crispy every time. How do you make a pizza box half size?

How do you fold a Domino’s pizza box?

The gist of the video is simple: by simply tearing off parts of the original pizza box, you can transform it into a smaller container. The first step is to tear rip the top of the pizza box off. Next, you’ll want to remove some of the excess packaging on the sides.

How do you make a pizza box half the size?

Making a Pizza Box Smaller

For a standard pizza box, you can get a pair of scissors and tear the lid into four equal parts. For leftovers, take the second half of the box and tear the edges. Just like the lid, you can find perforated lines that serve as a guide on where rip away.

Does dominos still do half and half pizza?

And the chain explained: ‘To ensure we meet the new regulations set out by local authorities we have made changes to our operations, the layout of our stores and simplified the menu to allow for better social distancing. ‘We’re sorry the half and half has been temporarily removed. This won’t be forever.’

Who is the fastest pizza box folder?

The most pizza boxes folded in one minute is 18, and was achieved by Randy DeGregorio (USA) in Manalapan, New Jersey, USA, on 13 October 2020. Randy has always wanted to be in the Guinness World Records book and has consistently been good at folding pizza boxes, so he felt confident in attempting this record title.

Did Green box get a deal?

Final Deal: A deal with Kevin for $300,000 at a 10% stake in GreenBox.

Can you store pizza in the box in the fridge?

Enjoy your pizza just as much the second time around. The best way to store leftover pizza is NOT to leave it in the box and shove the whole thing in the refrigerator. The cardboard and air freely circulating around the slices will dehydrate them in a big hurry.

What can you make out of a pizza box?

What to Do With Your Leftover Pizza Box

  • A Cat Bed. Cats love boxes of all sizes and shapes, and your kitty has probably been eyeing that pizza box ever since it came in through the door.
  • A Kid’s Art Easel.
  • A Table Soccer Set.
  • A Laptop Stand.
  • An Outdoor Homemade Bird’s Nest.
  • Wall Art.
  • A Marble Maze.
  • A Tic-Tac-Toe Board.
  • How do you close a half pizza box?

    Apparently, you just need to put your pizza slices on a plate with a mug of water and whiz in the microwave for 30 seconds, making sure the water doesn’t spill. This stops it from going soggy and means it will come out hot and crispy every time.

    Why have dominos stopped doing half and half?

    To ensure we meet the new regulations set out by local authorities we have made changes to our operations, the layout of our stores and simplified the menu to allow for better social distancing. We’re sorry the half and half has been temporarily removed. This won’t be forever.

    Why are dominos not doing half and half?

    With less team members in store it’s important for us to reduce complexity where we can, to ensure our teams are safe and our customers do not experience any delays with their orders. ‘ So basically, the reason we still can’t get a Half and Half is because it’s too complicated and takes too much time.

    Why is Dominos so expensive?

    Domino’s said that it’s down to rent, petrol, labour, and food costs. Rent, and possibly petrol, we can understand, but the other reasons are a little perplexing, given people in the hospitality industry are generally paid much more Down Under, and food is imported usually at a far greater cost.

    This pizza box folding hack went viral on TikTok, and people can’t believe their eyes

    The smart method demonstrated in a video that went popular on TikTok recently illustrates how to keep leftover pizza in the fridge without needing to make space for a full box of pizza.One of the most helpful applications of this pizza box hack is in instances when your fridge has limited space and it would be impractical or logistically inefficient to store one or two slices of pizza inside a big or even extra-large pizza box.Fortunately, every pizza box is designed in such a manner that you can quickly and effortlessly transform a standard-sized box into a considerably more slimline packaging.The TikTok video demonstrating this life hack was originally uploaded in late 2019, but has just recently begun to gather traction again on the internet.

    In a nutshell, individuals who have had to cope with big pizza boxes for years were completely taken aback by this ingenious little pizza trick.The Best Deal of the Day Amazon has just launched a major new sale, and you can find all of the greatest offers right here!Price: Check out the Deals of the Day!Purchase Right Away BGR may gain a commission if you purchase this item from Amazon.BGR may gain a commission if you purchase this item from Amazon.

    • In essence, the video demonstrates how you can change an ordinary pizza box into a smaller container by just pulling off sections of it.
    • The first step is to take the top of the pizza box off using your fingers.
    • Afterwards, you’ll want to remove some of the extra packing off the edges of the container.
    • For the last phase, you may simply fold the bottom section of the pizza box into itself, resulting in an entirely new and far more space-efficient design.
    1. A demonstration of this exploit may be seen in the video below: @nateandgran Fypviralforyoupageshareduet original sound – Nate Hunter.
    2. Pizza box life hacksfypviralforyoupageshareduet This is something I tried over the weekend and it worked like a charm!
    3. On social media nowadays, there is an avalanche of life hacks and ″pro recommendations,″ and it is not unusual to come across ″how-to″ films that look to be game changers on the surface, but are in fact deceptive.
    4. Suffice it to say that I was pleasantly delighted to see that the pizza box I had bought over the weekend could be folded in a way similar to the one shown above.
    5. Is it true that this method works with every single pizza box, as claimed in the video?

    To be completely honest, I’m not aware with the nuances of pizza box construction and have no clue whether or not every pizza box is created in the same fashion.You should keep this tip in mind the next time you have some leftover pizza and want to save some room in your refrigerator by putting it in the freezer.By the way, the approach does work with Domino’s pizza boxes, incidentally.As a matter of fact, the image below first appeared on Reddit roughly six years ago, which is a long time in internet time.Regarding a slightly similar topic, there’s an internet hypothesis that I came across a few years ago, which claims that left-over pizza is really preferable than freshly baked pizza.

    And, not unexpectedly, a scientist gave an interview to the BBC more than two decades ago in which he described exactly why leftover pizza may frequently taste so good after all this time.The Best Deal of the Day In this incredible offer, you can get luxurious bed linens with 100,000 5-star Amazon reviews for as little as $22!Price on the shelf: $37.99 Price:$22.39 You Save:$15.60 on your order (41 percent ) Purchase Right Away BGR may gain a commission if you purchase this item from Amazon.Available for purchase on Amazon.BGR may gain a commission as a result of your purchase.Yoni Heisler has been writing about Apple and the technology sector in general for more than six years.

