Which Potato Are You?

Yukon Gold — All Purpose. The skin of Yukon Gold potatoes is finely flakes and yellowish-white in color, while the flesh is pale yellow.

What would you do if you were a potato?

  • What Would You Do?
  • is a television show that aired on Nickelodeon from 1991 to 1993 and lasted for a duration of thirty minutes.
  • The show was hosted by Marc Summers.
  • During the first season of the show, Robin Marrella worked behind the camera as the on-camera stagehand.
  • On the Nickelodeon show Double Dare, both Summers and Marrella fulfilled the roles that were assigned to them individually.
  • Nickelodeon Studios in Universal Studios in Florida were used for production of the program; however, some of the show’s earlier portions were filmed elsewhere.

What is your favorite potato?

Which type of potato do you like best? Baked. Crispy skin. Utilizing butter. More butter. And a side of butter, please. Don’t bring any ″loaded″ items into the living room, please.

Which part of the potato is edible?

  • If your question is ″which portion of the potato plant may be consumed,″ the answer is ″the whole thing.″ The answer is the root tuber, and the shoot can be eaten once it has been cooked.
  • However, the tuber is consumed more often.
  • The tuber can be eaten with or without the skin (the peel that is removed by boiling is often thrown away) (after cooking or frying) Potatoes are tubers that develop below ground, however the portion of the plant that is consumed is not a root.

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