How Did The Air Potato Get To Florida?

Approximately 115 years ago, the air potato plant, also known as Dioscorea bulbifera, was brought to Florida from Asia in order to be used in the production of medicinal products.After escaping from the laboratory, it quickly proliferated and wiped out native plant communities across all 67 counties in the state of Florida.It eventually reached wide areas of land in the southeastern United States and continued to expand.

The Dioscorea bulbifera vine, sometimes known as the air potato, is a member of the real yam family and is indigenous to Africa, south Asia, and northern Australia. The slave trade was the means through which it was brought to the United States, and it did not arrive in Florida until 1905.

Can you grow air potatoes in Florida?

There have been no reports of male air potato plants being found in the state of Florida. They have just one method of reproduction, which is to sprout from the vine’s bulbils, which are little growths that resemble potatoes. Even the most little bulbil has the potential to develop into a new plant.

How do you get rid of air potato in Florida?

By clearing the area surrounding your house of air potato, you may contribute to the preservation of Florida’s natural landscapes.During the winter months, when plants are dormant and foliage is less dense, it is simpler to locate and remove bulbils from plants.When air potato vines are growing up into trees or are intermingled with desirable plants, cut or take down the vines and eliminate them.When the vines are growing up into trees, they are called ″air potato trees.″

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