    He is a lifelong Mac user and Apple aficionado.His work has featured in publications such as Edible Apple, Network World, MacLife, Macworld UK, and, most recently, The Urban Apple.In his spare time, Yoni likes going to see Improv performances in Chicago, playing soccer, and developing new TV program addictions, the most recent of which have been The Walking Dead and Broad City, among other things.

    Domino’s blasted by Love Islander for taking pizza off the menu

    A former Love Island contestant has slammed pizza business Domino’s for removing one of its most popular items from its menu.Shaughna Phillips, who was on the winter season of Love Island last year as an Islander, has written to Domino’s to question why the company’s half-and-half pizza has been removed from the company’s menu.Customers who are indecisive about which pizza to order can mix any two of the company’s pizzas into a single order using the half and half.MORE INFORMATION CAN BE FOUND AT: Melanie Sykes makes the assertion After three hours of sexually explicit jokes, Keith Lemon made her weep.

    ″Can someone please explain to me how the covid pandemic and @Dominos UK not being able to make the half n half pizza are in any way related?″ Shaughna tweeted.″Can someone please explain to me how the covid pandemic and @Dominos UK not being able to do the half n half pizza are in any way related?″ When one follower stated: ″The best rationale I could come up with is that half and half is typically for sharing and in some ways Dominos sees it as a Covid risk,″ another responded: ″ And Shaughna, who fell in love with former Manchester scaffolder Callum Jones on the ITV2 dating program, which returns for a new season on Monday, responded with a laughing-face emoji: ″Well, more fool them if they think I’m sharing any of my pizza,″ she said.Another follower expressed himself as follows: ″Omg, thank you so much for bringing this to my attention; it has been causing me much worry…You can make your own pizza, but you can’t get a half-and-half pizza?!″ She received a response on Twitter from someone who said, ″The amount of times I haven’t ordered because they STILL don’t do half and half.″ Meanwhile, another jokingly stated: ″Toppings must exercise social distance by using just one sort of topping per base.″ ″I work at Domino’s,″ a Domino’s employee informed Shaughna.″I work at Domino’s.″ We are operating on a smaller menu since our business is significantly busier during lockdown with the same number of employees, and a half and half pizza takes longer to prepare, therefore it is beneficial to us.″ An employee at Domino’s said: ″I’m not sure about Domino’s, but at Pizza Hut we’re not doing half and half because our team has been reduced and we’re using a reduced menu because we can’t have as many staff in the kitchen.

    • It gets incredibly stressful trying to do everything else while maintaining the policy to keep the customers and employees safe.″ However, as previously said, I’m not clear why dominos aren’t included.″ Weekly news, spoilers, and fan conversation delivered straight to your email from the Coronation Street team.
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    1. As a result, you’ll never have to worry about missing anything.
    2. To sign up, simply click on this link and select the MEN option from the drop-down menu.
    3. Coronation Street is a British soap opera.
    4. After receiving a response, Domino’s Pizza UK said that the half-and-half had been temporarily withdrawn because to the Covid-19 epidemic.
    5. And the restaurant business has guaranteed customers that it will return to the menu.

    ″Hello Shaughna, these adjustments will not last forever!″ they wrote on Twitter.″They have been put in place temporarily as we try to ensure that we continue to provide services to the nation during these difficult times.″ We will continue to constantly monitor the situation, and half-and-half will be reinstated to the menu as soon as we are able.″ An additional Domino’s client wrote to the company in December with the following question: ″Can someone honestly explain to me why Dominos isn’t providing half and half pizzas?@Dominos UK explain yourself.″ ″In order to guarantee that we comply with the new restrictions established by local authorities, we have made modifications to our operations, the layout of our stores, and the menu to allow for better social separation,″ the company added.We apologize for the inconvenience that the half and half has been temporarily withdrawn.This will not last indefinitely.″

    What Happened To GreenBox After Shark Tank? 2022

    On the 620th episode of Shark Tank, Ned Kensing and Jennifer Wright-Laracy make their pitch for GreenBox, a pizza box that is 100 percent recyclable.In a GreenBox pizza box, pizza storage is combined with the ability to breakdown into plates and transform into a storage container.The numerous applications of GreenBox help to minimize energy usage by reducing the need for dishes, plates, and Tupperware.The GreenBox was created by a friend of Ned and Jen’s, William Walsh, during his college years at the University of Michigan.

    He shared a house with a group of football players, and the dishes were never clean, so he began breaking up the box into plates.He eventually outgrew the place.Years later, the three of them created and patented the company known as ″GreenBox″ (formerly known as ″Ecovention.″ William Walsh, the creator of GreenBox, unfortunately passed away in November 2011, only a few weeks after the launching of his invention.

    What Is GreenBox?

    This environmentally friendly cardboard pizza delivery box can be disassembled into plates and storage containers.With the help of the perforated top of the new eco-friendly pizza box, it can easily be cut into four pieces.It is possible to consume it without using paper plates.The perforations on the bottom allow all of the remaining slices to stretch and fold over on top of one another.

    A perfect refrigerator storage container is created as a result of this.

    Who Is The Founder Of GreenBox?

    The GreenBox was created by William Walsh. However, after the creator tragically went away, his best friends Ned Kensing and Jennifer Wright-Laracy marketed the product and presented it on Shark Tak, which was shown on the Discovery Channel.

    GreenBox Before Shark Tank

    I’m doing everything I can to keep my shameful kitchen hidden from my pals, and they’re not having much luck.It’s not uncommon to find a big number of empty pizza boxes tucked away in a cupboard, especially the ones that are too large to be tossed in a trash can.At the very least, GreenBox enables me to avoid the situation from becoming worse.The inventive pizza box converts quickly and easily into a throwaway plate as well as a convenient receptacle for leftovers.

    It makes me feel better about myself because it is made of recycled materials and is also ecologically friendly, which is something I like.In his college years, while living in a fraternity house and obtaining a football scholarship, William Walsh came up with the idea for GreenBox.His inspiration for designing a customized box that could be disassembled into a more practical collection of goods came to him after he spent hours deconstructing hundreds of pizza boxes, which was not unusual at the time of his conception.A set of four disposable plates may be created from the top of the container, and a container for leftovers could be created from the bottom.The GreenBox company was formed by brothers William and Ned Kensing, who were granted a utility patent for their initial design in 2003.

