Potato Sev | Diwali Snacks | Maharashtrian Recipes



1) 1/2 cup  mashed potatoes

2) 1 cup Besan

3) 1 tsp Oil

4) Red chili powder as per taste

5) Salt as per taste

6) Oil to fry


How to make Potato Sev at home – Easy Diwali Snacks Recipe


How to make Potato Sev – Dough,

First mix  the flour, salt and red chili powder .

Everything should be sieve.

Grate the potato and make sure there should not be lumps of boiled potatoes.

Add hot oil and mix well.

Add little water slowly to make soft and smooth dough.

Dough should be like puri.

Heat the oil in a frying pan on a medium heat for deep frying.

Greased sev maker with attachment.

Place enough dough to fill the sev maker and close it.

Oil should be enough hot.

Now hold the sev maker over frying pan, press the handle

Slowly move sev maker in circular motion till you complete one circle.

Potato Sev – Deep Fried in Oil

Fry from both the sides till they become light golden brown.

Take them out and continue the same process for  remaining dough.

Let the sev cool  completely, as it cools they will become crispy.

Store them into airtight container.