Dahi Misal | Maharashtrian Recipes

How to make Dahi Misal – Ingredients and Spices


Ingredients For Misal:


1) Mix Farsan Pav kg (1/4 Kg)

2) 1 Cup Kanda Poha

3) 2 Boiled potatoes

4) 2 chopped Onion

5) 1 Tomato

6) Chopped Coriander Leaves

7) Yogurt

8) Shev

11) Tamarind Chutani

12) Green Chutni


Ingredients for Usal:


1) Pav kg (1/4 Kg) Sprouted Mutki

2) Oil

3) Mustard seeds

4) Curry Leaves

5) Red chilly powder

6) Garam Masala

7) Jaggery

8) Salt as per taste

How to make Dahi Misal – Instant Snack Recipe


Cook the sprouts and set aside to cool down completely.

Heat oil in a wide vessel add mustard seeds, curry leaves, red chilly powder, garam masala powder, sprouds, salt and suate for 15 minutes till it cook.

Add little water and if mutki it cooked add little jaggery.

Simmer stirring in between, taking care not to break the sprouts.

Now its ready to serve.

To serve take a plate or bowl  spread some farsan, add 1 spoon of kanda pohe, potato cube and usal.

Than spread chopped onion, tomato, coriander leaves tamarind chutani, green chutani, shev and yogurt.

Serve immediately.

Dahi Misal – A nutritious, filling snack


Do not serve pav with dahi misal as it’s not taste good.