    • The daughter of one of William’s close friends, Jen Wright-Laracy, was fresh out of business school, having recently earned her Finance MBA from a Colombian institution.
    • She was seeking for a business opportunity that would allow her to further her entrepreneurial dreams.
    • Jen was approached by the business partners, who encouraged her to become a part of their new venture.
    • GreenBox was created in 2008 and got off to a rapid start.
    1. Today, the company employs over 100 people.
    2. Jen created a business plan and was able to get $50,000 in bridging funding for her start-up in a short period of time.
    3. The endorsement of the GreenBox by actor Ashton Kutcher on Twitter, a relatively new social media platform, provided an unanticipated boost to the company’s profits.
    4. Following Ashton’s endorsement of the brand, sales increased.
    5. Additional accolades and best-invention citations were bestowed upon this one-of-a-kind and environmentally beneficial product.
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    Both Time magazine’s 2009 list of the 50 Best Inventions and Restaurant Business Magazine’s 2009 list of the 50 Great Ideas included it among the 50 Best Inventions.Unfortunately, William Walsh passed away unexpectedly in November 2011, when he was 44 years old.It was a difficult experience for Ned and Jen to learn of the loss of their business partner and friend, but they were confident that William would want them to continue the firm and promote his innovative concept.

    How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of GreenBox?

    When the three decided to take their idea to market, Jennifer chose to obtain an Executive MBA at Columbia Business School.She and her business partners, Ned and William, decided to make and promote GreenBox since it was difficult to get work on Wall Street.The New York Daily News termed it ″the Swiss Army Knife of pizza boxes,″ and it was named one of the top 50 inventions of 2009 by the publication.For Shark Tank, this is the first time that the concept of packaging sales has been explored.

    Despite the fact that they are offered directly in virtually all Whole Foods locations, their principal line of business is wholesale distribution to the pizza restaurant sector.Beginning as a New York City start-up, GreenBox has since grown to include Whole Foods Market.With the financial support and commercial skills of a Shark, the GreenBox is presenting itself to every pizza establishment in the United States and worldwide.Is it possible that this enterprise may draw the attention of a Shark?During their appearance on Shark Tank, Ned and Jennifer are looking for a $300,000 investment in exchange for a 10 percent stake in GreenBox.

    • In the same way as Jen begins her pitch, Ned begins by stammering and faltering.
    • Then they start over and explain the narrative of the GreenBox.
    • While Jen is describing the product, Ned shows it to the Sharks, who ″ooh and ah.″ at the demonstration.
    • Ned is in charge of distributing pizza on smashed plates.
    1. Robert is intrigued by the prospect of acquiring it.
    2. The notion, argues Jen, needed to be validated before they could consider pursuing a licensing strategy.
    3. This company states that it has sold more than 20 million pizza boxes through various distribution and licensing channels.
    4. The GreenBox would be only a few hundredths of a cent more expensive than conventional boxes.
    5. Kevin does not believe that it will have a significant impact on sales.

    Mark feels that even fractions of a penny would have a major impact on spending, and so he withdraws his proposal.Kevin is offering $300,000 in exchange for a ten percent stake in a contract with one of the city’s major pizza eateries.Lori and Robert offer $300,000 in exchange for a 30 percent stake in the company in exchange for a license arrangement with a large pizza producer; they are certain that they will be able to close the transaction.Barbara has lost interest in the product as a result of her lack of confidence in its effectiveness.Kevin’s offer is accepted by Ned and Jen after they have discussed the problem.

    Final Agreement: Kevin agreed to a $300,000 payment in exchange for a 10 percent ownership in GreenBox.

    What Happened To GreenBox After Shark Tank?

    During their time in the tank, Jen expressed her belief that GreenBox will eventually become the standard pizza packaging in the United States.While having a distinct edge over one shark, the pair didn’t want to cede too much authority to the sharks in order to maintain control.They were convinced that it would be a tremendous success.Despite Jen and Ned’s optimism and hopeful outlook, it appears that their contract with Kevin O’Leary has yet to yield fruit.

    The Shark Tank show provided the firm with a significant amount of free attention.Despite this, no significant pizza companies have inked deals with GreenBox, and neither Kevin O’Leary nor GreenBox have commented on the state of the matter.GreenBox has yet to be used by Kevin O’Leary’s own firm, Boston Pizza, despite the fact that at least one medium-sized pizza shop in the Boston area has done so.A prospective merger of the operations of the two enterprises with which Kevin is affiliated would most likely result in a reaction similar to Kevin’s, since the major chains would be reluctant to consolidate their operations.GreenBox’s income is increasing at a pace of around 40 percent every year.

    • Several contracts have been inked for the sale of the boxes, which are manufactured at 12 locations around the country.
    • In addition to Cumberland Farms, Wholefoods Market, and Quiktrip, GreenBox distributes to other retailers.
    • Jen thinks that the GreenBox is utilized in more than a thousand businesses, including regional chains and local retailers alike.
    • What Happened to Computer Classes Online After the Shark Tank Show aired?
    1. In March 2016, the GreenBox was featured on a CBS show called Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation, which brought the GreenBox even more exposure from the pizza-eating globe, which, as Jen said earlier this year, is pretty much everywhere.
    2. In addition to promoting GreenBox’s groundbreaking design and environmental benefits in the press and on the company’s professional and user-friendly website, Jen and Ned are also active in the environmental movement.
    3. Jen has also provided advice to other prospective entrepreneurs, highlighting the need of never being afraid to reach out for help when needed.
    4. She urges that you seek professional advice in order to stay on track and avoid making costly mistakes.

    GreenBox Shark Tank Update

    GreenBox is not confined to pizza delivery services or franchises.The one-of-a-kind firm has teamed with The Cheesecake Factory around the country and collaborates with a number of prominent convenience shops.What Happened to Angel Shave Club After It Won the Shark Tank Competition?GreenBox now provides pizza to pizzerias all across the world, including Australia and New Zealand!

    ABC broadcasts new episodes of Shark Tank every Sunday at 10 p.m., after American Idol on the network’s main channel.

    Is GreenBox Still In Business?

    GreenBox’s sales have increased by 40% year on year since its inception.They may be found at handy locations such as QuickTrip, Cumberland Farms, Whole Foods Markets, and the Hyatt Regency, among others.Sadly, Kevin’s transaction did not go through.Their company continued to run as usual, steadily extending its operations.

