Dink Ladoo| Edible Gum and Dates Laddu for Winter | Maharashtrian Recipes

Edible Gum and dates Ladoo in Marathi:


Preparation Time:10 minutes

Cooking Time: 15 Minutes



1) 250 gram Dates

2) 100 gram edible gum

3) 50 gram grated dry coconut

4) 50 gram almond and cashew nuts

5) 25 gram poppy seeds

6) 50 gram ghee

How to make Edible gum and dates laddu for winter –

Stepwise pictures




Chop dates into pieces.



Heat pan and dry roast grated dry coconut on low heat until it turns light brown.



Do not roast much.


Take out coconut and in a same pan dry roast almond and cashew nuts then poppy seeds one by one.


Take out  almond and cashew nuts and poppy seeds keep aside to cool down.



Heat up ghee in a same kadai.


Once ghee heated, fry edible gum.



They will puff up immediately. Take out and  fry rest of edible gum



Allow them to cool down little bit and then crush to a coarse powder.


Now mix dates, cashew nuts, almond and poppy seeds and grind them.



In a mixing bowl add crushed edible gum and dates mixture.


Edible gum and Dates Laddu – Mixture for laddu,


Mix well and start making ladoos.


Dink and Khajoor Laddu – Made to round shape



Store them in air tight container.


Dink and dates Laddu – Perfect for Winters


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