What Is The Air In Potato Chip Bags?

When you first open a brand-new bag of potato chips, you might notice that around half of the bag is filled with what appears to be ″air.″ In reality, what you are seeing at is nitrogen gas. Nitrogen is an inert gas that is utilized during the packing process. This allows for the exclusion of air and the removal of oxygen in particular.

Why is there air in the bag of potato chips?

  1. Nitrogen makes up the bulk of the air within the bag of potato chips.
  2. When processed food is allowed to come into contact with air, its quality deteriorates; the oils get rancid, the food turns colors, and it goes bad.
  3. By using a vacuum to remove all of the air from the packaging and removing all of the air from the packaging, oxygen may be eliminated from the packaging, which will enhance the shelf life of the food that is packed within.
  4. Because of this, nitrogen is typically utilized.

What is the air in a bag of chips made of?

Nitrogen makes up the bulk of the air within the bag of potato chips. If you’ve ever purchased a bag of chips from the grocery store, you’ve definitely noticed that the bag is blown out and filled with what appears to be ‘air.’ However, it is not quite the same as the air that humans breathe since the package does not include oxygen.

Which chips have the most air in a bag?

Ruffles and Stacy’s have almost reached parity, with their air to chip ratio measuring exactly 50/50. Fritos, Pringles, and Tostitos were the three brands of potato chips that provided the most value for the money. They had the greatest chip-to-empty-space ratio, with air percentages in a Fritos bag ranging from 34% all the way down to only 19%.

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How much air is in a bag of Lays chips?

A new bag of Lays contains air that makes up 41% of the bag. That’s a score that’s a little bit higher than par for the traditional chip! Images obtained from Getty

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