    Several regional pizza businesses, as well as college and university campuses, have kiosks for sale from this company.What Happened to AngelLift After It Was Removed From Shark Tank?It was announced in April 2020 that the firm had been bought by Pratt, which has the fifth-largest corrugated cardboard production capacity in the United States of America.

    ‘Absolutely the best way’ to store and reheat leftover pizza

    NOTICE FROM THE EDITOR: The following is an updated version of a piece that first appeared in 2017.Somehow, by some miracle, you ended up with more pizza than you could ever consume — or you purposely bought a larger pie in order to have leftovers.Continue reading for the most effective method of storing and reheating leftover pizza.Never leave leftovers in the fridge until they have dried out, curled up, or become otherwise unappealing to the eye.

    The second time you order pizza, you’ll like it just as much.Pizza leftovers should be kept in the refrigerator.In order to preserve leftover pizza properly, it’s recommended not to just leave it in the box and throw the entire thing in the refrigerator.The cardboard and the air that is freely moving around the slices will quickly dry the slices and cause them to crumble.The most effective method is to stack and wrap: Lay one layer of slices on a dinner plate and cover with another layer of waxed, freezer-safe, foil, or parchment paper to keep the slices from sticking together.

    • Continue to stack, alternating between the pizza and the paper, until all of the pizza is on the dish.
    • Wrap the entire item firmly in plastic wrap and keep it in the refrigerator for later use.
    • That’s all there is to it!
    • Although it is not as simple as simply tossing the box into the refrigerator, you will end up with nicer leftover pizza to reheat as a result.
    1. Leftover pizza will keep its finest quality for 3 to 4 days in the refrigerator and up to 2 months in the freezer if stored properly.
    2. Reheat any remaining pizza.
    3. Reheating pizza may be accomplished in a variety of ways.
    4. I find that using the oven for only a few of slices is very time-consuming.
    5. Using the microwave results in a mushy, rubbery mess.

    Eating the pizza when it’s still warm is a disgrace.It goes without saying that the best method to heat up a couple of slices is in a pan — ideally a well-seasoned cast-iron skillet, but any nonstick skillet with a cover will suffice.This is not tough as long as you are aware of the fact that patience is the most crucial component in this recipe.If you follow my instructions to the letter, I guarantee you a crisp bottom crust, hot, melted cheese, and no indication that it was baked the day before.Step 1: Place one or two pieces of cold pizza in the cold, dry pan, crust side down.

    Repeat with remaining slices of pizza.Step 2: Cover the skillet with a plate or lid.Step 3: Place the skillet on a stovetop burner that is set to a low setting.Fourth, set a timer for 8 minutes and start the process.Step 5: Take your time.You are not permitted to look or remove the lid for any reason.

    Just don’t do it.That’s all there is to it!There is no need to add water or oil, or to turn the slices, or to do anything else you might be thinking.

    1. It’s critical to keep the temperature as low as possible and to avoid opening the lid for any reason until the job is finished.
    2. If you think 8 minutes is too lengthy for your stove’s low heat setting, wait five minutes and then check it once more.
    3. Note: Because there are various variables in this recipe — such as the type of skillet you use and the temperature of your burner when it is set to low — you may need to make minor adjustments to these directions.
    • Reheat frozen pizza in the oven.
    • Refrigerate or defrost frozen leftover pizza for at least one hour before proceeding with the recipe as directed above.
    • Starting with a cold pizza, keeping the temperature between low and medium (as described above), and not lifting the lid for any reason until the pizza is done are the keys to correctly reheating it.
    • Enjoy!
    • Mary Hunt is the author of this column, which appears in the Creators Syndicate.

    The founder of a lifestyle blog, she is also the author of the book ″Debt-Proof Living.″ You may leave comments or suggestions, as well as ask questions, on her website.She will address topics of broad interest through this column, but she will not be able to respond to specific messages.Get the latest local news sent directly to your inbox!

    Things to Do With a Pizza Box – Giordano’s

    Who doesn’t enjoy placing an order for a pizza?This is a delight the whole family can enjoy—from selecting the toppings to devouring the warm, gooey slices and (best of all) skipping the hassle of cooking a dinner.The only disadvantage to ordering pizza is that it comes in a box.This is because, when you’ve completed your pizza, all that’s left to take away with you is a massive piece of cardboard that will only be thrown away.

    It may seem like a big waste if you’re a responsible recycler who makes an effort to be mindful of the amount of garbage created by your family, but if you’re not in that category, this giant pizza box may not appear so bad.But what if it wasn’t necessary to proceed in this manner?What if we told you that there are a plethora of fun pizza box crafts and activities you can do after your pizza has been devoured by your family and friends?Today we’re going to guide you through some of the most entertaining DIY pizza box projects you’ll ever see, allowing you to get another use out of your pizza box while also learning a new craft at the same time!

    The Importance of Recycling

    Nowadays, practically everyone is aware of the need of recycling and understands the benefits of doing so.After all, everything you throw out will end up in a landfill, and landfills are responsible for a slew of environmental issues.The fact that they are unsightly and may create a vast, unsightly blotch on an otherwise lovely landscape, as well as the fact that they emit massive amounts of rubbish scent into the air for miles in every direction, are both depressing.However, there are far more significant issues to contend with.

    In addition to releasing greenhouse gases and other toxic chemicals into the atmosphere, landfills also pollute the water supply.Heat is trapped inside our atmosphere by these gases, leading to more severe weather patterns, greater temperatures, and a slew of other grave consequences.Recycling stuff in your local recycling bin is a good beginning step, but it is not always the answer we would like it to be in every situation.There are few instances where this recycling does not make it all the way through the process of being re-used.Although some recycling organizations and facilities may accept pizza boxes, the majority of them aren’t.

    • So, what is a responsible and ecologically concerned citizen of our world to do in this situation?
    • It’s a straightforward process.
    • Put yourself in control by attempting one of these fun and simple pizza box DIY projects.

    What to Do With Your Leftover Pizza Box

    Try to accomplish as many of these projects as you can with the help of your friends and family members. Oh, and did I mention the greatest part? First and foremost, you get to eat the pizza straight from the box.

