Dates and Dry Fruits Modak – Maharashtrian Recipes


1) 1 Cup Dates

2) 20 Raisins

3) 1/2 cup Cashew nuts

4) 1/2 cup Almonds

5) 2 tsp Poppy seeds

6) 2 tsp ghee



Remove seeds from dates  and chop it.

Roughly chop almonds, cashew nuts.

Dry Fruit Modak – roasted dry fruits for the recipe,

Dry roast chopped almonds and cashew for about 2 minutes.

Remove it from pan and keep aside.

In a same pan dry roast poppy seeds for a minutes and add them to the nuts.

Dry Fruit Modak Recipe – Dates and roasted dry fruits mixute in kitchen mixing


Keep aside to cool.

In a same pan add ghee and add chopped dates and raisins.

Cook them for 5 minutes till the mixture comes together.

Remove from heat and let it cool.

Add nut mixture to blender to coarse paste.

Also coarse paste of nuts.

Transfer the dates and raisins mixture to the pan and also add the crushed nuts and poppy seeds  and let it cook for 10 minutes till it come all together to a tick mixture.

Remove from heat and let it cool.

Dry fruit modak recipe – moulded to shape

Make a modak of mixture.

Dry Fruit Modak recipe – offered to the diety