    1. A Cat Bed

    Cats are fascinated by boxes of all sizes and forms, and your cat has most likely been staring at that pizza box since it walked through the doorway to your house.Why not save money by not purchasing an expensive cat bed that she would eventually forsake in favor of the nearby box and simply provide her with the box to begin with?For this option, there is no folding or cutting necessary, however you may want to take the top of the bag off to get it out of the way of your four-legged friend’s napping time.You may even use your cat’s favorite ratty blanket to cushion the box if you want to provide a little additional comfort.

    2. A Kid’s Art Easel

    Even though they are pricey, many children will only use their art easels once or twice before leaving them and forgetting everything about them.If your youngster is feeling creative for the day, or even if you just want to experiment with anything on this extremely disposable easel before investing in something more permanent, now is the time to do it.Create a fold in the lid approximately a fourth of the way down the lid from the hinge, and then fold the lid in half.This new seam should be bent in such a way that the front three-quarters of the lid will fold up at an angle, and this angle should be met by a sheet of cardboard so that the two pieces come together to form a teepee-like shape.

    Connect these pieces of cardboard together using tape, glue, hinges, binder clips, or anything else you have on hand that will do the job.Finally, take note of the flat surface that is made by the quarter of the lid that is left before your fake seam is created.This area is ideal for gluing or taping a row of bottle caps or plastic lids together to serve as a paint storage container for your child’s paints.

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    3. A Table Soccer Set

    This is a lot of fun to play with the kids, but it’s almost as much fun for the parents as it is for the kids.Start with a pizza box and some green construction paper.You’ll also need some white paint and two pipe-cleaners, as well as a little white pom-pom and two drinking straws.The building portion of this project is straightforward.

    Simply flatten both sides of the box and then raise all of the tabs and edges to the top of the box.This creates your ″field,″ as well as helpful edges that help to keep your ball on the field rather than tumbling to the floor when you lose control.It is possible that you will need to use a stapler, glue, or tape to keep these edges together.This is the portion of the project when you can truly let your imagination run wild.Apply green construction paper to the interior of your field to create the green turf, then use your white paint to draw the center line and other field markings on the outside of your field.

    • Pipe-cleaners may be twisted and curved in order to achieve two different aims.
    • If you really want to go the additional mile, you may even cut logos and labels out of cereal boxes, mac-and-cheese containers, and whatever else you happen to have sitting around the house.
    • Then, using masking tape, attach these things on the field walls to create ″advertisements.″ You’ll use your white pom-pom as the soccer ball for this game.
    • The game may be played by two people who each use a straw.
    1. The players will blow through the straws in an attempt to propel the pom-pom back and forth across the field and into their opponents’ goals, but they will not succeed.

    4. A Laptop Stand

    This one is straightforward.Begin by flattening the box fully, including all of the tabs, sides, and flaps, before folding it in half.then fold it back together to make a slight slope, and you’re done!A little border should be folded up to prevent your laptop from falling down the bottom of the slope when you reach the bottom.

    The rear of the device should even include a hole through which a charging wire may be readily passed.

    5. An Outdoor Homemade Bird’s Nest

    Is there anyone in your family who enjoys bird-watching?If that’s the case, why not offer the birds a cause to congregate at your residence?Your old pizza box may be transformed into a DIY bird nest that can be placed on your porch or wherever else you think would be a good place for your feathered friends to call home.For this project, you may either keep the lid intact and prop it open, or you can completely remove it to ensure that it does not close when the wind blows it shut.

    Then it’s only a matter of gathering wood, leaves, straw, and other such materials.Place them in a pile in the pizza box and arrange them in a nest-like formation.From there, you’ll want to choose the ideal location for your new bird’s nest.Ideally, it will be at a location that is visible from your windows.You could want to choose a remote corner of your porch, out on a garden seat, or anywhere else that is off the ground and won’t be disturbed too much.

    • You might put a small amount of birdseed around it to tempt the birds to come.
    • Then it’s time to sit back and wait for a bird family to arrive and dwell in your luxurious birdhouse….

    6. Wall Art

    Decorate your home with this fun and easy pizza box art to elevate it to a whole new level.The finished product is beautiful, eye-catching, and one-of-a-kind, yet it is simple enough for anybody to make.Simply fold the pizza box back together into the square shape that it was originally.It’s possible that you’ll want to add a few staples to guarantee that it remains closed and that all of the flaps are contained.

    After that, it’s time to go shopping for wallpaper or fabric, depending on your preference.You’ll use this fabric to cover the pizza box, at the very least on one side and down the edges of the box as well.This covered box will then be mounted on your wall, where it will serve as a stunning focal point.Simply covering one pizza box will keep this project basic and manageable; however, covering many pizza boxes will broaden its reach and make it more complex.These boxes may also be stacked on the wall in various configurations to make little components of a greater work of art that can be shown together.

    • In the event that you are utilizing more than one pizza box, feel free to experiment with other papers or fabrics, possibly in complementary colors or patterns.
    • Alternatively, you could go monochromatic and use the same paper for all of them – it’s entirely up to you!

    7. A Marble Maze

    1. Creating a marble maze out of a discarded pizza box may provide hours of entertainment and stress.
    2. The lid and the base of the box will need to be separated for this project, so prepare them beforehand.
    3. As soon as you remove the lid, stand all of the edges up around the base of the container so that it creates a square surrounded by walls.

    Finally, you’ll want to position the lid inside such that it sits an inch or two above the base, as opposed to resting completely right on top of it.It is possible that you may need to cut a small amount off the sides so that it fits inside the walls of the base.In order to properly close and secure the lid of the container, you must first construct your maze on its surface.

    1. You may use strips of cardboard or even popsicle sticks to construct your structure.
    2. Placing them on their sides, lengthwise, will allow you to build barriers and pathways for the marble to pass through and around.
    3. This design may be anything you want it to be, and it can be as basic or as complex as you want it to be.

    Lastly, make holes in the floor all over your labyrinth to heighten the sense of danger and excitement.As soon as you’ve completed the maze, it’s time to put it back into the box.And then you can sit back and enjoy your very own marble maze that you created yourself.

    8. A Tic-Tac-Toe Board

    1. Make a gigantic, reusable tic-tac-toe board out of a pizza box with nothing more than a few pieces of colored felt and your imagination.
    2. This project involves minimum building and is excellent for providing hours of reusable entertainment without the need to use up endless sheets of paper.
    3. Cut a square of white felt to the size of the interior of the pizza box and glue or staple it to the bottom of the pizza box to complete the project.

    Then, to create the borders between the squares, cut strips of brown or black felt and glue them together.Then, and perhaps most crucially, you’ll need to cut out Xs and Os that are the proper form and size to fit inside the squares.Use a different hue for each of the two forms to create even more visual separation between the two shapes.

    1. You could, for example, color the O’s red and the X’s yellow on the alphabet.
    2. Once you’ve completed all of your shapes, it’s time to assemble your friends and family for a game of tic-tac-toe.
    3. The winner is responsible for purchasing the next pizza!

    9. A Giant Battleship Game

    1. Is there anyone who doesn’t recall playing Battleship when they were younger?
    2. In the event that you have misplaced your copy of the game but are dying to get back into it — or if you simply want to play a larger version — we’ve got a solution for you in the form of this pizza-box variant.
    3. Take a Sharpie and a ruler and draw a grid on the inside of the base and the lid, identifying the boundaries of your grid with the proper letters and numbers.

    Repeat this process on the outside of the base and the lid.Due to the fact that this is a two-player game, you will need to complete this crafting task with two boxes.Make a perfect stack of the boxes by stacking them one on top of the other with the lids open.

    1. Your components can be made from anything that you have laying around the house.
    2. Toss in a few bits of sweets, action figures, or even crumpled-up wads of paper to see what sticks.
    3. If you’re hosting a party with just adults in attendance, you can take things to the next level by substituting shots for your ships.

    Every time your opponent hits that square, you’ll have to take a shot of anything to compensate.Try using bits of candy, such as M&M’s or Hershey kisses, to make a more kid-friendly variation.

    10. An Art Canvas

    1. This pizza box canvas is a fantastic day of entertainment whether you’re entertaining a houseful of children or a party of adults seeking for an afternoon of messy, artistic hijinks.
    2. The box should be taped shut, and it should be stapled if it appears to be going to be bouncing around.
    3. Then flip it over so that you’re working with a completely blank canvas.

    White pizza boxes are the ideal choice for this project, however you may absolutely experiment with other colors as well.Hand out pizza boxes to each member of your group and instruct them to start working on their masterpiece immediately after.Set up a still-life or ask someone to stand for a picture, and then hold a contest to see who can capture the image the most accurately in paint on their own.

    11. A Wall Clock

    1. Despite the fact that this clock does not really indicate the time, it is an excellent instructional tool for children who are just learning how to read a clock.
    2. Simply cut a circle out of the cardboard box, paint it a solid color, and then draw the numbers on it in large, brightly colored letters and numerals.
    3. Two cardboard hands should be cut out and pinned together in the middle so that they may revolve around the face.

    Make certain that the clock is mounted low enough on the wall so that your youngster may easily control the hands of the timepiece.

    Visit Giordano’s for Your Next Pizza Today

    1. Making a pizza box project is impossible without the most critical supply of all – a pizza box.
    2. In order to obtain one, you’ll need to place an order for a scrumptious pizza from your favorite neighborhood pizza joint.
    3. In the event that you’re thinking about ordering a pizza tonight, we encourage you to select one of our traditional deep-dish pies here at Giordano’s Pizza.

    We’re located in Chicago, but we have numerous additional sites around the country – some of which may be in your neighborhood.Order your Giordano’s pizza today and have it delivered straight to your door, or stop by our dining room for a memorable sit-down eating experience.

    Pizza box folding hack lets you keep leftovers in the fridge without taking up loads of room

    1. 12:26 a.m.
    2. on March 22, 2021 A viral TikTok video demonstrates how to fold a pizza box to keep leftovers in the refrigerator for those who enjoy ordering takeout.
    3. You may use this tip if you’ve ever had trouble keeping your pizza box upright in the fridge after a takeout order has been placed.

    In a video that has gone viral, it is demonstrated how to store leftovers in a way that saves space while keeping them fresher for longer.Nate Hunter, a TikTok user with the handle @Nateandgran, posted the video to his account with the caption: ″Pizza box life tips.″ ″For those of you who are unaware, any pizza box can perform this function,″ he explains.After that, he can be seen tearing off the lid and taking some cardboard off the side tabs, which is captured on tape.

    1. He is then able to fold one side into a lid shape and tuck it into the bottom half of the box, resulting in a smaller box that is excellent for storing in the refrigerator until the following morning.
    2. More information may be found at: Children should not be given little Easter eggs, according to a paramedic who offers an urgent warning.
    3. A large number of people commented on the article after it received more than 7 million views, with one user stating, ″My life has been altered.″ ″OMG, I had no idea!″ said another, while a third person laughed, saying, ″You mean people don’t eat a whole pizza in one go?″ Some, however, were not convinced, as seen by a fourth comment, which read: ″I work at a pizza business, and not every box can do this.″ Once your pizza has been properly stored in the refrigerator, you’re probably wondering how to reheat it without it being mushy or as hard as rock.

    Putting it in the oven at 170 degrees Celsius for 10-15 minutes until the crust has crisped up is the best way to re-heat it, according to Domino’s.For those who can’t be bothered to wait for their snack to be prepared for them for a full 15 minutes, Domino’s Australia has created the ultimate shortcut.All you have to do is set your pizza slices on a plate with your mug of water and microwave them for 30 seconds, making sure the water doesn’t flow over the sides.This prevents it from becoming soggy and ensures that it is always hot and crispy when it is served.

    • Now, take a look at this: After a visitor fills seven takeaway boxes with food from the buffet, the bride becomes unhappy.

    Why won’t Domino’s let you order a Half and Half pizza, over a year into Covid?

    1. Look, we’re well aware that there is a great deal of significant and essential stuff happening in the world right now.
    2. However, in the midst of all the confusion, there is one question that keeps coming up with increasing urgency.
    3. We are still unable to get the Half and Half pizza from Domino’s despite the fact that it has been almost a year after the Covid-19 outbreak began.

    Surely you’ve seen it before: the choice that allows you to divide your pizza in half, with one sort of topping on one side and another on the other.It has long been a go-to meal for undecided individuals, couples, families, friends, and vegetarians who find themselves among a group of meat-eating acquaintances (or vice versa).Alternatively, Pizza Hut has a Half and Half option.

    1. Papa John’s feels the same way.
    2. Both brands presently enable you to order a pizza with half pepperoni and half plain cheese on it (or whatever other toppings you prefer).
    3. However, after the lockdown was implemented, Domino’s began presenting a more limited selection, with Half and Half pizzas being removed off the menu.
    See also:  How Many Calories In One Slice Of Meat Lovers Pizza?

    They are still not available, after the passage of more than a year.But why is this so?Covid-19 and Half and Half pizzas have absolutely nothing to do with each other.What is it about health guidelines that allows for the Double Decadence (two pizza bases stacked together with cheese sauce) but not the Half and Half to be possible?

    • We reached out to Domino’s for answers to these important issues, and they responded with the following statement: ‘We completely realize that many devoted fans are disappointed that their much-loved Half and Half pizza is not now available, and we’re very sorry for any inconvenience.
    • Because of Covid-19, our local governments have issued temporary guidelines, which has resulted in tighter kitchen limits and a reduction in the number of pizza cooks.
    • Because of this, we’ve had to remove several of the pizzas from our menu for the time being.
    • Despite the fact that it is upsetting not to be able to order your favorite, we are certain that our customers will realize that it is vital to look after our team members in order for us to remain open and secure.

    ‘While we are unable to offer a specific timetable for the return of Half and Half, we can assure you that everyone at Domino’s is working tirelessly to bring our entire variety of pizzas back into the ovens as soon as it is safe to do so.’ Even though this is a good attitude, and we appreciate the apologies, this statement does not actually address the root of the issue: what is it about half-and-half that is now deemed dangerous to manufacture?In response to our second request, a spokeswoman for Domino’s stated: ‘Our famous Half and Half pizza is a more difficult and time intensive pie to create.With fewer team members in store, it is critical for us to decrease complexity wherever possible in order to maintain the safety of our employees and the timely delivery of our customers’ purchases.Overall, the reason we still can’t have Half and Half is that it’s too hard and takes too much time to do it well.We may never know why they haven’t optimized the Half and Half baking process by now, or why it is so much more complex than simply preparing two pizzas.

    For the time being, we think you’ll have to make do with purchasing two smalls and placing them together.Alternatively, you might order two big pizzas, each with a different topping, and prepare two Half and Halfs at home.Enjoy.Do you have a story you’d like to tell?Contact us by sending an email to [email protected].

    MORE: Lidl brings back their best-selling Barbecue Pizza Oven for £34.99, which was previously unavailable.MORE: Baker demonstrates how to make’sausage rolls’ out of Mars Bars and Caramilk, and the concept is brilliant.MORE: A dog and a rescued duck are the best of friends – they share meals, snuggle, and even engage in friendly competition.

    Why Domino’s costs so much in the UK – when a large costs £3 in other countries

    1. This is distressing information.
    2. Video is loading; but, it is now unavailable.
    3. A drone was used by a pizza delivery firm to deliver an order to a customer’s home.

    Domino’s Pizza is not inexpensive.A big margherita pizza will set you back £14.99 (plus tax).And that’s before the potato wedges are added (which more than one store have had to buy from Asda in barren times).

    1. If you pile on the toppings to your dish, you’ll end up spending more money than this poor Cambridge student.
    2. In a way, yes.
    3. There are frequently fantastic discounts to be had – but you’ll still be spending at least £20 to feed two people.

    In other parts of the world, though, the situation is quite different.In New Zealand, a big margherita costs only £2.87, which is a significant savings.In Australia, the rate is £3.04.The United States is even more cheap than Australia.

    • If you want a Domino’s pizza in New York, you’ll have to pay £11.93.

    People are upset

    1. Pricey pizzas ( Image: Getty) Charlotte Milton, 26, who moved to the UK from New Zealand noticed the disparity.
    2. She told Metro: ″My friends and I were shocked when we first arrived in London and saw the price of Domino’s.″ Arriving with next to no money before we had jobs, we headed there for a cheap takeaway and were horrified at how expensive they were.
    3. You could buy a nicer and healthier pizza from the pub!″ Charlotte said Domino’s is seen as an affordable option in New Zealand.

    Here, she can’t imagine spending so much.Sam Borland-Smith, 23, hails from Australia, and agreed with Charlotte.″I was shocked when I first moved here and saw the price of Domino’s pizza,″ he said.

    1. ″It’s hard to understand how the exact same product, from the exact same brand and business, can differ so drastically in price.
    2. It’s ridiculous.
    3. ″ I won’t be purchasing anything from Domino’s any time soon, I’d much rather buy the ingredients and make a pizza myself.″ The difference in price stretches well beyond the simple realms of the margherita.

    A pepperoni, which costs £16.99 here, costs little over £3 in Australia.In the UK, you’ll have to splash out £18.99 on a Supreme meat pizza.In New Zealand?£6.89.

    Why, though?

    1. Meat is not inexpensive.
    2. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images) Domino’s claims that the increase is due to increases in rent, gasoline, labor, and food prices.
    3. Rent and probably gasoline are understandable, but the other reasons are a bit baffling, considering that employees in the hospitality business are often paid far more in Australia, and that food is typically imported at a somewhat higher cost there.

    We’re making educated guesses – but the pricing disparity continues to be perplexing.It’s no surprise that Domino’s makes a 900 percent profit on its margherita pizza, which, according to 2011 data, costs £1.25 to create every slice.The following is a quote from Louise Butler, a Domino’s spokesperson: ″We believe that the fresh, hand-made flavor of Domino’s is unparalleled, yet we do everything we can to keep it as inexpensive as possible.″ Because of our cheap offers and packages, the average price consumers spend for a medium cheese and tomato sandwich is £7.67.

    1. The terrible reality is that worldwide comparisons of costs for things like rent, gasoline, labor, and food are all very variable.
    2. The sales tax may be as low as 7 percent in some states in the United States, but the VAT in the United Kingdom is 20 percent,″ she says.
    3. More information may be found here.

    r/lifehacks – Fridge friendly Domino’s Pizza Box

    1. The first level is based on Domino’s perception of my sobriety.
    2. level 2Either you’re sober enough that you can be trusted with scissors, or you’re drunk enough that you don’t give a damn what happens to you.
    3. 2nd levelStoned enough to stay up late working on this project just to discover that there isn’t any pizza left after you’re finished.

    1st grade Comment was deleted by a moderator about seven years ago.If it is completely dried out, microwave it for 2 minutes with a cup of water.level 2This is the most appropriate response.

    1. I assume that by reusing the box, this ″life hack″ helps you save money, but fuck.
    2. 2.
    3. Remove the sealing portion and place it in a microwave for 2 minutes on half power.

    level 2Do you want to avoid wasting an extra half hour on convenience?Level 1Am I the only one who has a refrigerator large enough to accommodate an entire pizza box?level 2This is not a joke.To be honest, leftover pizza doesn’t keep well in the fridge for long enough to justify the effort.

    • I mean, seriously, I’ve left pizza out overnight and it was OK the next morning; how rapidly can food go bad is beyond me.
    • level 2You sound a lot like one of my former housemates.
    • Don’t take up the entire fridge with a big pizza when there’s just enough room for three pieces.
    • Make use of aluminum foil.

    Unless you don’t have any roommates, in which case you should continue reading.

    r/FastWorkers – World’s fastest Domino’s Pizza box folder as seen in a Domino’s commercial.

    1. To make a comment, you must first log in or create an account.
    2. level 1This was something we used to do to pass the time at the beginning of the shift.
    3. It was a lot of fun getting into the swing of things, and I eventually had it down to a couple of seconds each box.

    Nothing like this, on the other hand.level 2I’m familiar with the sensation.When I used to work at Pizza Hut, I almost looked forward to the time when I had to fold additional boxes.

    1. level 1I despise the fact that I had to watch a commercial in order to see another advertisement.
    2. level 2It might be amusing if you simply watched the Dominoes commercial for a few minutes straight.
    3. 1st grade Man, I used to work at a pizza restaurant, and one of my responsibilities included folding boxes.

    I had never considered using the ″upside-down″ approach before.All of the hours I squandered.level 2However, folding boxes is exactly what you’re meant to do when you’re trying to squander time intentionally.level 1Can you tell me why you would need to perform this at the beginning of your shift?

    • Pizza takes 10-15 minutes to prepare, while folding the box takes 1 minute.
    • It should be possible to create the box fresh in principle, as long as there aren’t more than 15 pizzas cooking in the oven at the same time.
    • level 2Pizza is a really popular culinary item.
    • Simply said, pizza is a $35 billion-per-year industry in the United States alone.

    In the United States, there are over 69,000 pizzerias, each of which sells around 350 pieces of pizza each second!To put this in context, 3 billion pizzas are sold each year, with the typical American eating 46 pieces of pizza every year.-Pizza Hut’s official website a second-grade education When you go to your normal ″quick food″ pizza establishment, it takes 8 minutes to prepare a pizza.You can fold a pizza box in seconds, but most places don’t fold boxes prior to the pizza being created.You cut the pizza in the box that has been unfurled and then wrap the box around the finished pizza.The benefits are numerous and include the saving of time, labor, money, and most crucially, space.level 2There will be a large number of postings attempting to explain, none of which will be successful.

    For the simple reason that you are accurate.level 1I’m curious if he’s pleased with himself.Hopefully, we’ll get to level 2.If you’re the finest in the world at anything, you should be able to take pride in your accomplishment.level 1Must be immune to papercuts in order to progress.

    How To Easily Fold A Pizza Box In Half So It Takes Up Less Space In Your Fridge

    1. It is likely that if you had a line of 100 individuals and asked them all what their favorite food was, you would hear more people respond with pizza than any other form of cuisine.
    2. It certainly appears to be the ultimate in fast gratification meals, and the best part is that you don’t even have to leave your house to obtain it.
    3. Pizza works with everything, whether you’re binge-watching Netflix or hosting a get-together with friends for a fun evening.

    An additional feature that is unique to pizza delivery is the fact that you have a plethora of selections from which to pick from.Do you have a gluten sensitivity or intolerance?There is a solution for this!

    1. The toppings are also endlessly varied, which makes for a very enjoyable dining experience.
    2. You can even order a vegan pizza, which may or may not be dairy-free in some situations.
    3. There are so many options available that it is difficult to keep track of them all.

    There is one aspect of pizza that the majority of us appreciate, but not all of us in the same way.I’m referring to the pizza that was left over from the previous night.You’re probably asking why we would have anything against leftover pizza at this point because it is, after all, quite delicious.The only drawback is that it is delivered in a pizza box that is so large that it generally does not fit in the fridge.

    • That is where the app TikTok comes into play.
    • Someone was kind enough to share a video with the rest of the world showing how to fit a massive pizza box inside a standard refrigerator.
    • The use of aluminum foil and Ziploc bags is unnecessary in this technique.
    • TikTok user nateandgran created this video showing how he was able to change a pizza box into a leftover container right in front of our own eyes.

    The best part about it is that it just took a few seconds to do the task.@nateandgran Pizza box life hacksfypviralforyoupageshareduet – nateandgrant We are unable to confirm if all pizza boxes are equipped to do this function, however we can report that select ones appear to be capable of doing so.Users were speculating that the video depicted a ″smart box,″ and some of them agreed.If that is the case, we need to get additional pizzerias on board with this proposal as soon as we possibly can.

    You’ve been using your pizza box all wrong. here’s how to make it cut down on your dishes

    • A SLICE OF KNOWLEDGE Did you know that there is an inventive technique to change a pizza box into something else? 11:38 a.m. on April 16, 2017
    • updated at 17:01 a.m. on April 17, 2017.
    1. This game-changing trick may cause you to rethink your next takeaway pizza order before you dig in.
    2. You’ve most likely been using the box incorrectly all along, since it was originally intended to be divided into plates as well as a little box for storing leftovers – who knew?
    3. It is possible to split apart some large pizza boxes, allowing your buddies to arrange their cheese slices on different sections of the box.

    To begin, remove the lid from the box and fold and break it into quarters so that it may be distributed to those who need it.Each quarter can accommodate a piece of delectable pizza and can also be used as a throwaway plate when you’re relaxing in front of the television.However, this isn’t the only creative way to repurpose a cardboard box.

    1. Some of the boxes have corners that can be peeled off, allowing you to construct the perfect tiny box for storing y